Tuesday, July 7, 2009

FOZ 1.0

Prokofy Neva has a new FIC 2.6 and Noosphere list posted and it got me thinking of my own list.

So I'd like to announce FOZ 1.0.

FOZ = Friends of Zoe

This is a list of people in Second Life who have been good friends, an influence or source of advice in some manner, and a real and consistent asset to me from January through June 2009. The list is a snapshot of that time frame and I'm sure will change as time marches on.

Some people will know why they are mentioned. Others may be surprised to be listed, but in some small way they contributed to my sanity in SL.

Aether Inglewood
Charlanna Beresford
Cornelius Fanshaw
Crap Mariner
Denver Hax
Edward Pearse
Eladrienne Laval
Excalibur Longstaff
Fogwoman Gray
GoSpeed Racer
Ilsa Munro
Karl Reisman
Phineas Messmer
Sin Trenton
Thadicus Caligari
Titanas Vella
Tymmerie Thorne
Vickster Kuhn
Vivito Volare
Whitewolf Mumfuzz
Wrath Constantine

If you're not on this list, and think you should be...don't feel hurt. This is version 1.0 and will change over time.

I tried to think of an enemies list (EOZ = Enemies of Zoe) but to be honest I couldn't think of anyone who deserved to be listed. I'm no good at sustaining grudges.
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