Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New blog caters to 19th century enthusiasts

New blog caters to 19th century enthusiasts

Sorry, I need to shamelessly self-promote here a bit...

New blog caters to 19th century enthusiasts

Caledon Regency :: Our Guv'nah hard at work

I've been so curious about Regency it's been rather difficult to stay away, even before the completion of the terraforming.

This morning was my 3rd visit, and the first time seeing others in the sim.

Well, it was soon after my latest visit, and in a most polite and congenial way, our dear Desmond Shang declared Regency off limits! Pouting, I returned to nearby Eyre, pondering a purchase of Miss Tombola's carriages and horses. My mind drifted to visions of my lighthouse.

I sighed, and snapped back to reality with the reading of several telegrams and letters, after responding to most, I went off to bed, hoping for more sweet dreams of my new residence.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Second Life Bloggers Group Logo Contest

UPDATED INFO :: The Insatiable Zoe Connolly: Update on SL Bloggers Group Logo Contest

Although I love seeing my image on the group photo....SL Bloggers is about all of us.

So... a contest is in order!

5000 Linden Dollars will be awarded to the designer of the best Logo.

Logo designs should be in a few formats.

512 x 512 texture for use on the group tab and on inworld signs/objects.

Vertical and Horizontal Banners and Badges in jpg and gif format to be used on our blogs.

Send all submissions to Zoe Connolly in the following manner...

1 ) Texture to my inventory.
It would be helpful to add your logo texture to a flat notecard-giving object with a bio/description. Please make the object modifiable.

2 ) Send any jpg's or gif's to my email address

zoeconnolly (AT) gmail (DOT) com

Judges will sort through the entries, and group members will vote on the winner. Contest Entries will be displayed at my lighthouse on Caledon Regency as soon as possible, pending the opening of the new sim and the building process soon after.

Entry Deadline is 12:00 PM SL time Sunday September 2nd.

Voting will start at 12:00 PM SL time Sunday September 9th

and remain open until 12:00 PM SL time Sunday September 16th

Disclaimer: Linking to this post is "All Voluntary Of Course"

UPDATED INFO :: The Insatiable Zoe Connolly: Update on SL Bloggers Group Logo Contest

» SL Bloggers business meeting notes from 7/22/07 M is for Myg

» SL Bloggers business meeting notes from 7/22/07 M is for Myg:

"Better late than never, here are the notes from our business meeting on 7/22/07..."

» SL Bloggers business meeting notes from 7/22/07 M is for Myg

Friday, July 27, 2007

Spinning plates while balancing on a fence...

I try to balance RL, SL, and my blogs that cover SL. This kind of multi-tasking is taking a toll on my health, so I'm taking steps to find more balance in my life.

Part of the day Saturday and all day Sunday is devoted to SL. I'm inworld most of the time - internet connectivity permitting of course.

My blogs have evolved since I started SL blogging in March 2007. My focus now is the 19th Century world within our virtual world of SL. I cannot cover everything in SL, nor would I want to. My focus will be on the Victorian era steampunk and Wild West sims, almost exclusively. Two of my blogs no longer exist, so please update your links if you haven't noticed yet - Second Life Events and ZoeCorp ZabrinaWorks are deleted.

In addition, I'll be working on my Second Life BloggerCon 2008 event. I'll need one or two people to become co-owner(s) of my Second Life Bloggers group and assist with day-to-day maintenance and operations so that I may devote more time to other projects.

I'll have details on the SL Bloggers Logo Contest in a post this Saturday. The winner of the contest will receive 5000 linden dollars.

That's all for now, xoxox

The Connolly Lighthouse...coming soon to Caledon Regency

I took the plunge when I returned home late last night/early morning. I found our dear Guv'nah Desmond Shang online and paid for my parcel. W00T!

Strange, but after I did that, I was in the mood to buy more land, but the Regency sim is already full.

Not only do I want to build a navigational aid for our ships at sea, but I plan to create a social gathering spot for everyone in Regency and Caledon in general.

The Insatiable Zoe Connolly: Caledon Regency :: I've reserved a parcel today:

"The future location of The Connolly Lighthouse..."

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Caledon Regency Map - Part 2

Earlier I mentioned the new Caledon Regency Map. Returning to Guv'nah Shang's Mansion the next day, I noticed a few added property owners on the floor map, and another new map on an adjacent wall. The new map is titled "Caledon Projected Development 1Q08."

I've not been contacted regarding a land sale offer as yet, but I'm quite sure Mr. Shang's waiting list is a long one.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Two New Blogs in the works....

SL BloggerCon 2008 will cover news about our proposed convention for Second Life Bloggers. BloggerCon is tentatively scheduled for late February 2008.

After consultation with Caledon Librarian JJ Drinkwater, I've started The Connolly Telegraph. This new blog will cover news on the 19th Century sims of Second Life. This includes Caledon, New Babbage, Steelhead City, Tombstone (both sims), Yankton, Deadwood, and many more. The vision for this blog is to unite the 19th Century citizens while still retaining the unique character and atmosphere of the individual sims.

I've only set up the URLs for now. Content will come later as I get things settled.

