Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My land in Antiquity Cove

This will illustrate the placement of the major buildings. My cottage on the left, lighthouse tower in the middle, and office building to the right. The office is HQ for The Connolly Telegraph , the Second Life Bloggers group, and the Steampunk Ladies Spy League. You can also see an example of the Yacht I recently purchased (thanks to dinee and DesertWolf for helping me choose). The one near my lighthouse belongs to the Grand Duke of Antiquity but I do have one of my own for meetings and small parties. One thing about the may change if I can get the same one I had last spring/summer. I'm still working on obtaining a copy. Next step.....decorating!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Just got mentioned on Boxxet...

for my brief post about the Battlestar Galactica sim BSG47 Battlestar Pacifica...

Miss South Carolina (wtf?)

A gentle reminder of why SL is better than RL.

Hey, why not post your own YouTube examples of why SL is better than RL? Send me the link if you do!

*places her blonde hair in a trunk and hides it in a closet for an undisclosed period of time*

Girls with Guns :: The Steampunk Version Part 3

Countess Zoe

I'm very pleased to announce my new position in the Antiquity Nobility...

As of today, and in recognition of several contributions to neo-Victorian society, I am now Countess Zoe Connolly of Antiquity and will be working closely with the nobility on many projects.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Connolly Telegraph

The Connolly Telegraph

A few updates today on The Connolly Telegraph...

The Connolly Telegraph

Headquartered on Miss Zoe Connolly's Estate in Antiquity Cove, The Connolly Telegraph showcases the 19th Century sims of Second Life... Caledon, New Babbage, Steelhead City, Antiquity, the Tombstone sims, Yankton, Deadwood, and many more. Our vision is to unite the 19th Century SL citizens while still retaining the unique character and atmosphere of these varied and fascinating places.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

BSG47 - Battlestar Pacifica

For months I've been privy to information about an upcoming BSG roleplay sim on the horizon.

When I was starting The Connolly Telegraph , buying and arranging my Victorian Steampunk lands in Antiquity and Caledon, as well as my work on a few other Second Life projects... I lost track of the opening of BSG47, but earlier today (before SL downtime maintenance), I proudly wore my uniform and explored the Battlestar Pacifica for the first time.

BSG47 - Battlestar Pacifica is a roleplay sim based on the re-imagined TV series Battlestar Galactica from the Sci-Fi Channel. The timeline is parallel to Galactica and Pegasus and appears to be a very interesting build.

I think this is something Zabrina will love *winks*

Monday, August 20, 2007

Blogger and Blog*Spot will be unavailable Monday (8/20)


Monday, August 20, 2007

Blogger and Blog*Spot will be unavailable Monday (8/20) at 4:00PM PDT for about 10 minutes for maintenance.

SLBloggers Party - First Reactions

August Blog Party « Just me, dinee

tiana creations: blogger party 19/8/2007

I would say this Second Life Bloggers party was a smashing success! Thanks again to JellyBean and Hawks for hosting the latest in our party series. You've raised the bar for all of us *gulp* (thinks of how she's going to pull-off a great party in December)

Now it's time to think of a few themes for our September Party.

Girls with Guns :: The Steampunk Version Part 2

I have lived in the Victorian Steampunk world for some time now. First in New Babbage, and most recently in Antiquity and Caledon. I've grown a deep affection for my homelands and the citizenry.

So it was with deep sadness I read of the recent trouble Caledon was experiencing with Vulgaria.

Vulgaria...the very name tastes sour as I say it aloud in my study.

Previously, I had been in contact with Eladrienne Laval on the subject of creating a League of like-minded Victorian Ladies who would be ready at a moments notice to protect our lands using various covert surveillance and actions.

After hearing the news out of Loch Avie, I went forward with founding this unique group ahead of projected timetables and as yet I am short staffed. I shall require several undaunted ladies who do not shy from the use of weapons or in service to Caledon, Antiquity, and New Babbage.

I present....The Steampunk Ladies Spy League (SLSL) in service to the Victorian Steampunk regions. As Spy Mistress of this organization I offer the services of The SLSL to Caledon in this hour of need.

Ladies....I implore you....there can be no substitute for a Caledon victory over Vulgaria.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

SL Bloggers Party 08/19 at Jelly's place

Our next Second Life Bloggers Party is Sunday the 19th of August @
4:00 PM SL time.

Our hosts this time are JellyBean and HawksRock

From JellyBean Madison's blog....

"Hall of Bloggity Justice...

... the monthly Blogger Party at 4p.m. SLT. The theme is super heroes but I'm sure a super villain will be okay as well. Hawks & I are hosting it this month at our new home. Akasha built the bestest Hall of Justice just for the party. We so love her. Anywho I hope all ya'll can make it & enjoy our dj line up. :D

Alexander Burgess 400-430
Wrath Paine 430-500
HawksRock Gunawan 500-530
DesertWolf Longstaff 530-600

and I'll go on after that if the party runs later. Being that Myg is looking for some naked Tringo action, I'm sure it'll be arranged. :p...."

