Sunday, October 9, 2016

Virtual Sex and the Single Girl

My blog is on hiatus for a month or two, while I consider a new theme for my time spent in Second Life.

When I returned last year I meant to do photography and delve into posts about virtual sex, then got sidetracked by my old habits and fascination with historic recreations in 19th and 20th Century sims.

I'd like to return to the idea of covering virtual sex in SL.

I'm still thinking it over. 

I'd love to hear your feedback. Is this a good idea? Bad idea? 

~ Zoe

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Station Routines

Our main time portal is smaller than the tunnel we've used in the past. It's still very advanced and has the same memory core we've used since the very beginning of TimeForce 10. Some things never change.

We have three droids... Wendy is a medical droid and regular away team member... two others, Magenta and Samantha 7, work on various systems throughout Tesla Station.

All 3  droids have been a welcome addition and they are an integral part of our team. They take great care with various duties around Tesla. 

Magenta and Sam7 maintain and initiate repairs to the portal system regularly, but I like to take a little time to do it myself. Especially before a mission. It's like packing your own parachute before a sky jump. Some things still need a human touch, y'know?

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Monday, May 30, 2016

The next TimeForce 10 mission of the 2016 season

Group Notice From: TimeForce 10, Cornelius Fanshaw

To start off the new season of adventures we are jumping straight into a rather dramatic storyline. I'm afraid this is short notice but the sim we are using will be closing on Friday! The mission will begin in the Space Station at Hawkside today (Monday) at 11:30am SLT and will last about an hour. You will be briefed when you arrive.

Here's a preview of the episode...

Sunday, May 29, 2016

366 Squadron RAF group notices

Two notices from Cornelius Fanshaw today:

Group Notice From: 366 Squadron RAF, Cornelius Fanshaw

I just want to say thank you to all that turned up, it was a particularly good turnout considering it was a 366 only event. We even had tank and air support!
As for the objective... well we had Major Jaeger cornered in the bunker, but once again somehow she escaped (details of how she did this are vague and contradictory!) We did however capture some kind of advanced NAZI machine that our scientists are now examining, so we are calling this mission a partial success.

Group Notice From: 366 Squadron RAF, Cornelius Fanshaw

For those of you interested in participating in the next stage of this particular story arc, please visit Zoe's blog  and or sign up to the Timeforce 10 group where we hunt Zabrina through time and space.... (don't worry, 366 Sqn missions will continue as before as normal WWII missions in Bastogne)

Saturday, May 28, 2016

SL Marketplace Summer Sale

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer in the US. Time for a new summer dress. I just happened to look for a nice new one when the SL Marketplace announced that a new Summer Sale started. Select items from Rebel Hope are a part of it. Yay!

 !Rebel Hope - Staci Mesh Dress Rebel Pack

The pack has 6 awesome color patterns and the current cost is $375

Friday, May 27, 2016

Zabrina's revenge against 366 Squadron and TimeForce 10

Coming Soon: After several commando raids against her weapons bunker, Zabrina is ready to make an offensive move against 366 and TimeForce 10.

These recent photographs show Zabrina's Die Glocke Time Machine and a present day Nuclear Weapon. Unfortunately, the operative who obtained these surveillance photos did not return. May God rest his soul!

Zabrina's plan: As 366 Squadron closes in on her location in 1944 Caen, France, she'll make her escape in Die Glocke, timeporting for Tesla Station, the home and headquarters of TimeForce 10.

With her Nuke and the assistance of a station 'droid activated by her password, Zabrina will take control of Tesla, brainwash TF10 members, and rebuild her group, TimeRaiders.

Will her plan work? Will 366 Squadron and TimeForce 10 stop her in time?

If Zabrina wins... Prepare for the new world order!

LR Black Dagger

I need to resize it, but this was part of my marketplace shopping cart from last night. It will be part of the non-VICE props I use in 366 Squadron RAF roleplay.

It's a Black Dagger from LR Weapons

Daggers were often used by American OSS and British SOE during WW2 and add more depth to our roleplay options.

If I can do it justice, I'll make a video of the melee animation.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

shopping at { what next }

For The Record - Part 2

See the V2 rocket above? Things like this are 366's Target. Not your airplane, ship, etc., unless you try to stop us from our mission.

Grizzly Mom Activated!

As I previously wrote here, I'm happy to answer any questions anyone has about the nature and missions of our roleplay groups. I have loads of notecards on the subject, and a little investigation on this very blog will also be helpful for anyone willing to do the research.

Like most people, I participate in a number of groups. My current active groups are 366 Squadron RAF and TimeForce 10. I call these active because I created TimeForce 10 and I'm a co-owner and event/mission planner for 366 Squadron RAF. I'm like a TV Show writer coming up with interesting plot outlines for us to act out and improv during a mission.

In the interest of full disclosure: I value friendship in SL and it's one of the critical elements that keep me coming back to this wonderful virtual world. Apparently several of my friends are on another SL Blogger's hit-list.

This is an honest disclosure about the things I love about SL...

