Thursday, January 31, 2008

RCAF Casual/Flight Uniform Contest!

An announcement from Royal Caledon Air Force Command in Caledon Penzance...

I am pleased to announce a contest for best casual/flight RCAF uniform!

Rules of the contest are very simple:

1) Participants must be in the RCAF.
2) Submissions must include versions for both ladies and gentlemen of the RCAF.
3) All submissions must include the RCAF Insignia on the back of any included casual uniform jacket.
4) Rights to distribute Casual/Flight Uniforms will be given to the RCAF Marshal.
5) Winning Entries will be made available at low cost to RCAF members.

Entries will be voted upon by all RCAF.

Winner will recieve 5000 Linden Dollars

2nd Place will recieve 2500 Linden Dollars

Deadline for submissions: Sunday 16th of March
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