Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Your Godless Goddess: For Immediate Release

Your Godless Goddess: For Immediate Release:

"At precisely 5.16pm this afternoon, it was brought to the attention of the the Flintoff campaign that one of the heretofore leading candidates has apparently stooped to blatant plagiarism in the battle for the Governorship of Second Life...."

Your Godless Goddess: For Immediate Release

If Candidate Flintoff would be so inclined, I'd be happy to be her running mate as a Lt. Governor candidate...

The Diary of a Caledonian Baroness: The Shat sings Common People

Zoe Connolly loves The Shat!

The Diary of a Caledonian Baroness: The Shat sings Common People:

" version of the The Shat and Joe Jackson singing Common People on The Tonight Show...."

The Diary of a Caledonian Baroness: The Shat sings Common People

In no particular order...snapshots from last weekend

As some of you know, I spend far more time inworld in the various Victorian Steampunk sims these days. Here are a few snapshots I've been collecting over the past 2 weeks. This has been a hectic week of training in my new RL position so I haven't had much time for blogging as I'd hoped. As I often like to say - I wish I had signed up for SL prior to RL. Heh.

I'll have more time to work on all my blogs this weekend.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Cramps - Bikini Girls with Machine Guns

It's been a while since I posted anything related to GIRLS with GUNS. More on the way, in the meantime, there's always YouTube.

The Cramps - Bikini Girls with Machine Guns

Thanks to October Hush for pointing the way to this video...

Monday, June 25, 2007

Hibernia on the Skids: Party at Carntaigh..

Talk about getting "swept off your feet"...I was pleased to assist Colonel O'Toole as one of his test pilots.

Our mission: To determine how many could dance upon his flying carpet. I think 6 was the total number of brave undaunted souls Saturday evening, all in the name of science of course.

Hibernia on the Skids: Party at Carntaigh..:

"A nice little convivial gathering at Carnteigh Court Saturday night started out as a dance.. and then became, as the song says, 'A Magic Carpet Ride'...."

Hibernia on the Skids: Party at Carntaigh..

Veyron's Adventures: Party! Party! Party!

Veyron's Adventures: Party! Party! Party!

Veyron is hosting the meetup theme poll. Vote for your favorite nominee.

Veyron's Adventures: Party! Party! Party!

The SL Blogger Blogmeet for July 2007

dinee will be hosting the next SL Blogger Blogmeet, Meeting, Meetup, Party.

Whatever we call'll be held Sunday the 15th of July and the start time will be somewhere between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM SL time. More about the start time as the day approaches.

We have 5 possible themes. Drumroll please...

The nominees for the next theme are...


Japanese Samurai/Ninja




Sunday, June 24, 2007

Busy Blogger

Two new blogs....

Second Life Events will showcase any upcoming events I find taking place in SL. Please feel free to drop me a line and let me know what's happening inworld.

ZoeCorp ZabrinaWorks will cover building and scripting in the virtual world of Second Life. In it I'll link to various blogs that concentrate on the technical side of SL. Bring out your inner geek, fill me in on your own technical posts, read up on some cool projects, and comment of course.

The Bloodwing Foundation

The Bloodwing Foundation

"The common journal of the residents and employees of the Bloodwing Foundation, a mysterious medical institution run by the Mason family to find cures for conditions thought incurable."

I was pleased to discover a link to my blog from Dr. Mason's Caledon, Steelhead Blog under the "Dramatis Personae" label as "The Blogmistress."

Thank you Doctor.

The Bloodwing Foundation

Voyages of a Caledonian Physician: Updates & a picture...

I was very pleased to read this mention in Dr. Fabre's Caledon Blog...

Voyages of a Caledonian Physician: Updates & a picture...:

"I would like to take a moment to mention two additions to my list of links...

First, I must mention Miss Zoe Connolly's blog, one that I have read for quite a while, and enjoy thoroughly. Although it hasn't necessary been focused towards the genre, as a new resident of Caledon, I felt it appropriate to add her work to the listings...."

Voyages of a Caledonian Physician: Updates & a picture...

Friday, June 22, 2007

Second Life Steampunk

I've discovered one very important thing in the last 6 months of my Second Life.

I love steampunk!

