Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2nd Annual Mad Scientist Convention

On the Royal Caledon Air Force watchlist....

"Caledon Steam SkyCity is proud to present the SSC 2nd Annual Mad Scientist Convention - SSC ReAnimated
May 2nd, 2009; 3pm and 5pm SLT

Has your research turned to archaic subjects?
Do your formulae come from ancient tomes as much as from modern journals?
Are you meddling in things Man was not meant to know?
From Frankenstein to Tesla, and from Flamel to Herbert West, some scientists cannot leave well enough alone.

Join us on Saturday, May 2nd at 3pm for the Speed Building Contest, Avatar contest entries must be received by 4pm with winners announced during the Mad Scientist's ReAnimation Ball starting at 5pm. There will be two build contests with a grand prize in each category and a dance in the evening.

*Unnatural Creation Avatar - Building starts now, with judging on the day of the convention. Create an avatar from scratch. Is it a murderous robot? A living Construct? Did you summon Cthulhu from a test tube? Let your imagination run wild, and show us that science really can "open strange doors." Avatars will be judged on creativity, quality, and fit with the theme. No parts from other avatars - must be wholly your own creation. Judging between 3pm and 4pm SLT.

*Speed build- one hour, theme related to "weird science practices" will be announced at the start of the contest. Building starts at 3pm, and stops at 4pm. Judging will be based on quality, originality, and how well it fits with the announced theme.

Do not let the narrow-minded views of fools and stagnant academics hinder you. This is Science!"

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Monarch of the Skies!

This morning several pilots of the Royal Caledon Air Force gathered in Liberty Lovelace for Air Combat Wargames. Our Rules of Engagement (RoE) were very simple and seemed to work as well as could be expected in a limited sim with constraints on avatar population and scripting.

Our dogfight was a variation on "King of the Hill"

We'll call it "Monarch of the Skies"

Only two pilots fly at any given time. The winner of each round lives on to fight against the next pilot in line, and so on.

It seemed to go very well. I had positive feedback from everyone and requests for more regular combat exercises.

RCAF pilot Vickster Kuhn was the winner with the most "kills".... She's our Queen of the Skies today.

...but the bigger winner was the RCAF Group. We're back in the game!

More events to come ;)

In attendance today: Josh Noonan (pilot), Sin Trenton (pilot), Dan Gervasi (pilot), Vickster Kuhn (pilot and overall winner today), Ilsa Munro (observer), Curtis Lamplight (tiny observer), and Zoe Connolly (organizer).

TimeForce 10 photographs (part 1)