Monday, October 29, 2007

Decisions, decisions...

My SL News: My time is so limited....I have to make difficult choices on what I do in SL and what brings me the most joy.

As many of you know, I love Victorian Steampunk sims such as Caledon, New Babbage, Antiquity and Steelhead City. My involvement in Steampunk has grown at a tremendous rate.

I also love the Battlestar Pacifica sim known as BSG47. My involvement there is growing over time as I get to know more of my fellow roleplayers. A few people I met there have given me a position in IPX and the upcoming Babylon 5 sim. I've been offered a few opportunities I have yet to decide on..... like the possibility of a Duchy sim in Antiquity.

I've developed a love for sailing and flying in Caledon and Antiquity.

Well...I've made the decision now. One I've been thinking of for many months. When I woke up this morning I had the answer to my time management issues.....I've decided to leave several great groups I've created, so this is a painful letting go of your child in a way, seeing her off on her first day of school. Painful, scary, and hoping for the very best for your little girl.

I'll be leaving 3 groups....

1) Girls and Guns
2) Second Life Bloggers
3) Second Life BloggerCon

I'll leave as soon as leadership is filled and transfer of powers are completed.

This decision does NOT come easy, but it *is* a necessary one in order for me to preserve my health, sanity, and happiness in SL.
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