I love Caledon, Steelhead City and New Babbage! I feel more at home in those sims than anywhere else in SL, and this new blog is my homage to my favorite places in SL. I love the sights, the people, and the creativity. I'll be working on it again this weekend...

Second Life Steampunk:

"Showcasing the many Caledon and New Babbage Blogs in the virtual world of Second Life..."

Second Life Steampunk

My opinions and building projects: WARNING: blog to be deleted

My opinions and building projects: WARNING: blog to be deleted

"well after talking to several people, particularly zoe connolly. i know what i'm going to do with this blog. i'm gonna delete it!...."

Tiana and I had a long conversation on Wednesday morning and just for the record, I tried really very hard to convince Tiana to at least keep her blog around. My reasoning for this was so she could resume posting at a later time. There's no harm in changing gears with your blog and going in a different direction. Changing directions is the *one* constant I have with my own blog. But she is convinced that she needs to delete and start over.

What's important is that ultimately, Tiana's blog is Tiana's intellectual property and she has every right to delete her own work. She has decided to concentrate on a particular area of interest and wants the freedom that comes with starting a new blog....clean, from scratch, unencumbered by past expectations from herself or others.

I don't blame her. At times I've thought of doing that myself. I've made changes to this blog and my other blogs. Shifting focus, deleting, whatever will make sense to me in my real life and second life.

*Hugs and kisses Tiana.*

I look forward to your next project, babe...

My opinions and building projects: WARNING: blog to be deleted

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Amazing Avatars :: Rael

Let's see, first I had a noob IM me for SLex without really reading my chat. Then a woman IM'd to persuade me into having a webcam sex session for some "hot horny guy" she "kinda knew". What the frak?

So I was pleasantly surprised when I received a compliment on my avatar appearance from Rael. Now here was someone interesting who didn't mention having SLex in the first few sentences. She was delighted when I asked her if I could take a few snapshots for my blog. She appeared to be a very fascinating Goth-Alien. I'm not sure if she was going for that exact look but it certainly looked great to this goth-scifi-steampunk fan.

Chat of the Day...

[4:12] unidentified noob male: hi
[4:13] Zoe Connolly: hello
[4:13] unidentified noob male: how r u?
[4:13] Zoe Connolly: great, how are you?
[4:14] unidentified noob male: great
[4:14] unidentified noob male: u?
[4:14] Zoe Connolly: i'm great, as i said before
[4:15] unidentified noob male: good
[4:15] unidentified noob male: i want to make sex
[4:15] unidentified noob male: i am look,ng for free
[4:16] Zoe Connolly: good luck with that

Monday, June 18, 2007

SL Blogmeet 06/16 at Veyron's Place

Veyron was a little sick from a cold, so I teleported to her place 20 minutes before our 2:00 PM start time to greet any early arrivals to our 3rd SL Blogger Meetup/Party. No one was there yet, and knowing that Veyron had the TOS Enterprise Bridge around and decided to look for it. I found the TP and ended up here, where BSG Kara "Starbuck" Thrace sits in James T Kirk's chair.

Here's a few blogger reactions...

Jelly and Hawks
Myg and Alex
Vint Falken

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Verbal Stew: Sci-Fi Blogger Party

Verbal Stew: Sci-Fi Blogger Party

Great video from JellyBean Madison who captured the dancing spirit of the evening...

Verbal Stew: Sci-Fi Blogger Party

Hibernia on the Skids: SL Blogger Science Fiction Themed Party

Hibernia on the Skids: SL Blogger Science Fiction Themed Party:

"She CANNA DEW IT, Cap'n!

Miss Zoe Connolly, of Insatiable Zoe Connolly Fame, was gracious enough to extend an invitation to Sir Edward Pearse and your humble narrator to a Science Fiction blogging party on Saturday evening. Sir Pearse's new bride, Lady Pearse, was caught up in RL matters, so surprisingly (for a newlywed) he had the time to attend (surreptitious grin).

The SL Blogger folks are fun and funny types, and throw a fun little soiree.. My favorite part was floating around on the antigravity belt, wearing my brand new Star Trek uniform...."

Hibernia on the Skids: SL Blogger Science Fiction Themed Party

Second Life Bloggers Group and Web Changes

I'll be taking interviews from any SL Bloggers group members who would be interested in becoming officers in the group. As we expand, we'll need more people who can assist me in recruiting, logistics, events, etc....

