Friday, October 5, 2007

A warning to all in regards my half-sister Zabrina

I was hoping to avoid this announcement, but is now unavoidable.

My younger half-sister Zabrina McMahon has taken a decidedly dark-hearted view of humanity and seems bent on World Domination.

Several weeks ago whilst conducting laboratory experiments to create a doorway between universes, Zabrina was injured in an explosion. I rushed to her aid and took her to the best doctors in Caledon.

Very recently she has emerged from her convalescence and is back amongst the living. Although her body is healed, her mind has been tainted somehow....The good girl I knew is gone.

Zabrina is now....quite evil....

In my Caledon Regency lighthouse I've discovered scribblings of notes and diagrams for various schemes and nefarious plans hidden behind a bookcase. They all involve the overthrow of several governments...Most notably Antiquity, Caledon, and New Babbage. All are penned in her handwriting.

At times she will mumble or sometimes loudly declare...

"I'll show them, I'll show them all"
"The grid is mine! All mine!"
"The spirit of Valedon lives within me!"

I'm not quite sure why she mispronounced Caledon - calling it Valedon - Zabrina was in a drug-induced sleep when she made that last reference.

In light of her recent behaviour and with the Caledon Courts behind my decision, I've severely restricted her allowance from the Connolly-McMahon family fortune. I'm sure this restriction will cause her to mount some other tirade of bile against me personally, but I am convinced that it is absolutely necessary for the long-term security of our homeland.

(Surveillance photographs of Zabrina McMahon after the purchase and testing of a directed-energy device)
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