Sunday, January 17, 2016

Prep for 366 Squadron RAF Mission 5

Second Life roleplaying is great fun and I love planning RP events. Part of that is a search for props... sometimes exploding props. While chatting, I told my good friend Buzzbox Munro about my roleplay plans. Buzz is a great guy and a wonderful creator of WW2 Era items in Second Life. 

I told him specifics about our next 366 Squadron RAF mission based in part on the Norwegian Heavy Water Sabotage by the Norwegian Resistance and the British SOE. He was kind enough to recreate VICE Target explode-able Heavy Water Processing Tanks. 

These tanks will "star" prominently in our next few missions, the beginning of a new story arc. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Crossbow from Black Ops

Many people have asked me about my Crossbow with Grappling Hook from Black Ops. I've rezzed a vendor on my studio platform. The Crossbow is 1200L.

The SLURL is


Thursday, January 14, 2016

A new Time Tunnel for TimeForce 10

As previously hinted from this post, TimeForce 10 is making a comeback in our role-play adventures and specifically focused on the WW2 era. 

 I loved my steampunk clock-tower skybox in Port Caledon, but after 3 years without a giant time machine with swirly time portal, I really missed my old Time Tunnel just a smidge more. My old plot at Caledon Mayfair could handle the very large and quite prim-ful Time Tunnel. It was rezzed out for many years there. And before that one, my Novatech version was rezzed at the same location. I have so many fond memories of both versions it was time to try another. The problem is, my current parcel doesn't have the number of spare prim or the correct footprint to accommodate the full version of the Time Tunnel.

Fortunately the creators (my friend Lora Chadbourne and company) added a low-prim, smaller footprint version of the Tunnel in the latest version from Tempest Inc. Creations. Here are links to the Tempest inworld store and marketplace.

 These pics show the new low-prim smaller footprint Time Tunnel now located at my plot in Port Caledon. I've added more items to give it more of a TimeForce 10 flavor with a hodgepodge of furniture and devices from different time periods. Hey, we're time travelers, so why not?

Added TimeForce 10 signage...check

Wonderful  1960s Tech... check

Big Reel to Reel Recorder (from Seven Emporium)...

I also added a desk and chairs off to the side with current era Apple Macs. Most items coming from BAZAR and Hive. Photography equipment from Luna Fatale Creations.

Old School 1960s time-portal special effects...

Wibbily wobbly timey wimey swirly stuff...

Unlike the old TV series, no one ever gets lost in time. The TimeForce 10 Time Tunnel does focus on World War Two. Chances are very good that if used, the Tunnel would send you to Nazi Occupied France in 1944, or perhaps a fierce battle in the Pacific between Allied and Imperial Japanese Forces. My goal is to setup a separate TP device at the Tunnel location you can use to explore WW2 regions in SL.