In our effort to streamline and communicate more efficiently and effectively SL Bloggers Wiki now replaces my old Second Life Blogosphere blog. Please update your web links, the old URL no longer exists. The Wiki site will now be our clearing house. A central place where we can all go for information about our meetups, miscellaneous events, and favorite blog tools.

This blog will continue to be my personal space, plus I'll feature posts from other SL Bloggers that catch my attention. Of course I'll continue to keep The Worlds Largest Blogroll of Second Life Links right here on this blog.

Due to RL commitments and obligations, I cannot continue my "disappearance of Zoe Connolly" storyline. Suffice to say I escaped yadda yadda and now I'm safe at home.

The good news: I was promoted at my RL job (more responsibilities, but more money - woot!), so I'll join those who are *not* using their degrees in their careers.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

the blog pile land

the blog pile land

There's a new blog for news about our land purchase ideas...

the blog pile land

My Steampunk Telescope - Part 2

The Insatiable Zoe Connolly: My Steampunk Telescope

Revealed here!

A shocking astronomical discovery!

Are there any candidates for Governor addressing this invasion of the Moon?

My opinions and building projects: island vs land

My opinions and building projects: island vs land:

"Yesterday I posted a notice in the blogger group just to give an update on the situation. (YAY for transparacy! hehe) and i got a few IM about people interested. one of those people was Dalien, as we talked he suggested that if we don't have enough people we could buy half a normal sim. this thought has been running thru my head all night (thank you for keeping me awake all night dalien! ggrrrr! j/k ^^)

but as i think about it, i think buying land has it advantages also. first of all its cheaper. a 65 536 square/meter region is 195$US a month (295$US for an island) and i'm pretty sure we can find a region that the land isn't sold so high as 1 675$US as initial payment.

also the very big advantage i am seeing is with the payment. with an island we'll need to find an organised way for paying the island and to seperate the island equally between paying members (depending on how much they pay for) but with just a normal land each person could buy the piece of land they can afford. so if someone wants 1024 squr meter they can get that and if someone wants half the sim they can get that too. this is an advantage because let's say someone has things happen irl and suddenly has to drop their payment of second life we don't end up with one person short to pay for the island. basically i think..."

My opinions and building projects: island vs land

See also My opinions and building projects: bloggers looking to buy an island

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Inworld Flickr Slideshow and RSS Blog Displays

Questions for Codie, Dalien, etc...

I'm thinking ahead here...

When we have our Blogger Island (code named Blogpile Island) can we:

1) display our Flickr Photos via some sort of RSS feed slidshow?

2) display our blog via RSS or even better a real time image of our blogs?

3) then click on the display that would give a notecard with our URLs?

I'm thinking these displays could be setup in the center of the island in a town square.

My Steampunk Telescope

A while back I purchased a telescope from the Ginsburg Department Store in New Babbage. I figured it was about time I checked it out and *Holy Nekos!* I wasn't disappointed.

Snapshots :: With Tiana, @ Phat cat's, In New Babbage

Monday, June 11, 2007

Battlestar Galacticsimpsons

Battlestar Galacticsimpsons

This is great! If you love The Simpsons and BSG you must see this...

Battlestar Galacticsimpsons

I wonder if someone in our blogger group can "Simpsonize" us like this...

Daltonic Gin: DeliHUD 2-week public beta starting NOW!

Daltonic Gin: DeliHUD 2-week public beta starting NOW!:

"In one of the previous posts I've mentioned I was coding a bit...

The alpha tests seem to have gone reasonably well, so I am opening the beast to the public beta.

What is it: it is an in-world interface to, to retrieve and visit the SLURLs that you would pick up on blogs and other out-of-world sources.

Setup: create a notecard with two lines - first one being your username, the second being your password, then wear the hud, and drop the notecard onto it.

The SLURLs that you want to visit from in-world should have 2 tags: 'slurl' and 'visit'. Then they will be picked up by the HUD and shown to you.
By clicking on the text shown in the HUD, you will be offered a TP to the destination, and after you have visited the place and possibly created a LM for it, you can click on the red square next to the text to remove the 'visit' tag - after which it will no longer show in the list..."

Daltonic Gin: DeliHUD 2-week public beta starting NOW!

Through the filter of a Victorian Aesthetic: The screen arrives at last!

