Sunday, May 25, 2008

Proper Approach and Landing = Patience!

Some have asked me how I make so many successful flights. Success measured by good landings ;)

I account for most of my success due to my January 2008 upgrade from a laptop that could barely handle SL to a new dualcore desktop that can handle just about anything. Yay!

Beyond that I have a few simple tips....On to the video!

After an engine test of my F-94 Starfire from Bancos Milestone, I turned my plane around and made a typical take-off from Skies of Tomorrow in the Extropia sim.

One thing I learned in all my SL flights is patience. Don't be too eager to launch or too quick to land. As in RL flying, know your aircraft, airfield, and where you're flying.

Use your mini-map as your compass. Observe your instruments. Watch your airspeed and altitude. A good question to ask is - Will the weather (Lag) be too much for my controls (my computer, SL Client) to handle a flight today?

The altitude of the Second Skies runway is 41 meters. You'll note on the video that my first approach is far too high at about 100 meters. I pulled away from the runway and flew north again in order to lose more altitude before my second approach. My 2nd approach was much better at approximately 60 meters in altitude. Satisfied I could make a good landing, I set my bird down, brought her to a stop and powered down. Another successful SL Flight and landing! Double, nay...Triple w00t!
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