Sunday, February 9, 2014

When Real Life overwhelms you... crushes you...

You think...

"If only I could crawl through this little screen and live my life in Second Life."

And then...
You hear a favorite song on your playlist, 
Or a great new song on Pandora,
A career success,
The purr of your cat,
Morning coffee with friends at a charming cafe, 
The smile from your husband,
The laughter from your playful children.

What keeps you in SL?

What keeps you sane and grounded in RL?

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Eladrienne Laval said...

I'm just seeing this because I haven't been as connected with SL--both inworld and out, including blogs. I talk about this issue on my own blog. I recently came back after a long time away. And I've been surprised at how I am not the only one who has done this lately. Thing is different this time. There is not this "need" that I think was there before.

I don't have the "obligations" that seemed to keep me in like before: designing, multiple properties, mundane unimportant inworld stuff--things like that. You realize in hindsight how out of control it can get. My SL is now so much more truly on my own terms.

In RL, my toddler, husband, grad school and other RL obligations and interests are where my time priorities are--they HAVE to be. SL is still nice, but only to visit.