Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Lessons learned from watching Law & Order SVU Episode AVATAR

This episode brought up the ageplay issue again...It was presented in usual creepy L&O:SVU fashion.

So here are the lessons I've learned from watching the episode titled "Avatar"

1) All you virtual worlders are perverts! Perverts!....The word "Perverts" repeated several times in the episode. Ya got that, pervert?

2) OMG! Wait!... According to the episode...I'm a nerdy, geeky, anti-social, pervert too!

3) Virtual World owners have British Accents.....Ooooooo!

4) Never visit secluded cabins (that probably eliminates half of SL), BDSM dungeons were not mentioned....huh, so dungeons must be okay, then.

5) Beware of obsessive old men with pig-tail fetishes.

6) And here's the big one....what happens in virtual worlds should stay in virtual worlds. I'm not clear on how creepy old guy obtained RL info on pig-tail avatar girl named "Vixy Something-or-other" (scratches head), maybe I was getting coffee when that was shown/explained.

And so begins my very first TV/DVD Commentary. More to come I'm sure!

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