Saturday, December 1, 2012

Major Downsizing to come.

In Second Life (SL) we've all heard the expression "RL comes first"

For those not in SL, RL refers to Real Life, the main life we live in the real world that pays the bills.

In our Real Life Post-Election Lives, my family is re-evaluating everything we do and every expense we make. We're cutting back on a few non-essential items in RL and I need to do the same in SL.

So within Second Life, I've decided to downsize my land holdings from 6 to 1. I'll lose the first of my parcels next week Saturday. Others will follow until I'm down to my final Caledon Mayfair parcel. In January 2013, I may decide to lose that final parcel as well, but it will mean placing my beloved Time Tunnel back in inventory.

The good news is the real money I'll save!

My final thought in this post: If this had happened a few years ago I'd have been deeply hurt, even harboring a sense of loss. Now I feel... indifferent.

Back in January 2007 when I started in SL, logging-in used to mean fun and excitement. Now it's become more of a chore. An expensive time-sucking chore.
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