By the way, Blogger now offers their own polls. I'll be trying this little widget soon.

Steam Robots vs Electric Robots :: Steampunk Cylons?

"It is the Age of Steam. An inventor envisions a future where robots are driven by electricity. Tragically, war prevents him from realizing his vision. In the aftermath of the war, his faithful steam-powered servant labors to bring the vision to life against opposition determined to preserve the reign of steam at all costs..."

A curtsy to Hotspur O'toole for linking to this YouTube video.

Torley composed the music for the video.

The Caledon Regency Map

The opening of a new Caledon sim is always exciting and welcome news.

I've been checking Guvnah Desmond Chang's mansion in Victoria City a few times a week for signs of the impending delivery of the new Regency Sim. I was pleased to discover this new map of Caledon Regency during my most recent wanderings earleir today. Ooooooo!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Tombstone Sun-Review: Letters to the Editor - July 17th

The Tombstone Sun-Review: Letters to the Editor - July 17th:

"When I returned to my office today, there was letter on my desk. The envelope read very simply 'To Miss Connolly', no postmark or return address. I looked around, checking the office, the library upstairs, and the areas around the building. No one was in sight. With some trepidation I read the letter. I present it to you...unedited..."

The Tombstone Sun-Review: Letters to the Editor - July 17th

The FlowerBall

A little over a week ago, Col. Hotspur O'Toole invited a few Caledonians to a fascinating art build. While there, I struck-up a pleasant conversation with Mr.Douglas Story, who is one of the artists on this amazing project...

Mr. Story sent me the following press release...

FlowerBall - An Interactive Art Thingy

Douglas Story - concept, prims, pictures
AldoManutio Abruzzo - soundscape
Desdemona Enfield - scripts

FlowerBall is a very large, very colorful, very musical and very immersive bit of art - the kind of thing that truly is possible only in Second Life. At 120 feet high and wide, it’s huge - your avatar flies up and through five layers inside a gigantic sphere, your interaction with the layers changing the visuals, and adding new layers of sounds and music.

Soon to be open to the public on a pristine sim owned by Princeton University, FlowerBall presents the almost abstract close-up floral photography of Douglas Story in a unique way. As you float inside these luxuriant images, you are awash in a multi-layered tapestry of lush ambient musical sounds by noted Second Life live musician AldoManutio Abruzzo. All of this is powered by complex scripts written by the talented and energetic Desdemona Enfield.

One early visitor compared it to being "inside a huge flower." Another said, "I feel like I'm swimming in sound and color."

Visitors do need to be aware that they really must pay attention to the instructions that they will be given to them as they arrive at the site - unfortunately one must change an audio setting in Preferences in order to hear the sounds properly. The creators assure you that the experience will be well worth that small effort.

Experiencing FlowerBall is one of those Second Life 'wow' moments that is not to be missed. The opening reception with the artists is scheduled for Saturday, July 21st at 2 pm SLT at the usually-private Princeton University Sim at:


Readers who wish to view the work after the July 21st opening should be directed to its Princeton North location at:


Members of the press who wish a preview are invited to visit this location as well.

FlowerBall is presented under the auspices of Tayzia Abattoir and New Media Consortium, with special thanks to Princeton University.


Artist Information

Douglas Story creates his extreme macro photography with a 5 megapixel digital camera in and around Los Angeles. All images displayed were shot using natural light, and are essentially as they came from the camera with no, or very little, enhancement after the fact. Douglas has displayed his work in group shows in Los Angeles, and in Second Life at the Aho Museum and the Angel Dorei Gallery.

A Second Life resident since 2005, Desdemona Enfield, in her more serious moments, studies the Zen of Scripting and occasionally dabbles in building. She's highly verbal and will scroll everyone off the screen when given an opportunity. In real life, the daydream that comes closest to her vocation would include a checkered history in computer graphics, medical imaging, data protocols, and embedded systems, plus a tad of physics and mathematics. However, these days she prefers to dance in sky palaces.

AldoManutio Abruzzo is a hugely popular improvisational musician who performs frequently in Second Life. More information and a performance schedule may be found at his web site at:


I'm hoping that this team may be able to do something interesting for our projected Second Life Bloggers Convention tentatively scheduled for February 2008.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Reactions to SL Bloggers Party 4

Veyron's Adventures: Last Blogger Party

Eladrienne's Second Life!: SL Bloggers Group Party! (YARR! There Be Pirates!)

Second Life Blogosphere: Looker Lumet: Read All About It : The SL Bloggers crashed the sim !!

Hibernia on the Skids: Other, funner stuff

Piano 68 - SL Bloggers Party IV « Girl meets Second Life

NEWSFLASH: SL Bloggers group cause havoc in Chamcook « Cynical Second Life

4F's of Second Life: Ye can be Pirates, n bloggers too..aye

Met A Stranger® Season Two Begins...

On Monday, July 16th, 2007 - - what the world has been waiting for....