  • Creativity
  • Friendships
  • Roleplay Adventures
  • Virtual Sex

Here's another shocking disclosure! I'm a member of the New Bastogne Admin Group (I know you're gasping and clutching your pearls right now!) Here's the reason why: Cornelius and I decided we needed our own Axis VICE Target setup in Bastogne, so I asked Vickster Kuhn for rez rights, which she happily granted because she supports our brand of RP and also finds it fun. My German alt also has the same rez rights. You'll find my items in two sims at Bastogne. Oh and 366 still has a plan to plant a box of exploding chocolates on Vicks' desk! This is our favorite thing. Planting fake explosives on Vice Targets in our little pretend Commando Raids with over-the-top acting.

I find it disappointing that a fellow SL blogger would not ask me questions about my groups and instead, go off in a direction of conspiratorial fantasy.

366 Squadron RAF is not considered a part of the regular pure combat military groups you see active in sims. It's considered a roleplay group, meaning we act out scenes more than we do combat. Since Cornelius Fanshaw started the 366 in the Fall of 2015 (366 is basically a WW2 version of my TimeForce 10 group) we have seen steady growth in membership. Some of those new members happen to be people that a few others in the aviation community intensely dislike. I don't understand this kind of behavior on the part of an SL Blogger and personally try to avoid crap like this, but I feel compelled to defend my friends and my groups.

366 roleplays cool infantry style commando raid scenes. I basically lift ideas from TV and Movie plots. Our inspiration comes from The Guns of Navarone, Force 10 from Navarone, Where Eagles Dare, Operation Crossbow, plus an assortment of James Bond films, and more than a few spy genre TV shows. That's it. That's what we do. Any regular reader of this blog knows exactly what we do and about our plans. We have a great time and I have a blast writing mission plans. People join us because it's fun and a very different mission based roleplay that's separate from the usual pure kill-count combat most people do. People wear the 366 tag in the Gulf (which is not our usual place to RP) because they love the group and are proud to wear it.

I know this is difficult to follow. Many people have trouble understanding the improvisational roleplay and acting we do. Maybe people who engage in regular combat shouldn't wear our tag when they do VICE Combat in the Gulf. I think that's a great idea as it will avoid such confusion in the future. We don't RP in the Gulf, we RP in New Bastogne. But please, before you taint the reputation of a roleplay group full of people interested in acting out infantry style commando raids against Axis Super Weapons and my own German alt, ask questions about it from direct sources first. Asking questions would have been your best first step.

Oh, and if you're too lazy to ask me, there's always this cool search thingy called Google. Just type "366 Squadron RAF" and most of the results will be links to my blog.

~ Zoe Connolly 


TimeForce 10 has a new location at Tesla Station

Due to a busy RL this summer, I was forced to put away my awesome Time Tunnel and drop my land in Port Caledon. 

We planned to ramp up our Time Traveling Super Spy group TimeForce 10 as a summer replacement for our WW2 Spy and Sabotage roleplay group 366 Squadron RAF and unfortunately TimeForce 10 was homeless. 

As of a few weeks ago, thanks to my close and long-time friend Cornelius Fanshaw, TimeForce 10 has a home again. Yay!

Our new home: Tesla Station

Here are a few photos of the station...

 We'll have a cross-over episode or two with 366 Squadron and TimeForce 10 and then go straight into TimeForce 10 episodic adventures. 

Remember that we offer two adventure groups based on espionage, sabotage, and similar roleplay:

TimeForce 10 (sci-fi time travel spy-fi adventures)

366 Squadron RAF (WW2 spy-fi adventures)

I occasionally show up to take pics and record video, but I'm far less involved with the combat groups. I'm not that good at pure combat and don't have the time nor the inclination to improve my skills. 

Those groups are:

Blue Angels
401 Squadron RCAF

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

366 Squadron RAF - Mission 9 this Saturday

Here's a peek into the concept...

As the 366 team sweeps through the German Bunker on a search and destroy mission, they make the amazing and frightening discovery of their new secret weapon.

Die Glocke.

The Nazi Time Machine!

TimeForce 10 roleplay group chat

[12:47:10] Zabrina Jaeger (zabrina.mcmahon): 
Group Notice Sent by: Zabrina McMahon

a message to TimeForce 10

Hello, my little TimeForce darlings... This little spat between us has been a long battle and is so very un-necessary. I do admire your work and so I extend my hand with an offer.

Wouldn't you rather live a life of luxury working for me?

Join me in my new world order and together we will control the Earth by owning its past.

Pledge your allegiance to me and become the new TimeRaiders!

I give you 48 hours to comply.

- Zabrina Jaeger

Later in TF10 Group Chat...

