Monday, February 16, 2009

The Besler Steam Plane of 1933

from Bomberguy on YouTube:

"A Travel Air 2000 biplane made the world's first piloted flight under steam power over Oakland, California, on 12 April 1933.

The strangest feature of the flight was its relative silence; spectators on the ground could hear the pilot when he called to them from mid-air. The aircraft, piloted by William Besler, had been fitted with a two-cylinder, 150 hp reciprocating engine.

An important contribution to its design was made by Nathan C. Price, a former Doble Steam Motors engineer. Price was working on high pressure compact engines for rail and road transport; the purpose of the flight was to obtain publicity
for this work. Following its unexpectedly favourable reception Price went to Boeing and worked on various aviation projects, but Boeing dropped the idea of a steam aeroengine in 1936. Price later worked for Lockheed where his experience with developing compact burners for steam boilers helped to design Lockheed's first jet engine.

The advantages of the "Besler System" that were claimed at the time included the elimination of audible noise and destructive vibration; greater efficiency at low engine speeds and also at high altitudes where lower air temperatures assisted condensation; reduced likelihood of engine failure; reduced maintenance costs; reduced fuel costs, since fuel oil was used in place of petrol; reduced fire hazard
since the fuel was less volatile and operating temperatures were lower; and a lack of need for radio shielding.

For capacities in excess of 1000 horse power a turbine captures the energy released by the expansion of steam more efficiently than a piston. Thus, the steam reciprocating engine turned out to be unsuitable for scaling up to the needs of large aircraft...."

Friday, February 6, 2009

Cockpit Audio of Airways Flight 1549 (New Release)

Hear the pilot of Flight 1549 tell confused controllers that he's landing in the river.

Minutes after he reported hitting birds and losing power in both engines, the pilot of US Airways Flight 1549 calmly told an air traffic controller the plane would ditch into the Hudson River....

"We can't do it," pilot Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger said at 3:29 p.m. on January 15, in response to efforts to land the plane at New Jersey's Teterboro airport, according to a recording released Thursday by the Federal Aviation Administration.

"We're gonna be in the Hudson," Sullenberger said, about three and a half minutes after the Airbus A320 took off from New York's LaGuardia Airport.

"I'm sorry, say again," said the controller, from New York Tracon, a radar facility on Long Island that handles flights after they depart from LaGuardia or Teterboro airports.. Listen to pilot talk to controllers

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We need a "RCAF Wants You!" poster

Guv'nah Desmond Shang is looking for a 19th Century themed Royal Caledon Air Force poster for Caledon Oxbridge. Your work could be one of the first things a new Second Life resident sees in Caledon ;)

If anyone would like to volunteer on this project, please contact Phineas Messmer or Zoe Connolly.

Monday, February 2, 2009


strikeout775 writes "In the waning sunlight over Aeronautica, pilots duke it out for control of the skies. This attempts to capture some of the feeling of those fights. Made by D_K_Head. Pilots unknown. Music by rec0il...."

Sunday, February 1, 2009

BSG - destruction of the Resurrection Ship

Apollo witnesses firsthand the destruction of one of the Cylon Resurrection Ships.

BSG - Starbuck saves Apollo

Starbuck saves Apollo in a very unconventional way during a Cylon attack.

The Interrogation of Kanomi Pikajuna

Crossposted on TimeForce 10

The Secret Adventures of the Amazing TimeForce 10 from the Celestial Intervention Agency (CIA). CIA HQ: Extropia with offices in 1965 London and 19th Century Caledon. Front Group: Celestial Bodies Modeling Agency. Our mission: Keeping Earth safe from Super-Villains, Rogue Agents, Malevolent Extraterrestrials, Temporal Anomalies, and Bureaucratic Red-Tape.