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Connolly Telegraph: Openings at The Connolly Telegraph

The Connolly Telegraph: Openings at The Connolly Telegraph:

"The Connolly Telegraph is a dynamic and growing news organization poised toward the future of life and enterprise in the 19th Century and beyond... I'm seeking to fill several positions for the newspaper...."

The Connolly Telegraph: Openings at The Connolly Telegraph

What Is This Crap? To everything, turn turn turn

What Is This Crap? To everything, turn turn turn:

"Zoe Connolly posted about her lighthouse in Caledon Regency, so I figured I'd wind up my key nice and tight before checking it out...."

What Is This Crap? To everything, turn turn turn

Verbal Stew: The DJ Bloggers!

Combining Superhero theme blogger party with DJs for music streams and podcasts...

Cuz that's how we roll!

Verbal Stew: The DJ Bloggers!: "Okay so here's what we have so far for Sunday's (August 19th) Blogger Party... Alexander Burgess DesertWolf Longstaff Wrath Paine HawksRock Gunawan"

Thursday, August 16, 2007

» What’s in your name? M is for Myg

Myg had a great post where she asks "What’s in your name?"

Good question.

Okay, here goes...

"Zoe Connolly"

Hmmm, why did I choose this name way back on January 21, 2007 (That's a rezday party hint by the way. And we soooo need a Rezday Party Planning Committee in the SL Bloggers Group)


1st: I wanted a name with an exotic letter like Q, X, or Z. I chose Z for a few reasons. First off, I love the "Z" sound. Even if having a Z name gets you on the bottom of all "Friends Lists", Z names are cool.

2nd: The name "Zoe" is Greek in origin and means "life" and this is Second ya go!

3rd: I love the word Zoetrope, which in the SL context seems to fit well...A zoetrope is a Victorian Era device that produces an illusion of action from a rapid succession of static pictures. If I could do it over again my name would be Zoetrope Connolly. Much more unique and quite fitting as a name for an avatar in the Victorian sims.

4th: Nearly every woman I've met in RL named Zoe was attractive, dynamic, unique, exotic, and intelligent. And at least in small part....eccentric. But in the interest of full disclosure...I *did* find this...."The real name meaning for - Zoe - Talentless chick. Prepared to use sex as a weapon." Heh! Yes there's anti-Zoe bigotry out there.

Now, about my last name....

I wanted a last name that reflects my RL English, Irish, and Scot ancestry. I can't recall the other choices, but the name Connolly seemed to fit well with Zoe.

Here are a few quotes from a famous Connolly...

Idleness is only a coarse name for my infinite capacity for living in the present.
Cyril Connolly

Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.
Cyril Connolly

Always be nice to those younger than you, because they are the ones who will be writing about you.
Cyril Connolly

So there you have it, ladies and gentleman. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

-- Zoe Connolly

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Second Life Steampunk: The Connolly Telegraph

Second Life Steampunk: The Connolly Telegraph:

"In an effort to consolidate resources as well as considerations of time management, all subjects related to Victorian era steampunk sims and blogs will now be posted to The Connolly Telegraph..."

Second Life Steampunk: The Connolly Telegraph

The Connolly Telegraph: News and events from the Caledon Library

The Connolly Telegraph: News and events from the Caledon Library

Caledon Stormhold

Twitter seems to be a great tool for my blogging efforts. I've been able to make announcements for things that do not require a full post. Plus I've been able to read Twitter pages of several SL friends and acquaintances.

Apparently I'm being read as well. Sin Trenton and I have been chatting up in Caledon, Antiquity, and on Twitter. He read my Twitter post about my visit to Caledon Eyre and dropped in. He mentioned that the new Stormhold Map was now on display at Guvnah Shang's mansion and off we went...

Romantic Dinners and Gun Targets

I've been making slight adjustments to poses on two tables at the Lighthouse. One is a romantic table for two, the other may be used by 6 avatars. (Thinks of dinner date with Tiana)

I'm hearing good feedback regarding my temporary gun target range on the second floor and have added a few more targets including 2 dummies (Thanks to Wrath's return from vacation)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Second Life Bloggers Party/meetup

Our next Second Life Bloggers Party is Sunday the 19th of August @ 4:00 PM SL time.

Our hosts this time are JellyBean and HawksRock

Future Party Hosts...

September.......Myg and Alex
October............Vint Falken
November........Tiana Meriman
December.........Zoe Connolly


From numerous visits to New Babbage I've observed many roaming about...or rather flying about the sim dressed in something no steampunk man or woman should be without...Jetpacks!