Through the filter of a Victorian Aesthetic: The screen arrives at last!

At last! You can buy me a great steampunk gift! Please? Oh Please? Operators are standing by to take your donation. Call now...

Through the filter of a Victorian Aesthetic: The screen arrives at last!

Natalia Zelmanov's Second Life Diary: Day 256: Caledon SteamSkyCity

Natalia Zelmanov's Second Life Diary: Day 256: Caledon SteamSkyCity:

"Ive always had a special place in my heart for Caledon. Maybe its all those fancy dance balls they have :)

So when my friend Virrginia told me about the new Caledon SteamSkyCity sim, I had to go take a look..."

Natalia Zelmanov's Second Life Diary: Day 256: Caledon SteamSkyCity

The Worlds Largest Blogroll of Second Life Links

The Worlds Largest Blogroll of Second Life Links now has 454 links.


I'll let you know when I break 500.

New Babbage - Babbage Square

My opinions and building projects: bloggers looking to buy an island

Sunday is a very busy day for me. Due to my RL schedule it's the only day I can reliably attend scheduled afternoon and evening events in SL. I had the Bloggers with Blades event and a SLASCAR race to attend later, but the time in between was filled with chat with my friends Tiana, DesertWolf, dinee, (later joined by Wrath). Since we were either already land owners or looking for land to buy, the subject naturally came up. Tiana sums it up here...

My opinions and building projects: bloggers looking to buy an island:

"as you all know SL isnt perfect or i should say the community in sl isnt perfect and you can read on blogs that a lot of us have things that annoy us would be fixed by owning an island. unfortunatly island cost a lot of money both at purchased and as tier. so a few us crunched some numbers and talked about how we could make it work. how we could have an affordable price and keep a system that is fair for everyone.

we think that 14 bloggers would be a good number to buy this island. the island in itself costs 1675$US to buy so at 14 people, each member would need to give 119,64$ which i think is reasonable. the monthly tier is 295$US and with 14 members each member would have to pay 21.07$ which we think is pretty reasonable too. of course the people who would want to pay more would get more land, which is only fair but they would not get more power in the decision taking..."

My opinions and building projects: bloggers looking to buy an island

Our question: Is there enough interest to sustain this idea? Please make your comments on Tiana's blog.

SLASCAR on Sunday

After our Bloggers with Blades session with Crippy Oh on Sunday June 10th, dinee, Tiana, and I attended the SLASCAR event to support Crippy who is also an excellent racer. We did our best to minimize lag by reducing our personal prim count. We were even willing to sacrifice our prim hair and go bald if necessary. Luckily for us, we were never asked. Whew!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Galactica Roars Toward Stunning Finale With a November 2007 Appetizer - Slice of Scifi

Ok, this is not quite Second Life related, but I *do* love BSG and our next Second Life Blogger party/meetup has a sci-fi theme...

Galactica Roars Toward Stunning Finale With a November 2007 Appetizer - Slice of Scifi

"...Redefining the space opera with its gritty realism, Galactica’s intensity, issues-driven topicality, and command performances have garnered it unprecedented critical acclaim. In addition to winning a prestigious Peabody Award, the series has been honored as one of the 10 Outstanding Television Programs of the Year by the American Film Institute (AFI) for two years running and the #2 sci-fi project — television or film — of the past 25 years by Entertainment Weekly.

‘Battlestar’ is also responsible for adding to the lexicon of grammatical speech by introducing the expletive “frak” into the pop culture lingo..."

Galactica Roars Toward Stunning Finale With a November 2007 Appetizer - Slice of Scifi

New Babbage :: exploring my neighborhood

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

News about my Blog-SLurl-Capture-HUD idea

Daltonic Gin: Bit more coding...

Yay! Dalien is working on my
Blog-SLurl-Capture-HUD idea. I've been testing the prototype that works with The theory behind this is to post your findings into your account page, then later while inworld you "wear" your HUD and select from your tagged SLurls.

Daltonic Gin: Bit more coding...

More scripting challenges: I think it would be useful to develop several HUDs for different online RSS sites like digg and others. Since many of us have more than one account with various sites, perhaps even a HUD that unites several feeds into one receiving unit.

I have another idea for a modified shielding system but I do *not* want to post it here. If anyone wants to hear of my new challenge please send me an IM.

