Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I Always Say Never

I always say never. I stopped blogging. I stopped for almost 2 months. But here I am!

I've also said "I'm never using mesh avatars."  But I'm here to tell you I experimented with an alt. Then recently took the plunge and went full mesh with my main account - Zoe Connolly. Thousands of Lindens later it's a done deal and you know what? I love the new look. I'll keep the old look in "storage" but the new me is now - me.

Anyway, while I was NOT blogging I took steps to make my Second Life easier.

STEP 1) I deleted the accounts to most of my Alt Army. Now I'm down to an Alt Squad.

 My intention is to upgrade all my alts to mesh and it would be ridiculously expensive and wasteful to upgrade all of them, especially when they're rarely used. It's also a little security risk to have so many accounts that could possibly get hacked. So Zoe's army is now Zoe's squad.

STEP 2) I've reorganized my inventory and have deleted old folders with items that either aren't used, cannot be used due to scripting issues, or so old I can't remember why the hell I bought them in the first place. In some instances it's a combination of the above.

I'm streamlining everything I can. I've reduced the number of alts and also reduced the inventory of "Zoe Connolly" and her alts. 

At present I have no land tier to worry about so all my SL funds can now go to Mesh Av upgrades, accessories and clothing.

I was chatting with a couple of friends via Twitter and was excited about the idea of posting about my transformation from my "stuck in 2009" look and the new 2015 Mesh look. The mesh upgrades are super intimidating at first but if I can overcome it, so can anyone. The biggest part of the change for me was the sense of loss I felt. Changing looks so drastically was upsetting at first, which is why I resisted for so long and also why I wanted to start with an Alt account I used infrequently. 

I have a few post ideas planned including Inventory management, favorite mesh items, favorite new motion capture AOs and a series about the complete transformation of my Alt Zabrina McMahon from 2007 look to 2015 Mesh.

Below is a pic of Zabrina from a few days ago. Her most recent item is her hair from 2011 and skin from 2009. The rest of her...shape as well as clothing are from 2007. Her shape by the way is what I call "classic Zoe" shape. The one I've used since January 2007 and it's official name is "Sexy Alice" from a store I'm not even sure exists now.

 More mesh-goodness to come. SLater!