The Tombstone Sun-Review: Apache Chief Dagger Barbosa and his tribe

The Tombstone Sun-Review: Apache Chief Dagger Barbosa and his tribe:

"On July 12th, I met with Apache Chief Dagger Barbosa, Medicine Woman Adelita Hera, and tribal warrior mAdan Payne. They were very cordial and welcomed me with open arms, even though at times it seemed there was tension. I am after all a white woman protecting my town, and they see Tombstone and the local government as a threat to their existence. Tensions are natural in these circumstances. How we can ever over come our prejudices I do not know, and this article and writer won't pretend to know the answer..."

The Tombstone Sun-Review: Apache Chief Dagger Barbosa and his tribe

Sunday, July 15, 2007

SL Bloggers Party 07/15 at dinee's place

Our 4th Second Life Bloggers Party will be held at dinee Ghia's place starting at 1:00 PM SL time Sunday 07/15, or 15/07 depending on your location.

Our theme this time is....pirates!

If you need a LM or TP just IM me.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

» SLBloggers Blogmeet Sunday 7/15, 1 p.m. SL time M is for Myg

Myg has a good summary here...

» SLBloggers Blogmeet Sunday 7/15, 1 p.m. SL time M is for Myg:

"Some of the more addicted SLBloggers got together on Sunday to do a little planning and talk business in a lovely courtyard at DesertWolf’s place. Present were DesertWolf, dinee, Zoe, Tiana, JellyBean, HawksRock, Myg, and myself. Technically I think the weekly meeting is for “officers” in the SL Bloggers Second Life group, but anyone in the group is welcome. If you want to be more involved, just IM Zoe Connolly to be included..."

» SLBloggers Blogmeet Sunday 7/15, 1 p.m. SL time M is for Myg

I'll try to post an edited chat log as soon as possible...

SLimerick 4 :: In two-parts

Whilst walking in Caledon Eyre,
A scoundrel approached with a dare,
He said, "lift up your blouse,
Or I'll throw you this mouse!"
In response I shot back with a stare,

I said, "Why do you treat me like that?
We've nary had time for a chat."
As a good girlwithguns,
I rezzed several fine ones,
And he scurried forgetting his hat.

Looking for Mr. Good Cylon

I was on long distance patrol, looking for the next possible place where Galactica and the Colonial Fleet could jump-to in case of a Cylon attack. Unfortunate for the Cylon Raiders I found.

Heh! They started at my "six" but not for long...

I took out three before my Vipor frakked-up from all the frakking Toaster hits.

I managed a less-than-stellar crash-landing in Babbage Canals. The locals seem peaceful enough and quite enterprising. I may be able to swing a deal with a few residents for badly-needed Galactica supplies.

Here's the frakked-up part. I'm sure I saw one of the Raiders I caused to go "tits-up" crash around here somewhere. As soon as I mop-up I'm getting a tall drink.

Monday, July 9, 2007

tiana creations: good girls can party just as well as the bad girls

tiana creations: good girls can party just as well as the bad girls

Tiana created another video Monday based on our antics of Sunday evening Monday morning. In the interest of peaceful co-existence between the sexes, we won't include any of our male-bashing conversation...

tiana creations: good girls can party just as well as the bad girls

In no particular order...more snapshots from "The Zoe Zone"

Exploring Caledon via Balloon

I was invited to join Mr. Heron and Mr. Raymaker for a Balloon ride while they explored Caledon. Always fascinated with airships and exploring, I boarded the gondola with glee and we took off for the skies. Much to my delight, the weather was sunny and calm, and the conversation was quite witty, as the two had me laughing most of the trip. I hope to meet them again for another expedition.

Dispatches from Tombstone

Party at Nocturnal Shadows

My friends Silvy, Macey, Red, and Torr are almost finished building their new club Nocturnal Shadows. They tell me there are are few tweaks to make, so for now the place is open for private parties only. Sunday night's party was in honor of Frosty Sinatra, who was once our boss back in our Club 250 dance club days. You'll be seeing more from this club in the future.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


97%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Mingle2 - Online Dating

Thanks to Myg
who made me realize what the hell I do when I"m not working, sleeping, or active in SL. And when I'm not updating my own blogs I'm reading all your stuff.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A note about Comments...

Due to a horrible coding issue from an anonymous commenter (The Bastard!), I have activated comment moderation.

I was unable to delete the comment and forced to delete the entire post and start over. Very annoying, indeed!

Anonymous comments are still welcome, it just means there will be a delay in posting them - many times I'm away from home for a considerable amount of time and RL work demands keep me from blogging.

SLimerick 3 :: The Codie Edition

There once was a girl who could code,

Who dressed a particular mode,

She always wore red,

And even to bed,

Although this I have only been told.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Calamity Z


This here's the story of Calamity Z.

I'z tahrd one mornin' after a night in them steampunk sims. Plum tuckered out from all that dancin'. I recollecked readin' one o' them fancy Caledon blogs 'bout some Tombstone Arizona sim and reckon'd I'd drop by fer a spell.

So I mosied yonder and ended up gettin' all gussied up in a fancy new HUD gizmo fer muh 6 shooter. I crossed the border into the town and some nice lookin' feller offered to show me 'round. Took me dancin' a bit. Even tho ah's tahr'd from previous, ah's flattered as all git out. So we line danced and had ourselves a few swigs a Jack Daniels. We parted compny all sweet and friendly-like and I went back to muh Victorian and modern ways, talkin' all good 'n' ladylike.