I'll have another Starbucks or Tim Horton's please...

High-caffeine venting...

I know I'm sounding too emotional about this, but I'm sick and tired of this new policy shit and disregard for the real frustrations from user/residents. Ok yeah it started with ageplay...yadda yadda yadda...I hate it too. So, with that disclaimer out of the way...

LL is too preoccupied with political correctness when they should be improving technology. If they pretend they're something else LL may well be sued out of existence. Or more likely, it will be purchased by a far more strict company. It will mean the Disneyfication of SL and we will likely lose everything we've built here. Imagine a strict Human Resources controlled workplace. Do you want to come home from work and login to a virtual world that reminds you of the office?

If things don't improve I'm likely to leave SL...and yes I'm drinking lots of coffee today and yes I reserve the right to change my mind!

Neko Girls with Guns - Part 3

More policy-violating images from yours truly

Veyron's Adventures: Next Blogger Party - June 16th - Theme Selected

Veyron's Adventures: Next Blogger Party - June 16th - Theme Selected:

"By a 38% margin, the theme for the next party will be SciFi. Formal came in a close second at 31%. If you want to dress formal SciFi, that would be fine. :)..."

Veyron's Adventures: Next Blogger Party - June 16th - Theme Selected

Monday, June 4, 2007

SLRFL Dating Game Charity Event

I attended the Second Life Relay For Life event on Sunday June 3rd, saw this Dating Game Charity, and decided to stay a while. Here's some selected chat with names changed to initials...

AS: Please allow me to introduce our bachelor, BMM. This well-known, intergalactic space villain has led numerous planetary assaults, single handedly enslaving at least four known civilizations. His novel, "Ruling with a Sticky Green Grip", is often lauded as a brilliant handbook that should be kept on the nightstand of any aspiring conquerer.

BMM: As you all know, hundreds of people die each year due to warp drive core instabilities and fluxes in quasi-space when operating warp drive engines under the influence of caffiene.
BMM: What do you think is the best way to warn people about the dangers of interdimensional travel and coffee?
SS: I think the best way to warn people about the danger of interdimensional travel and coffee is to show clever, but crudely drawn cartoon commercials on MTV and during Heroes

BMM: Yesterday, I caught my pet human and test subject trying to gnaw off his own hand to escape his shackles and possibly end his cruel, tormented existence. If you were my pet human, how would you escape my laboratory?
I4M: lol get you drunk instead of me use my invissability cloak and disappear
BMM: Okay, #3 thinks she can beat me by hitting me over the head with poor spelling.
BMM: How about you, #1?
SS: I'm not so sure that I'd want to escape, can you tell me more about how you would torment me?
BMM: Most of it would involve the classic anal probe technique, known and loved by humans of all generations.

LVH: Master bumbles, clearly the answer is to choose all three, we can harvest those who do not meet your standards.

AS: BMM so are you ready to make your choice?
BMM: Oh, is picking all three against the rules?
BMM: Because if it is, I might just vaporize you and all who oppose me.
AS: yes, I'm sorry'll have to choose one
LVH: aliens do not follow earth rules, sir!
BMM: Very well, human, I'll play along with your sordid little games.
BMM: For now...
BMM: My choice is #1!

Distracted by his choice of the witty Bachelorette # 1 the rest of us were able to manage our quick exits. Luckily my escape pod was nearby.

My second home in Babbage

This is a snapshot from the Babbage Canal District. I was setup in my latest apartment by Mayor Shaunathan Sprocket himself whilst greeted by fellow citizen Suhpen. Now my task is to get to know the community, my fellow citizens, and make my decision regards property ownership within the Babbage Sims.

Second Life Search Toolbar - Download - Secondlife, second life, secondlifesearch, second life

Anyone try this yet?

Second Life Search Toolbar - Download - Secondlife, second life, secondlifesearch, second life

CodeBastardRedgrave.Com » Thought Police debarks in SecondLife

It's frakking roleplay, people!

CodeBastardRedgrave.Com » Thought Police debarks in SecondLife:

"If you didn’t already hear about that shockwave hitting SecondLife in the last weeks, you must be living under a rock or didn’t login into SL for a long while. Since most of it has already been decried by others, I just wanted to add my voice to those of the vast majority of the mature SL community to denounce this new 1984 like climate on our wonderful metaverse that stays one of Role Playing between consensual adults..."

