Sunday, May 31, 2009

from RCAF Intelligence.... - Royal Caledon Air Force

from RCAF Intelligence.... - Royal Caledon Air Force

A new enemy to our dear Caledon homeland is expected near our southern border within the week. The nefarious government of New Brunswick has formed and will no doubt be sending reconnaissance teams to document military strength and the fighting will of the good people of Caledon.

Be ever diligent, watchful and remember to increase patrols along the southern border as well as check for suspicious "persons of interest" in RCAF Airfields and other sensitive facilities.

from RCAF Intelligence.... - Royal Caledon Air Force

Air Battle Over Bastogne

Video captured in the virtual world of Second Life® during an air battle in the WW2 combat sim known as Bastogne. One of three sims that comprise WW2 Sanctuary (Legends of WW2, Fallout, Bastogne).

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

RCAF Special Operations Command Expeditionary Force - Royal Caledon Air Force

RCAF Special Operations Command Expeditionary Force - Royal Caledon Air Force

I have updated the description for the previously inactive inworld RCAF sister group known as RCAF Special Operations Command.

Here is the new description....

This Group is for RCAF pilots who roleplay outside Caledon in the VICE (Vehicle and Infantry Combat Environment) enabled combat sims known as WW2 Sanctuary Air, Legends of WW2, Fallout, Bastogne, and the sims that comprise 1944 and Aeronautica. RCAF-SOC roleplay as Royal Canadian Air Force pilots and will fly the UK Union Jack Flag if the Canadian Flag is unavailable.

If you're an active WW2 Combat Roleplayer and would like to participate within this updated group, ask me for an invitation.

RCAF Special Operations Command Expeditionary Force - Royal Caledon Air Force

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bird of Prey

a machinima from Virrginia Tombola

RCAF Air Combat - Sunday 10 May 2009

On May 10th, pilots from the Royal Caledon Air Force gathered in Liberty Lovelace for our usual Sunday morning air combat exercises.

Our dogfight that day was anything but usual as we soon discovered an uninvited guest.

RCAF pilots Vickster Kuhn and Cornelius Fanshaw discovered an Air Kraken at cloud altitude. This beast of the air was the approximate size of our aircraft and gave chase to both fine pilots. I'm pleased to report they kept their wits about them and were able to escape the beast's clutches....or tentacles....or whatever.

Through a happy coincidence, Professor Marion Questi, an Oxbridge Zoologist of note, soon arrived and explained his research into the Air Kraken of Lovelace.

The beast's vision and sensory perception is somewhat limited to 50 meters and it is possible to out fly the beast with sufficient speed and piloting skills.

In regards this Air Kraken of Lovelace, I am issuing the following order to all my pilots. I order the destruction of this threat to military, commercial, and pleasure flying craft before the beast can reproduce and its offspring become an even larger threat to Lovelace, Caledon, and other nation-states of the Realm of The Roses and our Allies.

Zoe Connolly
RCAF Command - Caledon Penzance

Action over Aeronautica (part 1)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday May 3rd is RCAF Dogfight Sunday

Sunday May 3rd 2009
9:30 AM SL time
Liberty Lovelace

Any aircraft is okay as long as you use TCS.

Air Combat Rules of Engagement will be a variation on the "King of the Hill" game. Two pilots at a time.