I got back with muh horse Laggalot and muh new guns and such. Spent a few more hours gettin' tuh know the folk. Sure there's a few scoundrels lurkin' about, nothing a frontier Irish girl like me cain't hannle. One feller accused me of stealin' his horse, but the sheriff set 'em straight. Turns out he was innersted to yak at a lady. I told the sheriff, the feller's lucky I didn't put a bullet in 'is head, the damn lyin' fool...Cuz I pert near did it!

Met a few good folk too, and have a particular mind tuh stay fer a spell. A soldier even made me a lady scout in the US ARMY CAV protectin' the town from rebs, injuns and suchlike. Reckon I'm thar fer good now, switchin' from all that fancy britches Caledon/Babbage jawwin' to this unlady-like yakkin' I do in Arizona. (spits).

Not sure they unnerstand whut it means tuh have Calamity Z 'round thar town, tho.

Now y'all readin' this....don't go tellin 'em what trouble I am, cuz I'm fixin' to go back soon and I might even change muh ways if the good lord's willin'. I'll be okay long as I don't drink too much Whisky, y'hear? (hiccups and throws empty bottle away).

Sunday, July 1, 2007

SLBloggers Officer Meeting July 1st, 2007

SLBloggers Officer Meeting July 1st, 2007
I deleted a few things, but there were a few non-sequitors and tangents I didn't....

I should make one additional note that may not be clear. We're changing things a bit as I realize we're growing, getting more active, and we need to separate our business meeting portion from our blog theme parties. Sunday was the start of this new format. So in the future anyone interested in attending the business meeting is welcome to attend. You do NOT have to be an officer of the group.

