Friday, July 27, 2007

Spinning plates while balancing on a fence...

I try to balance RL, SL, and my blogs that cover SL. This kind of multi-tasking is taking a toll on my health, so I'm taking steps to find more balance in my life.

Part of the day Saturday and all day Sunday is devoted to SL. I'm inworld most of the time - internet connectivity permitting of course.

My blogs have evolved since I started SL blogging in March 2007. My focus now is the 19th Century world within our virtual world of SL. I cannot cover everything in SL, nor would I want to. My focus will be on the Victorian era steampunk and Wild West sims, almost exclusively. Two of my blogs no longer exist, so please update your links if you haven't noticed yet - Second Life Events and ZoeCorp ZabrinaWorks are deleted.

In addition, I'll be working on my Second Life BloggerCon 2008 event. I'll need one or two people to become co-owner(s) of my Second Life Bloggers group and assist with day-to-day maintenance and operations so that I may devote more time to other projects.

I'll have details on the SL Bloggers Logo Contest in a post this Saturday. The winner of the contest will receive 5000 linden dollars.

That's all for now, xoxox
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