Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fanshaw & Connolly

My good friend Mr Cornelius Fanshaw and I decided to start another little adventure series in Second Life.

You may consider it... a sort-of...hmmm, well it's a Victorian version of The Avengers. Like our TimeForce 10 Adventure Series, Fanshaw and Connolly is a mashup of several different television shows such as The Avengers and Wild Wild West with a healthy dollop of Sherlock Holmes.

Cornelius put together a great set for a few of our SL Group Photos. As you can see from my examples, the major influence is The Avengers. I've included two YouTube Videos for reference.

Fanshaw and Connolly is a New Babbage firm established to conduct unusual inquiries and investigations for a variety of clients. I'm sure there will be many crossover adventures with TimeForce 10 and the Royal Caledon Air Force.

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