Edited Transcript

You: first off, one thing i forgot to add...
You: to the agenda is charity
You: do we want to get involved in charirt work ?
DesertWolf Longstaff: ah yes... knew there was something else I forgot
dinee Ghia: makes for great PR
DesertWolf Longstaff: what do you have in mind?
You: forgive all my typos, hope you all speak typonese
dinee Ghia: I do very well
Zoe Connolly smiles
You: well, it's too late i think for the SLRFL
Veyron Supercharge: on the web blogs?
You: at least for us
DesertWolf Longstaff: yea, very true
You: yup, i'm juts thinking we could brainstorm a different tack
dinee Ghia: can start with our favorite RL ones and go from there?
You: we dont need a solution now, just start thinking about it
You: yes
dinee Ghia: mine is the childfind.. has been for years
You: for missing children?
dinee Ghia: yes
You: that's a good one
dinee Ghia: one of the few that really lives up to its claims
dinee Ghia: so many it seems seem to be just money grabbers
You: maybe we could think of our favorite 2 or 3, then compile a list and vote on it
dinee Ghia: good idea
DesertWolf Longstaff: that would be best, don't want to spread things too thin
DesertWolf Longstaff: and there are some badges that can be added to blogs for people to contribute
DesertWolf Longstaff: I will look into them again
You: yup, i only want to focus on one really good charity where we have a consensus
dinee Ghia: yes
Veyron Supercharge: I think you can do it with Google Adwords
dinee Ghia: a common goal
You: yes, that brings up a point
You: i was thinking of created badges for our blogs
You: *creating
You: that all members could use, that links to the wiki
dinee Ghia: nice idea
Veyron Supercharge: that would be good
DesertWolf Longstaff: that would be good, using the logo that that is designsed
dinee Ghia: things like that will set us apart frm any other blog group out there too
DesertWolf Longstaff: just sent Vint a tp
DesertWolf Longstaff: welcome Vint
dinee Ghia: hi Vint :)
DesertWolf Longstaff: graba aseat
You: exactly, once the design is set, we can create a badge
Veyron Supercharge: Hi Vint!
You: hey vint
Vint Falken: hi
Vint Falken: sorry i couldn't group msg
DesertWolf Longstaff: np
You: np
You: we just got started
Vint Falken: i have some rl trouble (urgently need to find some keys)
Vint Falken: i'll read, but be a bit silent
dinee Ghia: kk
Vint Falken: excuse me, please
You: i'm going to offer, well dinee and i are offering 2500 each, a total of 5000 to the winner of our logo contest
DesertWolf Longstaff: ok, so start thinking of possible charities to support
You: 5000 lindens that is
dinee Ghia: glad you clarified that.. lol
You: eeks, yeah
DesertWolf Longstaff: so guide lines for the logo?
dinee Ghia: just be creative?
You: we need to be careful of copyrights
Vint Falken: check with torley for the hand? if you may incorporate that or not?
You: but if we're mindful of that as judges, we can make the final determination anyway
DesertWolf Longstaff: would be nice if we could use it...
You: yes, i'll do that
dinee Ghia: aye
You: i've noticed many other organizations use the hand
dinee Ghia: they may have permissions to tho
Veyron Supercharge: you might need to get a free license
Zoe Connolly nods
DesertWolf Longstaff: I am sure that they will allow within reason, and as long as it does not put LL in a bad light
dinee Ghia: true
You: i'll check with Torley on guidelines
DesertWolf Longstaff: so now, how are we looking to use the logo design?
You: anything in particular we want to include?
DesertWolf Longstaff: badges, banners?
DesertWolf Longstaff: Headers?
You: we would be wise to have all of them available
DesertWolf Longstaff: so the design would need to be flexable
Vint Falken: logo: vectors / ps?
Vint Falken: minimum resolution / ...
DesertWolf Longstaff: or have several layouts
Vint Falken: how should it be supplied, ... ?
You: once the logo design is chosen
DesertWolf Longstaff: well Vint that is more your area,,, what do you suggest?
Vint Falken: assuming it should never go to print, vector isnot needed
You: we may need both texture and jpgg
Vint Falken: high rez: A4? 72dpi? (as it only needs to serve web)
DesertWolf Longstaff: and most people probably don't have tool sto work with vectors
You: for inworld and use on blogs
Vint Falken: inworld and blogs = 'web' (web = 72 dpi, is what screens display)
DesertWolf Longstaff: jpg, or png?
You: would jpg load faster?
Veyron Supercharge: at that small of a picture it won't matter that much
dinee Ghia: its usually just a smaller format
dinee Ghia: condensed
Veyron Supercharge: brb - phone....
dinee Ghia: jpgs are good for speed.. but you can lose detail in them
Vint Falken: logo => gif
Vint Falken: if no gradients
Vint Falken: I say submission in jpg or png
Vint Falken: but for web use you shall need to convert it to gif to have the smallest size
DesertWolf Longstaff: that would not be a problem
DesertWolf Longstaff: so we have 72 dpi, submit in jpg or png
DesertWolf Longstaff: we need to verify we can use the hand logo in the design
Vint Falken: 72 dpi, but what is the max size?
Vint Falken: sorry, minimum size
Vint Falken: don't think to small
Vint Falken: as you might one day want to use it as a page background or smth
You: exactly
Vint Falken: and width/length?
Vint Falken: 1:1, 1:2, ... free?
Vint Falken: 2/3 ?
DesertWolf Longstaff: wouldn't that depend on what it is used in.. banner , badge and so forth
DesertWolf Longstaff: ?
You: i just sent our question to Torley
DesertWolf Longstaff: cool
You: well, should we require several sizes? after all the winner gets 5000 lindens
DesertWolf Longstaff: what would be the most versital size ?
dinee Ghia: hehe.. make em work for the prize
You: that's right
Vint Falken: derstwolf, yes
Vint Falken: but if you have a jpg or smth
Vint Falken: it is hard to convert type, etc
Vint Falken: to another size whithout loosing quality (or strech your type)
Vint Falken: let's say we need a square one?
Vint Falken: and a 1:3 ?
Vint Falken: (would cover banner and logo type)
DesertWolf Longstaff: so lets say a square, a banner 1:3
You: that would be perfect
Vint Falken: or 3:1, i always mix them (width = 3, height = 1)
DesertWolf Longstaff: kk, so 2 designs then
DesertWolf Longstaff: a square, and a rectangle
Vint Falken: not two designs, two versions of the same design
Vint Falken: right? ;)
DesertWolf Longstaff: yes
DesertWolf Longstaff: ok, so wwe just need to hear back from Torley as to use of the hand, and we can get the info out there...
DesertWolf Longstaff: what should we make the dead line?
You: Let's go with a deadline of August 1st
DesertWolf Longstaff: that is what I was thinking
dinee Ghia: idea for the deadline.. the auguest blog meet.. can unveil it at the party and award the winner there as well
You: yup, i like taht
DesertWolf Longstaff: works for me..
You: *that
dinee Ghia: but.. thats the unveiling.. so deadline for submisssions Aug 1?
You: yes
DesertWolf Longstaff: yes
DesertWolf Longstaff: submit to you zoe?
You: JellyBean Madison will be hosting the August party
dinee Ghia: give a chance to judge too
dinee Ghia: nice
You: i just varified a minute ago
You: still another chnace for a gor theme , vint
dinee Ghia: ooo.. can see t-shirts made up.....
DesertWolf Longstaff: thought she wanted pirate
You: oh yeah! cool
dinee Ghia: nooo. tinies!!
dinee Ghia: heheh
dinee Ghia: oh right.. tinies for when Vint CAN attend
Vint Falken: noooooooooooooooooo!
dinee Ghia grins
dinee Ghia: no huh?
Vint Falken: sorry, just reading: whta was the pass of the wiki again? (for Bella)
You: i havent checked Veyrons poll yet
You: which theme is winning so far?
You: last i saw....pirates
Vint Falken wonders how the logo will be picked
You: that's our next question
Vint Falken: voting is always a pop poll
Vint Falken: :/
dinee Ghia: pirates still in the lead 48%
You: i think voting is a great plan
Veyron Supercharge: I'm back
Vint Falken: a judging theme? we amongst torley? (if he can find the time)
You: kk, cool....i have a few piraty clothes
Vint Falken: sorry, rather wrong sentence. a team of judges? with amongst othes torley, if he has the time
DesertWolf Longstaff: OK, so options for judgeing...
You: judges
You: vint you said a team?
Vint Falken: yeah
Vint Falken: although I would not know who to ask to judge
Vint Falken: besides torley
Vint Falken: :/
You: hmmm
DesertWolf Longstaff: brb have to check something..
dinee Ghia: I'sd say the most dreative people.. but they would all be competing..
You: I may know a few Caledon atists to ask
dinee Ghia: creative**
You: *artists
dinee Ghia: ohh..outside judges?
Veyron Supercharge: DW must be checking his inventory for dresses
dinee Ghia: heheh
Veyron Supercharge: don't worry dear, I know where to get some nice freebies
Vint Falken: dinee, no?
Vint Falken: people who actually know something from images
Vint Falken: and aren't 'prejudged'?
dinee Ghia: I have a few old transferrables he can have
Vint Falken: ow, I have the whole agent collection (those freebie dresses, good ones)
dinee Ghia: yea.. and no favoritism that way either
Vint Falken: he can have some of those
Vint Falken: :d
Vint Falken: or we combine... 50% of the points comes from voting, 50% from the jury
You: sounds like american idol when they choose the contestants