[2009/02/01 12:13] Zoe Connolly: Miss Pikajuna....
[2009/02/01 12:13] Kanomi Pikajuna: Who are you people?
[2009/02/01 12:13] Zoe Connolly: How did you find the space station?
[2009/02/01 12:14] Kanomi Pikajuna: She brought me here
[2009/02/01 12:14] Avery Robbiani: Agent Cross and I brought her up here.
[2009/02/01 12:14] Kanomi Pikajuna: The mean one in the boots
[2009/02/01 12:14] Avery Robbiani: She came into the London office, looking for modeling work.
[2009/02/01 12:14] Zoe Connolly: I see
[2009/02/01 12:14] Avery Robbiani: She showed us her portfolio here. Take a look at this picture...
[2009/02/01 12:15] Cornelius Fanshaw: Hmm, consorting with Daleks
[2009/02/01 12:15] Avery Robbiani nods at C.
[2009/02/01 12:15] Zoe Connolly shakes her head
[2009/02/01 12:15] Kanomi Pikajuna frowns, "What's a dalek?"
[2009/02/01 12:15] Cornelius Fanshaw: Not looking at all good
[2009/02/01 12:15] Zoe Connolly: that's rather suspicious
[2009/02/01 12:16] Avery Robbiani: She didn't seem phased at all when we transported her from 1965 London to a space station in the future.
[2009/02/01 12:16] Zoe Connolly: Hmmm
[2009/02/01 12:16] Kanomi Pikajuna: She was shooting at me! I ran away from her!
[2009/02/01 12:16] Zoe Connolly: like an everyday occurrence
[2009/02/01 12:16] Aether Inglewood: Assumes the good cop role "I'm sure this is all a misunderstanding, right Miss Pikajuna
[2009/02/01 12:17] Kanomi Pikajuna nods at Aether hopefully. "It is! I didn't do anything wrong!"
[2009/02/01 12:17] Zoe Connolly: maybe....just what *did* you do is my concern...
[2009/02/01 12:17] Zoe Connolly: Did she see anything in London, Avery?
[2009/02/01 12:18] Kanomi Pikajuna sniffs tearfully. "I'm scared, I want to go home!"
[2009/02/01 12:18] Avery Robbiani: No, it was a standard interview for a model. Before we drugged her drink and brought her here.
[2009/02/01 12:18] Cornelius Fanshaw: I can't see any signs of Dalek implants, but it's unknown for Daleks to allow free movement for humans, except for Robo-slaves
[2009/02/01 12:19] Kanomi Pikajuna looks up at C confusedly. "Robo-what?"
[2009/02/01 12:19] Zoe Connolly: you're looking for modeling work, Kanomi?
[2009/02/01 12:19] Kanomi Pikajuna nods. "Yes, I have a portfolio, except that girl took. The one who shot at me."
[2009/02/01 12:20] Cornelius Fanshaw: I'm interested in how and where you met this Dalek Kanomi?
[2009/02/01 12:20] Avery Robbiani: And will shoot again if you try escaping.
[2009/02/01 12:21] Kanomi Pikajuna sniffs, "What is a dalek? That thing in the picture? The photographer said it was just an old movie prop."
[2009/02/01 12:21] Zoe Connolly: humans from the 1960s don't run into Daleks
[2009/02/01 12:21] Cornelius Fanshaw: Well they do in 1966
[2009/02/01 12:21] Zoe Connolly: what's the name of this photographer?
[2009/02/01 12:22] Kanomi Pikajuna: I don't remember, I think her name was Zabrina or something like that.
[2009/02/01 12:22] Avery Robbiani arches an eyebrow.
[2009/02/01 12:22] Zoe Connolly eyes widen
[2009/02/01 12:22] Aether Inglewood glances at Zoe
[2009/02/01 12:22] Zoe Connolly: I see