[15:57:35] Zabrina Jaeger (zabrina.mcmahon) cackles maniacally and timeports to another time and place
[15:59:02] Magenta (kohana.runningbear): Red alert! Intruder in the station!
[15:59:35]  三彡三ԲՕXկ  իεɊՐե 三彡三 (foxyheartamanda): Im on it!
[16:01:15] Magenta (kohana.runningbear): The station seems clear!
[16:01:31]  三彡三ԲՕXկ  իεɊՐե 三彡三 (foxyheartamanda): Tracing the particles the intruder left
[16:02:37] Zabrina Jaeger (zabrina.mcmahon) 's voice comes through every speaker on the station "Catch me if you can, TimeForce darlings"
[16:02:59]  三彡三ԲՕXկ  իεɊՐե 三彡三 (foxyheartamanda): Quick to the media room!
[16:03:12] Magenta (kohana.runningbear): responding
[16:05:09] Magenta (kohana.runningbear): running computer analysis
[16:12:58] Magenta (kohana.runningbear): The base appears to be clear
[16:13:35]  三彡三ԲՕXկ  իεɊՐե 三彡三 (foxyheartamanda): yes for now
[16:16:29] Zabrina Jaeger (zabrina.mcmahon) 's voice comes through all speakers "Appearances can be deceiving. Perhaps I'm still at the Station. Perhaps not. I suggest you all join me, or get out of my Station."
[16:17:17]  三彡三ԲՕXկ  իεɊՐե 三彡三 (foxyheartamanda): Lets meet and talk about that!
[16:18:26] Zabrina Jaeger (zabrina.mcmahon) wags a finger "Oh no. We'll meet on MY terms"
[16:19:04]  三彡三ԲՕXկ  իεɊՐե 三彡三 (foxyheartamanda): Ok now!
[16:21:56] Zabrina Jaeger (zabrina.mcmahon) smirks while she releases a nanobot into the station "Good Night TimeForce darlings!"
[16:23:05]  三彡三ԲՕXկ  իεɊՐե 三彡三 (foxyheartamanda): Good night  to next time!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

For The Record - 366 Squadron RAF and TimeForce 10

366 and TimeForce 10 were recently mentioned on another blog and I feel the need to set the record straight on what the groups do and don't do with VICE Combat.

366 Squadron RAF was created in the Fall of 2015 and is primarly a group for people interested in re-creating exciting commando missions in WW2 sims. We're more like a group of actors playing parts, with 70-80% roleplay, and 20-30% use of VICE Combat. We use VICE Targets like V1s, V2s, Heavy Water Processing Machines and similar items to re-create daring missions to sabotage and destroy Nazi Super Weapons. When Axis players get in the way of our mission we fight back, but our main role is to blow things up and VICE does so quite spectacularly.

Since late 2008, I have barely been able to keep up with other combat roleplayers in SL. I'm just not that good at it, and frankly, I can't devote that much time in SL to get any better. But I love the era, love acting, and like any good event planner, love to plan missions! So I created alternatives to the pure combat that most people do. I think it adds a different dimension to WW2 sims and it's great fun! It brings out my inner-actress!

For another post about our style of roleplay, here's my post from December 2015.

TimeForce 10 (TF10) was created in the late Fall of 2008 as an alternative to my Royal Caledon Air Force group when it was getting more and more difficult for me and others to fly in Caledon and other Steamland sims.

TF10 combines two favorite things! Spies and Time Travel! We don't really use any one combat system for TF10. Basically, if a gun looks good in a scene we use it. 

I used the word scene in that last sentence which is very appropriate because we often speak of our mission arcs or storylines as though we were producing a television series. 

We alternate between several series. 366 had its first season between November through April. TimeForce 10 is back for another season between May and whenever we run out of ideas and are ready for 366 again. Actually, we're planning a crossover where we will combine both in a time travel story in WW2! 

For the record, a photo was published featuring several TF10 members having virtual sex several thousand meters above the Gulf, well above any public area. You'd have to work very hard to find us, and yet someone did. I do admire their abilities as a spy, and you know how I love spies! But they missed a great opportunity to show the hottest scenes that included my great ass and breasts. Such a loss!

I'm happy to answer any questions anyone has about the nature and missions of our roleplay groups. I have loads of notecards on the subject, and a little investigation on this very blog will also be helpful for anyone willing to do the research.

Thank you!

~ Zoe Connolly

Friday, March 18, 2016

The NIGHT STALKER TV Series News Room in Second Life

My friend Lora Chadbourne invited me over to see her latest build in Second Life. It's the Chicago newspaper office from the ABC TV series NIGHT STALKER (1974-1975 season).

The builder: The beautiful and talented Lora Chadbourne

The build is full of tiny details

Lora at the desk of intrepid reporter Carl Kolchak. 
Kolchak was X-Files before there was X-Files.

You can thank Lora and her Netflix Binge-Watching for this build ;)

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Blue Angels WW2 Era Dogfight in Second Life

Blue Angels WW2 Era Dogfight in Second Life. 

Second Life scenes were captured using Bandicam. 

Raw Edits were accomplished using Bandicut. 

Final Editing done with Microsoft Movie Maker. 

Additional video segments from VideoBlocks. 

Music from artists at AudioJungle.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

366 Sqn RAF - Operation Crossbow Movie Trailer Test 1

I've been working on a Second Life version of the Operation Crossbow movie trailer. Here's what I have so far. I have another 45 to 60 seconds of content to add later.

This is the original Operation Crossbow trailer.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Operation Crossbow - (set design screenshots)

Screen captured pics from the movie Operation Crossbow. The photos are for a set design concept in a future Second Life Role-Play.