You: anyway, ok....let's focus
DesertWolf Longstaff: yes... I agree
Veyron Supercharge: mmmm... I think we are pretty focused... maybe a different focus?
You: last we were talking about judgess
DesertWolf Longstaff: ok, so for the judging....
DesertWolf Longstaff: yes Veyron...
Veyron Supercharge: Use a rezzed object in world for voting
You: do we want a group and a general vote?
Veyron Supercharge: Well, that would work to
Veyron Supercharge: Dark Eden has a voting system for pictures they use each month
Veyron Supercharge: Simple Script I'm sure could be knocked together
You: sounds like a viable option
DesertWolf Longstaff: I kind of like the mixed vote ..an impartial group then the membership
Vint Falken: rezzed object in world for voting => they crash, and I would suggest only group members being allowed to vote?
Veyron Supercharge: I'm game for that
dinee Ghia: aye
Veyron Supercharge: might as well use that system - but is that just an up or down vote?
DesertWolf Longstaff: so I would say at least 3 judges for the impartial group
You: yup, we can set up polling on a blog, more fitting for us anyway
Vint Falken: polling: can be 'faked'
Vint Falken: ?
Vint Falken: new ip, remove cookies
Vint Falken: lmao
Vint Falken: if anybody else got the online notice
You: crap, that's true
Vint Falken: :D
You: can the inworld poll be set to allow only our group tags
DesertWolf Longstaff: I would think so...
DesertWolf Longstaff: might have to research tat though
dinee Ghia: there are objects that can only be accessed by group only memebers here.. so thinking yes
You: i know someone could join, then vote, then leave the group, but hey we can only take a small degree of measures
You: it would minimize problems tho
DesertWolf Longstaff: so we have a bit of research to do on voting then..
DesertWolf Longstaff: any suggestions for the outside judges?
You: yes, but we do have some time yet
You: Torley being one
Vint Falken: torley (no?)
Vint Falken: nathalia? (if she doesn't want to participate herself)
DesertWolf Longstaff: yes Torley would be good
Vint Falken: natalia? (never sure)
You: how many judges?
DesertWolf Longstaff: 3 minimum
DesertWolf Longstaff: and an odd number
You: Natalia, i'm making an effort to meet her, i'll ask when i do
dinee Ghia: odd number for sure.. no ties
DesertWolf Longstaff: help avoid ties
You: yup i'd say 3, may be harder to get 5
dinee Ghia: DW and I know a girl from out DOB's group.. she would be perfect
dinee Ghia: Dobb's**
DesertWolf Longstaff: we can ask her if she would be interested
You: that works, ask her about it
DesertWolf Longstaff: ok, so that would make 3 if they all agree
You: i have a few Caledonians in mind
You: for backup
You: incase someone cannot participate
DesertWolf Longstaff: good idea
DesertWolf Longstaff: we could always increase the number if they are all avalable
You: yup, that works too
DesertWolf Longstaff: kk, so anything else to go over on the logo contest at this point?
You: i think we're set for the moment
DesertWolf Longstaff: kk we should meet again, maybe next week again concerning it
You: lets move on to wiki goals
You: yes, let's do that
You: same time next week?
DesertWolf Longstaff: should be good for me
dinee Ghia: should be good for me
You: the two V girls?
dinee Ghia: (echo?)
You: what about you two?
DesertWolf Longstaff: think we bored them to sleep
dinee Ghia: hehe
Vint Falken: sorry
Veyron Supercharge: bored?
Vint Falken: V? :d
You: they're thinking of male neko strippers