[2009/02/01 12:23] Aether Inglewood: Could you tell us what she looked like?
[2009/02/01 12:23] Zoe Connolly: what does she look like?
[2009/02/01 12:23] Kanomi Pikajuna looks up to Aether, "Miss, I'm hungry! She didn't feed me!"
[2009/02/01 12:23] Cornelius Fanshaw: I'm rather worried that a photographer in 1960's London should have a movie prop of an alien species that they should know nothing of
[2009/02/01 12:23] Aether Inglewood: We will get you something to eat, anything you want. Lets finish these questions first
[2009/02/01 12:23] Zoe Connolly: tell us a few more things and we'll get you a nice lunch
[2009/02/01 12:24] Cornelius Fanshaw: possibly...
[2009/02/01 12:24] Kanomi Pikajuna: Um, she had a pirate look. Really tall, busty you know.
[2009/02/01 12:24] Aether Inglewood: Red hair?
[2009/02/01 12:24] Kanomi Pikajuna: No really light blonde, almost white like.
[2009/02/01 12:25] Zoe Connolly: explain the pirate part if you would?
[2009/02/01 12:25] Kanomi Pikajuna: Like, an eyepatch. Not really a pirate I guess.
[2009/02/01 12:25] Aether Inglewood: Was anyone helping her?
[2009/02/01 12:25] Aether Inglewood: You know, setting up lights. Loading film?
[2009/02/01 12:25] Kanomi Pikajuna: When she was taking pictures of me? No it was just her and me.
[2009/02/01 12:26] Zoe Connolly whispers to Avery "place a 24 hour watch on Zabrina"
[2009/02/01 12:26] Avery Robbiani nods at Z.
[2009/02/01 12:26] Kanomi Pikajuna: I think that other girl was there for a while, before me.
[2009/02/01 12:26] Zoe Connolly: what other girl?
[2009/02/01 12:26] Cornelius Fanshaw: And this 'prop'? Did it move?
[2009/02/01 12:27] Zoe Connolly: do you remember her name?
[2009/02/01 12:27] Kanomi Pikajuna nods at Avery, "Her friend. The other one who likes to shoot at innocent models!"
[2009/02/01 12:27] Kanomi Pikajuna: I didn't get a name.
[2009/02/01 12:27] Kanomi Pikajuna looks up at C, "No, it didn't move or anything, just the lights were blinking."
[2009/02/01 12:28] Cornelius Fanshaw: I don't suppose you saw inside it?
[2009/02/01 12:28] Kanomi Pikajuna shakes her head. "No, it was just sitting there."
[2009/02/01 12:28] Cornelius Fanshaw: No idea if it was hollow then or particularly heavy?
[2009/02/01 12:29] Kanomi Pikajuna: It was pretty solid you know, metal. It had the little arms...
[2009/02/01 12:29] Zoe Connolly: What did Zabrina tell you?
[2009/02/01 12:30] Kanomi Pikajuna: Just what to wear, look sexy at the camera, that kind of know like a photographer
[2009/02/01 12:30] Cornelius Fanshaw: Z, may I talk to you outside?
[2009/02/01 12:30] Zoe Connolly: yes
[2009/02/01 12:30] Zoe Connolly: excuse us
[2009/02/01 12:30] Avery Robbiani: We'll keep an eye on her.
[2009/02/01 12:31] Cornelius Fanshaw: Let's go up to the office
