Monday, October 1, 2007

Regency Fest! ....Battlestar Pacifica.....and the New Babbage Majestic Navy

What a great weekend in SL!

This weekend was time well spent in Caledon, New Babbage, and BSG47 Battlestar Pacifica.

Regency Fest was fantastic fun...we are definitely the party sim of Caledon and... whatever happens in Regency, stays in Regency....

In addition to all the partying going on....the weekend could be summed up with one word....uniforms!

I was in some sort of uniform when i wasn't a scantily clad dancer at a party. Yes! From one extreme to the other.

I didn't get any snapshots of us Sunday due to the lag problems, but my GF Tiana Meriman and I went to a sim and did some fancy flying. After some solo flying, we had a ride together in my executive helicopter and did a little roleplay as a TV reporter helicopter crew. We were Newschopper 5 reporterettes! My face hurt from laughing so hard in RL.

And Tiana was an excellent driver in my Dominus Shadow. I think she still has my keys.

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