You: ok, so......the wiki.....
Veyron Supercharge: this is for the land?
DesertWolf Longstaff: yes...
Veyron Supercharge: hmmm.... so this is a slightly larger deal because there is a non-trivial amont of money invovled
DesertWolf Longstaff: what do we want to use the wiki for, and then how do we want to organize it
You: yupyup, alotta bucks
Vint Falken: are we talknig wiki or land?
Vint Falken: and V: about V, only the skin ;)
dinee Ghia: wiki... I thought
DesertWolf Longstaff: don't care which..
Veyron Supercharge: I did discover there are two kinds of islands
You: Veyron changed subjects again, sorry
You: wait wait
Veyron Supercharge: The normal kind and low prim
You: let's talk wiki, then land
Veyron Supercharge: sure
You: you were saying DW?
DesertWolf Longstaff: I have started doing some organizing
DesertWolf Longstaff: but we need a consensus on how we want to organize things
You: i noticed the sandbox page, good idea
DesertWolf Longstaff: some things are better off in the forum, where others work betteer as wiki pages
Winter Ventura is Online
DesertWolf Longstaff: I like Vints meet paage layout
You: i like the idea of a clean front page, with a few links to the other areas where you can find more detail
DesertWolf Longstaff: I agree
Vint Falken agrees with zoe too
DesertWolf Longstaff: basicly a logo, mission statement and main links
You: we should write a good intro on the front page
Vint Falken: zoe did you get a mail from topsites declairing looker as the winner?
You: i may have, didnt check my mail yet
DesertWolf Longstaff: winner of what?
You: Vint, if you join that site, and are not # 1, we'll all know that site is rigged
Vint Falken: sltopsites thingie (which I don't like, and will not participate in, but that's another story ;))
DesertWolf Longstaff: ah
Zoe Connolly thinks it's rigged
Vint Falken: dunno, but looker, the winner of the 1k ls of this month, did not get an email, bella did (saying that looker won)
DesertWolf Longstaff: <---agrees with zoe
Vint Falken: strange, isn't it?
You: very strange
Vint Falken suggests to boycot the thing. the only thing he wants from us is traffic
Vint Falken: for adsence or just to get the domain ranked well
DesertWolf Longstaff: don't see where it has helped me any...
dinee Ghia: its a marketing list compiler..
You: yup i agree, i'm thinking of changing my user info to a dead link
DesertWolf Longstaff: lets change thenm all to tiana's old site
Vint Falken: lmao.
dinee Ghia: lol
You: awesome!
Vint Falken: it's not that, just don't run his code, and don't link to him
DesertWolf Longstaff: take his bages off your site
You: yup, but then you still can't delete your info
You: by the way, no winner announcement email for me
You: ok, back to the wiki
DesertWolf Longstaff: so liek for the forum, I think the blogging tools fit there
Vint Falken: zoe, mail or im him: get my info down
Vint Falken will listen to wiki stuff now
You: if we want people to use it, we need to mention it more often, make sure it's linked DesertWolf Longstaff: it is the first link in my blog roll
Veyron Supercharge: ::sigh:: brb
DesertWolf Longstaff: hehe
DesertWolf Longstaff: kk
You: kk, veyron
dinee Ghia: me too.. brb.. doing laundry
You: Vint is your info on topsites?
DesertWolf Longstaff: kk quick pull out the booze...
Vint Falken: zoe, bella said it was last month
Vint Falken: but not now anymore (as far as I can see)
You: i didnt see it there
You: let's table the wiki subject for next week
DesertWolf Longstaff: kk
Vint Falken: yes, and maybe some others can do some suggestions for the 'layout' in the mean time? (well, layout for the first page)
Vint Falken: categories, ...
DesertWolf Longstaff: next subject
You: blogpile land
DesertWolf Longstaff: blogland?
You: blognation
Vint Falken: blognation!
Vint Falken: :d
You: hehe
You: i like it
You: anyway, like i said, shockwave is out for a while, Tiana is out
Vint Falken: tiana too?
DesertWolf Longstaff: seems like there is not enough people interested to meet the goals we originaly set
Vint Falken sobs
You: yes
dinee Ghia writes new book.." Laundry for fun and profit" made 20$ off that load.. makes 20.37$ so far today
DesertWolf Longstaff: so what options do we have,
You: so, my idea, lets set a meeting for those still interested and see if anyone shows or expresses interest
Veyron Supercharge: I'm back
DesertWolf Longstaff: and do we still want to persue this
You: then we can decide to continue or not
Veyron Supercharge: How about buying a large block of land and then subdividing it
Vint Falken: and what bella suggested
Vint Falken: low prim/skirt island?
Vint Falken: which should be way cheaper?
You: i'm considering buying an island myself, but it would be next year
You: ok, so we need to do some research, but we have some time
DesertWolf Longstaff: yes, as I said I am in no hurry
You: let's all visit these places and evaluate for our next meeting
Veyron Supercharge: neither am i
dinee Ghia: can do that
You: ok Vint doesnt like talking about monetization, so let;s move on to SLBloggerCon
Vint Falken: hmmm ok
Vint Falken: =)
You: my idea is pretty big
dinee Ghia: uh oh
Vint Falken: pretty big => on?
You: next year we have a blogger con
You: maybe february
DesertWolf Longstaff: an in world blogger convention
You: yes
You: we display myg's stuff, vint's images, everything
You: and be available for questions
DesertWolf Longstaff: jellys machinimas
You: yes
DesertWolf Longstaff: speakers
Vint Falken: tiana's builds!
You: lot's of displays
DesertWolf Longstaff: have Vint speak on blogging tools
You: we can show up here and there and answer questions
You: be available and promote sl blogging
You: by then we may also have a charity in place
DesertWolf Longstaff: would work..
You: and of course we;ll have our logo
DesertWolf Longstaff: biggest problem would be a site to hold it
You: yes, that's right
Vint Falken: hmm i'm sure we can get one
Vint Falken: in exchange for some blog publicity
Vint Falken: *grins*
Veyron Supercharge: you're best bet would be to tag along with SLCC
Vint Falken: slcc: read their latest 'rules'?
You: we would need to determine how much space we needed
Vint Falken: not very 'blog minded' imho
Veyron Supercharge: rules?
Veyron Supercharge: so, meet in another space
You: there's plenty i'm sure
Veyron Supercharge: hmmm
dinee Ghia: intruder alert
dinee Ghia: hehe
DesertWolf Longstaff: be right back.. need to deal with a visitor
You: lol
Veyron Supercharge: he's gone
DesertWolf Longstaff is at the door.
dinee Ghia: stood there for quit a while too
dinee Ghia: quite**
You: did you get a name?
Veyron Supercharge: you mean I could be out floating in the pool, instead of being at a table meeting?
dinee Ghia: ******NAME DELETED******
Vint Falken: rules: SLCC is very heavily limiting what may be reportred by bloggers
Veyron Supercharge: hmm... well - how?
DesertWolf Longstaff: sorry what is SLCC?
Veyron Supercharge: eeek - my it's getting late
You: not much on that guy
DesertWolf Longstaff: nevermind
Vint Falken: late?
Vint Falken: :d
Veyron Supercharge: Vint must never sleep
You: you okay Vint?
Vint Falken: hmm it's 24.02 here
Vint Falken: :d
Vint Falken: ok with what? :d
Veyron Supercharge: silly me - it's early.
You: ok, maybe we should table the rest and continue next time
Vint Falken: Hmmm.
Vint Falken wants to blog about the sltopsites
Vint Falken: that I'm not going to participate
You: i was hoping you would Vint
DesertWolf Longstaff: another expsoe?
Vint Falken: for two reasons: I think it's rediculous
Vint Falken: and I don't like the 'who's most popular game'
Vint Falken: blog about it, do not link to it
You: yup, i'm removing all code and references to it right after the meeting
DesertWolf Longstaff: ok, so shall we close the meeting for today?
DesertWolf Longstaff: just one other thing though
dinee Ghia: aye
You: yes, let's continue next week same time same day
Veyron Supercharge: sure - motion to see DW in red silks
You: lol
DesertWolf Longstaff: should we start having seperate busness meetings
dinee Ghia: was thinking pink.. but red is good too
Vint Falken: seperate business meetings?
You: yes, DW and I talked about that last night
Veyron Supercharge: Pink is too girlish
DesertWolf Longstaff: seperate from the blogger meets
dinee Ghia: ok ok
You: we should leave the party separate for all fun stuff
You: that way we can be productive here, and have fun there
You: agreed?
Veyron Supercharge: yes
dinee Ghia: yes.. too much silliness happens at the party for anything serious
Veyron Supercharge: makes it easier to tease the boys
dinee Ghia: hehe yea
DesertWolf Longstaff: brb phone
Vint Falken: ok
You: yup, absolutely
Vint Falken: so no big meeting plans more for the party
Vint Falken: these meetings: open for all who are interested?
dinee Ghia: no.. just a good time and get to know each other better
Vint Falken: (maybe we should make that very clear then?)
You: yes, parties are more fun and meet and greet
You: then we;ll have a business meeting for the serious stuff
Veyron Supercharge: Get a head swap on him
You: and veyron can still provide the flirting at both
DesertWolf Longstaff: back..
dinee Ghia: wb