[2009/02/01 12:31] Zoe Connolly nods
[2009/02/01 12:31] Kanomi Pikajuna squirms uncomfortably. "Is she going to kill me?" :o
[2009/02/01 12:31] Avery Robbiani: Of course not.
[2009/02/01 12:32] Avery Robbiani: Because you're not going to run, are you?
[2009/02/01 12:32] Cornelius Fanshaw: Now I'm worried about this Dalek. In 1966 the Daleks invade Earth
[2009/02/01 12:32] Kanomi Pikajuna appeals to Aether. "She's scaring me, can you make her wait outside?"
[2009/02/01 12:32] Zoe Connolly: I'm not sure I believe any of this
[2009/02/01 12:32] Cornelius Fanshaw: Is it possible that this one is part of a recon force?
[2009/02/01 12:33] Aether Inglewood: You'll be fine
[2009/02/01 12:33] Zoe Connolly: Zabrina was cured of her madness long ago
[2009/02/01 12:33] Kanomi Pikajuna: I'm scared and hungry...the drugs make me feel ill...
[2009/02/01 12:33] Cornelius Fanshaw: I can't believe a photographer would accidently have a likeness of an alien spieces
[2009/02/01 12:34] Zoe Connolly: I can't believe she would go back to her dreams of world domination
[2009/02/01 12:34] Avery Robbiani: You just tell us what we want to know and we'll send you on your way.
[2009/02/01 12:34] Zoe Connolly: well, I.....
[2009/02/01 12:34] Cornelius Fanshaw: And in the case of Daleks we can't take chances
[2009/02/01 12:34] Zoe Connolly looks down sadly
[2009/02/01 12:34] Zoe Connolly: yes
[2009/02/01 12:34] Zoe Connolly: we can't take any chances
[2009/02/01 12:34] Kanomi Pikajuna: But I don't know anything! I'm just an innocent girl, whom you kidnapped, drugged, shot at and locked in a box room!
[2009/02/01 12:34] Zoe Connolly sighs
[2009/02/01 12:35] Avery Robbiani: Have you ever seen anyplace like this, "Kanomi"?
[2009/02/01 12:35] Cornelius Fanshaw: Do you think we'll get any more out of this one?
[2009/02/01 12:35] Zoe Connolly: perhaps we could have Kanomi help us
[2009/02/01 12:35] Aether Inglewood nods 'I think we are about to get tis worked out. Decided what you wanted to eat?
[2009/02/01 12:35] Zoe Connolly: I have an idea
[2009/02/01 12:36] Cornelius Fanshaw: We can't let her go
[2009/02/01 12:36] Kanomi Pikajuna: A dirty jail cell? No not really...
[2009/02/01 12:36] Kanomi Pikajuna smiles at Aether, "Yes I would like a sandwich please."
[2009/02/01 12:36] Cornelius Fanshaw: We either use her or ... well you know..
[2009/02/01 12:36] Zoe Connolly: and if she helps us, she could get to Zabrina and then we'd know for sure
[2009/02/01 12:37] Avery Robbiani: Where you were first brought, "Kanomi". Ever seen any place like that before? Didn't happen to look out the window did you?
[2009/02/01 12:37] Zoe Connolly: let me talk to her
[2009/02/01 12:37] Kanomi Pikajuna: I don't know where we are. You said a space station but that's impossible.

