Thursday, May 31, 2007

A scandalous showing of leg in New Babbage

Random Snapshot 2

Neko Girls with Guns - Part 2

Location, Location, Location...

My friend DwarfRed assists me in my search for a suitable parcel of land to purchase, while another looks on with great interest. Can you tell which one is DwarfRed?.

Memorial Day Weekend - Part 3 - New Babbage

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pirates of the Caledonian - Part 1

Sunday evening May 27th was the night of the Pirates of the Caledonian SLRFL Benefit Rave. I decided to bring out my inner pirate wench and attend.

Granted permission to come aboard I immediately set to task of determining my surroundings. Pirate Ship, Pirates, RUM, yeah this was the right place. Is there another group of avatars besides the SL Bloggers who can incorporate both bawdy and erudite conversational styles so flawlessly? Yes there is, and I was among them. Almost all attending have their own blogs. I was a bit starstruck with so many Caledonian bloggers surrounding me. I've read and have links to almost all of them.

I'm not sure it was ghost pirates or the rum, but I thought I saw many a gray pirate on the ship.

Safety tip: Pirate Raves mean dancing with sharp pointy things. What else explains the great market for eyepatches?

A horse is a horse, of course, of course

My friends Silvy and Macey purchased horses a while back and I expressed some interest in getting one myself. I mean why not? I already had 3 cars, 3 motorcycles, a BSG Vipor and Raptor, a bicycle, a skycycle...I obviously needed a horse. So saying goodbye to 2000 Linden dollars, I said hello to my new equine pal. I've decided my horse is male and I've picked out a name for him...Lagabit, aka Sir Lagalot.

Lag and Lagabit aside, I've decided on 2 more RL purchases. A new keyboard and a laptop cooling pad. I've had some embarassing contest losses due to my crappy laptop keyboard, trying to hit the correct keys while my 'puter is propped up at an angle to keep it cool.

I'll need practice, too. Actions like flying aircraft and driving cars are not the same as the more nuanced trotting and jumping in a steeplechase.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend - Part 2 - New Babbage

For my next visit to New Babbage, I decided to wear one of my Victorian Era dresses from Suki's Silks Shoppe. This one is called Victorian Spring Blue.

Soon after I teleported to the sim, I encountered one of the dangers in New Babbage. This flying squid-like beast is known as an Air-Kraken and has been known to attack certain residents. Not to worry gentle reader, Zoe had her guns at the ready in case of trouble. I was indeed well armed all the way down to my derringer-holstered ankles.

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Detroit...with Trucks!

I very briefly visited the Detroit Life sim. There were no events scheduled during the time of my visit, but I was impressed with a few Detroit details and also noticed a few trucks. You gotta love a company with the motto "Keepin' it surreal since 2006."

The empty streets in the evening hours very closely resembles what happens in RL Detroit.


Random Snapshot 1

Memorial Day Weekend - Part 1

Zoe becomes a Biker Chick...

I decided to buy another toy.

I've been collecting guns, aircraft, steampunk items, clothing, hair, furniture, xcite bits, dance pose balls, sine wave dance animations, cars, pianos (even though I can barely hear them) and now it was time....

I had to get a motorcycle. What better place to find one than the sim known as Lil Slurgis. For those not familiar, Slurgis is the SL version of Sturgis, site of the biggest biker rally in America.

I bought 3.

Before I test drove one of my new bikes, I changed into my "Fight The Lag" T-shirt. Thanks to
Alex for sending me a copy, and thanks to Codie for creating this great shirt. I think I look okay wearing it.

Oh by the way, for my Bloggers with Blades friends, I bought the Bitter Thorns mask!

Coming up:

More posts about my weekend, including my day in New Babbage and my big decision about a land purchase in the Babbage Canal District. I have another in mind regards my evening at the "Pirates of the Caledonian" Second Life Relay for Life Charity Rave, where I made some connections with a few Steampunk bloggers, and also took a few snapshots of some scantily clad Victorian Ladies. Scandalous!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Veyron's Adventures: Next Blogger Party - June 16th - Repoll

Veyron's Adventures: Next Blogger Party - June 16th - Repoll:

"Okay, since we had problems with the poll last time.... Here's another poll with a Gor and watermelon theme added.."

Veyron's Adventures: Next Blogger Party - June 16th - Repoll

My Answer to Not-a-meme #17: State Thy Groups

One of the first things I do upon meeting a new avatar in SL, is open their profile and inspect their choice of groups. Just who am I dealing with here? » Blog Archive » Not-a-meme #17: State Thy Groups

In her most recent post, Vint Falken wrote: "State Thy Groups!...Why? Because the groups a person is in is what I first notice when watching their SL profiles: having ‘Free xxx club’ and such things in your group list does not help if you want to talk to me! Because I want to make a good impression too. Because I think an avie’s group memberships tells a lot about that avie. And because I’ve decided that any group I don’t want to tell about here or that I can’t think of a good reason for as to why I’m a member of that will have to go...."

I usually slog through my groups list every other day, re-evaluating the usefulness of some and verifying the worthiness of others. What I present here is a snapshot of my group memberships today as I write this post. So without further ado...

My Second Life Bloggers group...
Much of my SL time both inworld and out is devoted to building our SL blogger community.
Current Tag I use: **BLOGGER**

My weapons, combat, and protection groups...