You: ok folks, i think we;re done
dinee Ghia: OH.. thought for the blogcon....
Vint Falken: ?
DesertWolf Longstaff: ok, then
You: ok go ahead
DesertWolf Longstaff: pool is open
dinee Ghia: we come from all around the world.. something that shows that
dinee Ghia: a "unity" thing
You: great idea
You: ok, but not too sappy
dinee Ghia: no.. just something that shows that we can be united no matter where we are from
You: united in blogging?
You: blognation!
dinee Ghia: nice
Vint Falken was thinking of the old - army of hardcore - song
dinee Ghia: ok.. sorry.. that just popped in my head..
Vint Falken: hardcorde, 'cause we are on the floor, like never seen before, army of hardcore! :d
Vint Falken: we should adjust it
You: that's an idea too
Veyron's eyes glow with a reflective light.
Vint Falken: ow, and dolmere and dalien must play together!
You: like....blogforce
You: blogforce for our blognation
Vint Falken: blogforce = our armed wing
Vint Falken: blogbasket = the land
You: yes
Vint Falken: ;)
DesertWolf Longstaff: well that works in GwG (Girls with Guns) and BwB (Bloggers with Blades)
You: exactly
You: i like it, let's work on this too
You: it can be the bloggercon theme
DesertWolf Longstaff: many countries on blogernation