[2009/02/01 12:38] Zoe Connolly: Kanomi....
[2009/02/01 12:38] Kanomi Pikajuna looks up.
[2009/02/01 12:38] Zoe Connolly: we've shown you some very top secret places
[2009/02/01 12:38] Zoe Connolly: do you understand?
[2009/02/01 12:39] Kanomi Pikajuna: I think so. You're in MI6 or something, right? Against the Russians?
[2009/02/01 12:39] Zoe Connolly: what we do here is very secret
[2009/02/01 12:39] Zoe Connolly: sometimes the Russians
[2009/02/01 12:39] Zoe Connolly: sometimes much more
[2009/02/01 12:39] Kanomi Pikajuna nods, looking a little confused.
[2009/02/01 12:39] Zoe Connolly: we need your help
[2009/02/01 12:40] Kanomi Pikajuna: OK, what can I do?
[2009/02/01 12:40] Zoe Connolly: if what you say happened....
[2009/02/01 12:40] Zoe Connolly: Zabrina has done something very bad
[2009/02/01 12:40] Kanomi Pikajuna: Taking pictures of me was bad?
[2009/02/01 12:41] Zoe Connolly: she could be with the KGB or worse
[2009/02/01 12:41] Avery Robbiani: Maybe Zabrina was trying to send us a message...
[2009/02/01 12:41] Zoe Connolly: no, not taking pictures
[2009/02/01 12:41] Avery Robbiani rubs her chin, furrowing her brow.
[2009/02/01 12:42] Avery Robbiani shrugs helplessly.
[2009/02/01 12:42] Kanomi Pikajuna: You think this woman might be a spy then? But how can I help?
[2009/02/01 12:42] Zoe Connolly whispers: "either Zab is in trouble...or she's working for someone....or a rogue"
[2009/02/01 12:43] Avery Robbiani whispers, "Maybe we can send her back with a message of our own...?"
[2009/02/01 12:43] Zoe Connolly: I need you to see her again
[2009/02/01 12:43] Zoe Connolly: can you do that for us?
[2009/02/01 12:43] Zoe Connolly: this is vital to national security
[2009/02/01 12:43] Kanomi Pikajuna: Yes I will try and find her again. If it's important like you say.
[2009/02/01 12:43] Zoe Connolly: in fact our very existence on Earth is at stake
[2009/02/01 12:44] Avery Robbiani whispers, "Maybe show her what Earth looks like from this distance. That may convince her of our abilities."
[2009/02/01 12:44] Zoe Connolly: a few of us will back you up
[2009/02/01 12:44] Kanomi Pikajuna: I will do my best to help you
[2009/02/01 12:45] Zoe Connolly: come Kanomi, we'd like to show you something
[2009/02/01 12:45] Zoe Connolly: we can show you where we are
[2009/02/01 12:45] Kanomi Pikajuna: All right
[2009/02/01 12:45] Cornelius Fanshaw: *say energize to leave here*
[2009/02/01 12:46] Zoe Connolly: energize
[2009/02/01 12:46] Cornelius Fanshaw: energize
[2009/02/01 12:46] Kanomi Pikajuna: energize
[2009/02/01 12:46] Aether Inglewood: energize
[2009/02/01 12:46] Avery Robbiani: energize
[2009/02/01 12:46] Kanomi Pikajuna: What happened? Where are we?
[2009/02/01 12:46] Zoe Connolly: this may seem fantastic, but these are devices we use every day
[2009/02/01 12:47] Kanomi Pikajuna blinks in surprise as the agent materializes.
[2009/02/01 12:47] Zoe Connolly: follow me please
[2009/02/01 12:47] Kanomi Pikajuna looks around in surprise and confusion. "Ok"
[2009/02/01 12:48] Zoe Connolly: careful dear
[2009/02/01 12:48] Zoe Connolly: that's our dear planet Earth
[2009/02/01 12:48] Kanomi Pikajuna gasps in surprise, and looks weak. "I think I'm going to faint!"
[2009/02/01 12:49] Zoe Connolly grins "most people have that reaction"
[2009/02/01 12:49] Zoe Connolly: We're here to protect Earth
[2009/02/01 12:50] Kanomi Pikajuna: I-I believe you!
[2009/02/01 12:50] Zoe Connolly: Avery and Cross are agents just like me
[2009/02/01 12:50] Zoe Connolly: sworn to protect Earth
[2009/02/01 12:51] Zoe Connolly: Aether and Cornelius have also taken that oath
[2009/02/01 12:51] Zoe Connolly: if Zabrina has broken that oath, I want to know