CodeBastardRedgrave.Com » Thought Police debarks in SecondLife

My own theory on this :: Linden Labs wants to portray a bland corporate-friendly atmosphere that will attract more presence inworld. More presence, more bucks for LL. To accommodate this, our wishes, the wishes of the *USERS* will get lost. You remember us don't you LL? We're the people who actually use this damn thing.

Let me put it this way...I see all kinds of things in SL. I love most of it. Would my friends freak to know what I've done inworld? Absolutely Yes! Is there stuff that offends even me? Sure there is. But I'm not preachy and won't lecture people. SL is a place to experiment and I understand that it's roleplay. I move on and find something else.

And another thing! Just because I have a huge cache of SL weapons does NOT make me "another violent American" as I've been called more than a few times. For the record, I would never own a gun in RL, and even if I wanted to, so what!

Hey Mr. Moralist! My guns are fake! They're pixels on your frakking screen! If that's what I want to do in SL then hey...that's my business. I'm the GIRL with GUNS, that's my thing... Just like you try to make it *your* business to use your fake Xcite bits on me!

And with that I'll end my coffee drinking for the day.

Also read Oh, hush!: A conversation on "Keeping Second Life Safe, Together"

Good Drink and Great Company at The Falling Anvil

The conversation flowed as easily as the ale at The Falling Anvil. Fourway invited Mitzi and I for a libation and as we chatted, I realized...I was really drawn to these sims, and although I have many favorite places within SL. I really wanted to be part of a steampunk community. On Sunday, I rented a little place, an apartment in New Babbage. The way I see it, it gives me a way to evaluate the community before I take the bigger plunge of a land purchase. Theme sims are expensive, so I'm starting small with my humble little rental.

I'm giving myself two weeks to decide where to live. In two weeks my rent for my other homes is due and my next paycheck is in the bank.

My first meeting

On Friday June 1st I attended my first meeting organized by 57 Miles.

I arrived fashionably late and politely sat and listened while I got up to speed on the current conversation.

We discussed the topic of corporate presence inworld and how some businesses had given up and some were still making a go of it.

Here's what I injected in the conversation:

I brought up the subject of griefing as well as this one - What are corporate reactions to Gorean slave girls wandering around their sims? I see growth in security job opportunites.

What about political campaigns dealing with eccentric avatar supporters and the potential media coverage. You think ageplay is controversial? Wait until the opposing campaign gets hold of the strange avatar pics and profiles of your own supporters. And what if your competition purposely creates an offensive avatar in order to drum up adverse reaction to your own candidate.

It's sure to be a wild 2008 campaign season inworld and offgrid.

Attention Scriptors!

(is it scriptors? scripters? those who script?)

I have an idea for a new gadget/tool that would greatly enhance both blog reading and SL time management.

While at work, a coffeehouse, bookstore, etc...I read a great many blogs and many of those are related to Second Life. Some of those blogs have SLurls to great places inworld. By the time I get home where I can get down to some Second Life exploring, I've forgotten about those sims I need to visit.

So here's my idea. A toolbar or desktop gadget that saves and sorts your collected SLurls and that will, after SL logon, transfer your findings to your inworld HUD.


Happy Teleporting!

All I ask in return is that you give me free copies for life. Heh.

Of course if this has already been done, please let me know. I need it like...last week.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

What's My Pirate Name?

My pirate name is:

Black Anne Read

Like anyone confronted with the harshness of robbery on the high seas, you can be pessimistic at times. Even through many pirates have a reputation for not being the brightest souls on earth, you defy the sterotypes. You've got taste and education. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from
part of the network

Saturday, June 2, 2007

» LAG fights Lag! M is for Myg

» LAG fights Lag! M is for Myg

"...Thanks to concerned bloggers, Topgol Citizens and friends, the Lag Annihilation Group (LAG) was formed. (IM Alex in-world to get in the group). We started with the logos and the T-shirts made by Codie. Then Wrath made us some signs. And Vint went and spoke with the owner of the 12 Monkey casino chain, and sweetly clued him in to what can happen when a bunch of bloggers get passionate about an issue.

And my god, we’ve hardly started..."

» LAG fights Lag! M is for Myg