This one is my first! And here documents my very first flight from the yard of my home in Antiquity Cove, and thus a new obsession is born!

Monday, August 13, 2007

My old rental house is already gone....

Perhaps I was too emotional this weekend. My time with Tiana, the happiness I felt being with her and a few of my friends like DW, dinee, Myg and JB, the joys of being a land owner and decorating. Shopping! Dances with friends in Caledon and Grand Opening with new friends in Antiquity.

All great stuff.

But I was sad to see this...My little New England Cottage is gone. Some of you were present during the first 2 blogger parties I hosted. That house is no more. In fact all the cottages are gone, replaced by the lower prim post-modern boxes like the one pictured here. Ah well...prim counts rule don't they?

Quality Time and Societal Norms

My schedule is very busy with all the 19th Century sims I cover in my various blogs, and sometimes I don't have a chance to spend time with friends or have a romance. Tiana is both my good friend and....well....much more than that. I can say we've developed SL love and are exploring a relationship. Although we have plenty of friends and acquaintances, SL relationships are still quite new to both of us. And to be honest, I am a bit apprehensive seeing another woman while I spend my days in the 19th Century. I fear being an outcast at times. Perhaps I'm feeling a little of what 19th Century women must have felt in regard to their forbidden love - counter to societal norms.

All that said, I was pleased that we were able to have some quality time together throughout the weekend, and my time with Tiana was the most romantic experiences I've had yet in SL.

In the early hours....

I was making Grand Opening preparations to my home in Antiquity Cove, when I noticed a fellow in a boat. It was the esteemed Mr. Sin Trenton whom I've met a few times in Caledon. We had a lovely chat about Antiquity, Caledon, and matters of steampunkery.

When I returned to my lighthouse in Regency I immediately went to work, continuing my project to make it a pleasant public venue for my fellow Caledonians.

My Portrait in Antiquity Township

Girls with Guns :: The Steampunk Version

It's been quite a while since my last "Girls with Guns" post, so I have some catching up to do. Since my last post on the subject I've been concentrating on collecting 19th Century weapons for Victorian Era and Wild West sims.

Here are 2 snapshots from the 2nd floor of my lighthouse where I setup a temporary target range. The weapon is one from Ordinal Malaprop's finely crafted arsenal. The .45 Shansi.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Where in the world is Zoe Connolly?

My weekend events...

Antiquity Grand Opening on Saturday.

SL Bloggers Officers Meeting on Sunday.

Many other events going on and will try to Twitter them as I go about my visits through the 19th Century sims of SL.

Reminder....SL Blogger Officers Meeting this Sunday

Upcoming Events...

Sunday August 12th @ 2:00 PM SL time
SL Bloggers Officers Meeting. This one will be for officers only @ DW's place. (His new place is awesome by the way).

If you're attending, IM me after 1:45 PM SL time and I'll TP you in. Assuming my wild and wacky IP is working, of course.

Attracting Men

In my various roleplays I've taken to smoking. I even have cigars for my hard-hitting, hard-drinking "Calamity Z" Wild West personae.

One thing I've noticed which I find fascinating. When I "smoke" in SL I find a greater number of males addressing me than before. Why is this? I consulted RL BF on this one. Phin's reply was...."...because it's rather phallic in nature..." followed by..."will you be smoking in RL now?"

Hmmm, I've heard this before and no I wasn't about to take up RL smoking, but as a curious librarian-type, I must know more!

I consulted Google of course, and found this tidbit of information...

Looking Cool

There is no object on earth that looks and feels as much like an erect human penis as a well-made, hand rolled cigar. Sigmund Freud, the pioneer of psychoanalysis, is quoted as saying, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar," implying that most of the time a cigar is a substitute for an erect penis. Think of the diameter and length of a Churchill or double corona cigar. Then visualize the veins in the rolled tobacco leaves. Now add a cone shaped head which is radiating heat. Finally, put that image between a beautiful woman's lips, which resemble vagina lips, and let her suck on it a bit. See the way its cone-shaped head glows, sparkles and gives off even more heat as she sucks? Now, as she parts those soft, warm, moist, pink lips, her mouth is filled with a thick, creamy white substance that flows like fresh semen. This is why polite society strictly forbade women to smoke from the time of Columbus until the Twentieth Century. Watching an attractive woman savor a good sized cigar is about as close to watching her have sexual intercourse as you're going to get without seeing the real thing.

Watching an attractive woman smoke a cigarette is a similar experience, but with one added feature. When she delicately holds her lit cigarette between the tips of two perfectly straight fingers, it looks like an exceptionally large, erect penis between two legs, in miniature. Then you can watch its head glow brightly as she sucks on it as well. If she follows that with a pop inhale or a French inhale, you get to see that thick, creamy white stuff that filled her warm, moist, pink mouth as well. It just doesn't get any better than this.

