Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Zoe Connolly® Brand Center

Your Connection to the Zoe Connolly Brand.

As the Zoe Connolly ® world grows in popularity, so does the demand for goods and services related to her. We think that's great for everyone!

We at Zoetrope Lab are passionate about enabling the boundless creativity of the Zoe Connolly community. We're also deeply committed to protecting the Zoe Connolly brand and its reputation as an innovative provider of a popular 3-D virtual girl.

The Zoe Connolly Brand Center provides guidance on how to promote your contributions to the Zoe Connolly world without implying that Zoetrope Lab is endorsing them or otherwise affiliated with them.


Mister Crap said...

Thank goodness I read this before launching my Zoe Connolly's Crashy Ohs branded cereal.

Cornelius Fanshaw said...

Does that mean I have to remember to use ® every time I speak to you ;-)

Banana Stein said...