[2009/02/01 12:52] Kanomi Pikajuna: I see, so you think she might be a traitor to your group.
[2009/02/01 12:52] Zoe Connolly: you'll be fine Kanomi. And I'll have a team to back you up
[2009/02/01 12:52] Zoe Connolly: I don;t know
[2009/02/01 12:52] Zoe Connolly: I need to make sure
[2009/02/01 12:53] Zoe Connolly: you see....
[2009/02/01 12:53] Zoe Connolly: Zabrina is my half-sister
[2009/02/01 12:53] Zoe Connolly: and was once considered criminally insane
[2009/02/01 12:53] Kanomi Pikajuna looks nervous. "She did seem a little strange..."
[2009/02/01 12:54] Zoe Connolly wonders if somehow she stopped her treatments
[2009/02/01 12:55] Zoe Connolly wipes a tear
[2009/02/01 12:55] Zoe Connolly: Avery and Aether can back you up, Kanomi
[2009/02/01 12:55] Kanomi Pikajuna nods, "Ok. So I'll go and meet with her and see what I can find out."
[2009/02/01 12:56] Zoe Connolly: yes
[2009/02/01 12:56] Avery Robbiani: We'll be watching closely during the meeting.
[2009/02/01 12:56] Cornelius Fanshaw: We need to get her back to the lab for me to run some checks
[2009/02/01 12:56] Zoe Connolly: ask her some leading questions
[2009/02/01 12:56] Cornelius Fanshaw: She's due for a medical anyway
[2009/02/01 12:56] Zoe Connolly: yes she is
[2009/02/01 12:56] Kanomi Pikajuna: Like about the robot? And her drugs?
[2009/02/01 12:56] Zoe Connolly: was she exposed to the toxins in London?
[2009/02/01 12:57] Zoe Connolly: before the cleanup occurred?
[2009/02/01 12:57] Cornelius Fanshaw: Well I can check for that in the lab
[2009/02/01 12:57] Kanomi Pikajuna shakes her head in confusion, "I don't know about any toxins."
[2009/02/01 12:58] Zoe Connolly nods
[2009/02/01 12:58] Zoe Connolly: don;t worry Kanomi
[2009/02/01 12:58] Zoe Connolly: just focus on Zabrina
[2009/02/01 12:58] Zoe Connolly: okay?
[2009/02/01 12:58] Kanomi Pikajuna nods. "I will! I'll do my best!"
[2009/02/01 12:59] Zoe Connolly: I know you will ;)
[2009/02/01 12:59] Avery Robbiani smiles at Kanomi.
[2009/02/01 12:59] Kanomi Pikajuna smiles nervously.
[2009/02/01 12:59] Zoe Connolly: by the way, do you have any weapons training?
[2009/02/01 13:00] Avery Robbiani looks Kanomi up and down.
[2009/02/01 13:00] Kanomi Pikajuna shakes her head. "No, I don't know anything like that."
[2009/02/01 13:00] Zoe Connolly: we'll need to get you up to speed
[2009/02/01 13:00] Zoe Connolly: Zabrina is....formidable
[2009/02/01 13:01] Kanomi Pikajuna frowns worriedly. "Do you think she'll try and shoot me?"
[2009/02/01 13:01] Zoe Connolly: just distract her
[2009/02/01 13:02] Kanomi Pikajuna nods, "Ok I will!"
[2009/02/01 13:02] Avery Robbiani: You know I'm not afraid to pull a trigger, Kanomi. I'll be within range.
[2009/02/01 13:02] Zoe Connolly: Avery and Aether are good shots
[2009/02/01 13:02] Cornelius Fanshaw: We don't actually want any shooting if it can be avoided!
[2009/02/01 13:03] Zoe Connolly: just distract Zabrina so she doesn't notice anyone else around
[2009/02/01 13:03] Kanomi Pikajuna frowns. "Maybe you could just send Agent Aether with me, she's nice, not like this one..."
[2009/02/01 13:03] Zoe Connolly: she needs to be taken alive
[2009/02/01 13:03] Aether Inglewood smiles "Always best to have a bit of backup
[2009/02/01 13:04] Avery Robbiani: Just doing my job. No hard feelings?
[2009/02/01 13:04] Avery Robbiani offers her hand to Kanomi.
[2009/02/01 13:04] Kanomi Pikajuna nods reluctantly and shakes her hand.
[2009/02/01 13:04] Avery Robbiani smiles warmly.
[2009/02/01 13:05] Kanomi Pikajuna: How long does it take this rocket ship to go back to London?
[2009/02/01 13:05] Zoe Connolly: you may need Avery someday, to have her on your side in a fight
[2009/02/01 13:05] Kanomi Pikajuna nods at "Z"