Needless to say, women who smoke have always been classified by society as "bad girls". A lit cigarette is an essential accessory for any prostitute or topless dancer who wants to make money. "Good girls" don't smoke, but a girl who smokes always has a "dark side" lurking somewhere. Combine the phallic appearance of a lit cigarette between a woman's straight fingers, and the hypnotic relaxation of watching drifting smoke and you often have an instant, uncontrollable erection. The sight of a "bad" mother teaching her young daughter to be "bad" more than doubles the effect.

Smoking is often used in literature and cinema to help depict a character as dominant or aggressive. Smokers are the predatory villains of many books, plays and films. Some classic examples are Disney's Cruella DeVille, Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, and just about any role ever played by Sean Penn or Nicholas Cage. Even nine year old Tatum O'Neal smoked cigarettes in Paper Moon to show her dominance over adults. Many men fantasize about being dominated by a woman who smokes.


Random Snapshots from a recovered file....

My sweetheart , Tiana Meriman... to my rescue

I had previously made the embarrassing error of "taking" an entire section of my lighthouse whilst attempting to remove an invisible prim from my land. Ack! I never did get the alignment correct after that. I called on my sweet lady and architect/builder Tiana Meriman, who promptly fixed that issue as well as a window problem. Here we flirt in IM following repairs.

With Tiana in mind, I purchased a new item for The Connolly Lighthouse Cafe area. I bought a new romantic dinner table and chair set and can't wait to try it with her. It will also be available for my fellow Regency residents as well as the rest of Caledon to enjoy with your own sweetheart. I'll be mixing and matching items, so please let me know what items you favour and I shall concentrate on what is most enjoyed by my fellow citizens.

I'm also looking for nautical themed photographs and paintings to use in the lighthouse, If you know of a place that sells such items, please let me know.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

2 ideas for SL sims...

1) I'm thinking of a whole themed-sim based on an alternate history steampunk World War 1 - full of allied and enemy soldiers, sailors, spies, and revolutionaries. In this sim - or perhaps several sims, I would roleplay a MataHari-type world war one spy and club owner. The club would be near the central hub where many character paths and stories would cross and interact. There would be cites, battlefields, treaties made and broken, alliances and enemies, as well as plans for the Russian Revolution.

2) My second idea came to me while I wandered Barnes & Noble. I found several books on the American Civil War and thought this may be a fascinating project for a sim as it overlapped with many elements within the SL 19th Century life. I could see this developing into several sims as well. Perhaps having 2 sims for Washington and Richmond as well as a sim or two for various battlefields.

Any thoughts on these ideas?

The Connolly Telegraph: Antiquity Grand Opening: Announcement of the Grand Opening of Antiquity

The Connolly Telegraph: Antiquity Grand Opening: Announcement of the Grand Opening of Antiquity

Antiquity gets ready for the Grand Opening this Saturday. I've been quite busy myself - adding my own decorative additions to my home in Antiquity Cove whilst keeping an eye on prim limits.

The Connolly Telegraph: Antiquity Grand Opening: Announcement of the Grand Opening of Antiquity

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Internet Access Down :: Zoe is forced into living RL

I had everything ready at 9:30 AM local time. I was all set to have a great day of blogging, emails, and twittering several hours before work. I even planned to go inworld for an hour.

Then disaster struck as my access went down. A few minutes later I realized my cable TV was offline too. Did I pay the bill. I suddenly had doubts. I called Comcast and - yes I paid, but my neighborhood was offline for maintenance....for 8 frakking hours!

But wait, there's this thingie called Real Life, I watched a taped TV show from last night and guess what? For the first time since January I paid attention to what I was watching. I put on my hearing aid and listened to my iPod. My cat wanted to play and I actually paid attention to him. I got ready for work early, and drove to Barnes & Noble where I had an Iced Coffee, wandered about and browsed the books and magazines, interacting with RL people throughout the store!

There were non-avatars everywhere! All milling about without any knowledge of SL whatsoever. Have you ever caught yourself standing and moving like your avatar's AO? Yes I've done that before and I did it again today at the bookstore. At least I didn't walk into walls. The sim seemed to be working very well. *grins*

Monday, August 6, 2007

SL Bloggers Group News

Upcoming Events...

Sunday August 12th @ 2:00 PM SL time
SL Bloggers Officers Meeting. This one will be for officers only @ DW's place. (His new place is awesome by the way).

Sunday August 19th @ 2:00 PM SL time.
SL Bloggers Party. This is open to all group members and their guests and will be hosted by ubercutecouple JellyBean Madison and her hubby HawksRock Gunawan.

The Connolly Lighthouse at night...