Thursday, December 16, 2010

Royal Caledon Air Force News

In the early days of 2007 I couldn't imagine flying a vehicle in a virtual world. My computer was not up to the task, so I didn't really think about it. When I began exploring steampunk in April 2007, I spent a great deal of time in New Babbage, where I discovered the joys of flying hovering craft . In no time I was hooked on flying and could be seen all over the steam-lands in various flying machines.

While exploring Caledon by Land and Air, I noticed there was only one runway (no rez) in the entire nation. My vision for Caledon was to provide a runway and rez area for any citizen and any interested aviation enthusiast in SL.

In October 2007, Virrginia Tombola and I reserved the two parcels that are now known as the Connolly Aerodrome. At the same time, I started the Royal Caledon Air Force Group.

In 2008 RCAF , SL, and my newest computer were in sync... All "In The Zone"

The RCAF group grew in membership and stature. SL seemed to be working well for vehicle users, my latest computer could handle SL quite well, there was an abundance of "Void" sims and the aviation life was good! RCAF was in the sweet spot in 2008. But as the saying goes "all good things must come to an end"

By the end of 2008, Linden Labs announced the end of the void sims.

In 2009, I couldn't upgrade my computers as fast as LL/SL changed. Even today in December 2010, I cannot fly any of my normal flight scripted aircraft. I can only fly hovering scripted aircraft such as helicopters, etc (much like I did in Mid-2007).

So you may be asking.... Why am I reciting the abridged reader's digest history of the RCAF?

I cannot promise you a 2008 RCAF experience, but perhaps 2011-2012 will be better than 2009-2010.

I am reseting the group.

The first step I've taken is changing group role tags.

Most roles have changed to military rank, based on the RealLife UK RAF with the lowest rank as Officer Cadet and the highest rank as Group Captain.

Rank from lowest to highest....
Officer Cadet
Pilot Officer
Flying Officer
Flight Lieutenant
Squadron Leader
Wing Commander
Group Captain

For reference

Three Role Tags will remain the same (at least for now): RoyalCaledonAirForce, RCAF Test Pilot, and RCAF Search & Rescue. Please know that Tiny Avatars, JetPack Flyers, and R&D folks are all still part of RCAF. All will be recognized through merit and bravery through RCAF Ranking.

The second step will take place by January 1st, when I eject nearly every member of the RCAF Group. This is nothing personal of course. If you wish to rejoin the group, you have the freedom to do so. But you MUST make an active choice to opt-in for 2011. Some of you will NOT be ejected since I already know your intentions, but should this concern you, please feel free to contact me.

Regarding the Aerodrome... I was saddened to lose control over my Aerodrome last Spring and I'm deeply worried that it will be lost from RCAF Control in the near future. This is a very real possibility. So what do we do?

We take a deep breath and let it go.

We move on.

We rez our planes, balloons, dirigibles, zeppelins, and blimps where ever we can and FLY!

~ Zoe Connolly, RCAF Group Captain
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