Girls and Guns, aka Girls with Guns
The very first group I started and a popular concept I might add. ;)
Current Tag I use: **Girls with Guns**

Anti-Griefer Special Operations
Members assist with identifying, reporting, and responding to various griefers and their mayhem.

Anti-Griefer Special Operations VIP
Members are primarily sim or club owners, managers, who use this group to report problems.

Bloggers with Blades
for all us bloggy types who appreciate descriptive swordplay and sharp wordplay.

Pure Combat
for those who just want to get in there and kick some ass.

My two home groups...
[text deleted by special agent Alotta Firepower for reasons of grid security]

My science, business, and general knowledge groups...

The Rocketeers
for those who enjoy building and scripting SL rockets.

Bantam Dell Book Cafe
because I love books and coffee. Please! We need a Barnes & Noble inworld!
covering business and entrepreneurship within SL.

Things To Do
founded by 57 Miles, the gentleman who brings you

My roleplay groups...

Battlestar Galactica Fans
because I love the new show and I hate those frakking toasters (except for Six and Sharon).

The Dune Project
Dune, Arrakis, Desert Planet!

My steampunk groups...

The Steampunks

Steampunks of New Babbage
for those of us without current land holdings in Babbage.

New Babbage Cog

the newspaper/blog of New Babbage.

Victorian Retrotech Society
for builders and scripters of steampunky themed doodads and thingamabobs.

My music and club groups...

Jazz Enthusiasts
one group that covers all the jazz events in SL

House of Chaos Elite Members
from my friend and club owner Tamara Zauberflote.

Tam's Friends
also from my friend Tamara Zauberflote.

Club Extreme Fuzion
the club where Tamara Z and I danced two weeks ago. The most likely group to be deleted next.

Nocturnal Shadows Management
the mall and club project from my friends Macey, DwarfRed, Silvy, and Torr.
Current Tag I use: **Shadow Scribe**

My miscellaneous group...

I was tired of joining groups just so I could have a cool tag for a while, only to delete the group later because I didn't really want to be a permanent member of Second Life Furry Lesbian Porn Stars for Hillary in '08, or whatever. I started ZOE TAGS so I could create a role/tag and have it ready for any occasion. I can have up to 8 different tags. More if I change titles of the owner and officer roles. Here's a few tags I have in the group...

**SL yes, sleep no**
**Mistress Zoe** (sorry that's only for me)
**Futurama Fan**
**constant shopper**

So far I have one other member who seems to like the **SL yes, sleep no** tag.

Veyron's Adventures: Next Blogger Party - June 16th

We have a theme update on Veyron's Blogger Meetup Poll. Everyone will need to revote after 6:00 PM SL time.

Next time, I suggest locking the poll with no more than five choices for the following July meeting/party.

Veyron's Adventures: Next Blogger Party - June 16th

The one time I didn't write a post in another app!

*Zoe Connolly remembers why she doesn't write long posts*

Because in my klutzy-ness I usually delete them.

Ok, so do as I say, not as I do.

Always write your post separate from your blog, then copy and paste your work into your blog and make your edits at that time, adding links, etc...

I made the mistake of NOT doing this, just this one time.

And my great not-a-meme #17 response post is gone!

*sighs, holds face in hands*

I'm re-writing now...

Friday, May 25, 2007

Streeter Scene (the Second Life of Chloe): Most romantic SL location

Awwww, *wipes a tear* and it all started at my little house...

Streeter Scene (the Second Life of Chloe): Most romantic SL location:

"Tobie and I decided that the first blogger party really marked the beginning of our relationship, so June 6 would mark our first month together. Since I likely won't be in SL at that time, we're going to celebrate it a little early. We thought we'd reach out to the blogger community to see if any of you had recommendations for the most romantic place in SL..."

Streeter Scene (the Second Life of Chloe): Most romantic SL location

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Veyron's Adventures: Next Blogger Party - June 16th

I think she forgot, or didn't know about, our Torley-Watermelon theme idea...

Veyron's Adventures: Next Blogger Party - June 16th:

"Mark your calendars for a blogger party on June 16th. I'm going to try to start the party early and go late, so people in Europe don't have to stay up into the wee hours of the night - although, they seem to enjoy that.

Next, for the theme...."

Veyron's Adventures: Next Blogger Party - June 16th

Coming Soon....

The Perilous Adventures of Alotta Firepower, Inworld Spy Mistress

"Look, a reporter lady"

Here are a few more images from my visit to Anabella's new home.

After we parted I wandered around the area for a while, getting lost in my own thoughts and enjoying the atmosphere. I entered one establishment that appeared to be a new store/bakery. I found 4 charming Babbage residents sitting on one of the bakery cabinets and heard one of them say, "Look, a reporter lady."

I was wearing my Second Life Bloggers **BLOGGER** tag.

My visit to the Canal District of New Babbage

On my very first visit to Babbage many weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Anabella Voom. In my further exploration in the new Canal District area, we were able to get acquainted again, and when I expressed an interest in one day living here, she was kind enough to offer me a tour of her rented apartment as well as her new owned living space. Her new property is pictured here. These shots are the second floor of her home and work area. Anabella is an architecture student in RL and sees great potential in this space. I hope I'll get a chance to see the next phase of her project.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Neko Bartender

Practicing my flair bartending behind the counter at Wet Whiskers. What'll it be boys?

Neko Girls with Guns - Part 1

After I had everything set up for my blogger party Sunday night, I had some time to kill before my first guests arrived, so I rezzed my gun pose stand and went to work. Here are the first results of my photo set.