Saturday, November 28, 2015

366 Squadron RAF: Mission 1

We arrived at 0800 for our final briefing. 

After parachuting behind enemy lines, the squad formed up, and proceeding toward town.

Fortunately, or unfortunately when you also have a blog going, there was so much action that I couldn't get any pics again until the mission was completed. Our agent was extracted safety and the V1 rocket was destroyed. Plus, we all had a blast doing it!

From left to right:. Sin Trenton, Wendy Charisma (our agent at SS HQ), Foxy Heart, Cornelius Fanshaw, and me.

We invited Axis Team regular Elein Snowpaw to join us as he was our adversary during Mission 1, and a good sport about the whole thing. He also serves a dual role as one of the sim admins so he was delighted to see an organized team of Allies fight today.

We did one major thing wrong and zigged instead of zagged, sending most of the team in the wrong direction for 10 or 15 minutes. But hey, it still worked. The diversion gave me the chance to destroy the V1. If we had two or 3 more people on our squad, I'd have a chance for more photos. But it was all great fun and I'm so happy I got to participate!

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