Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Do ALTS have more fun?

Consider this, thinking aloud...

I'm a moody-sort sometimes. It runs deep in my family.

Second Life is a fun and enjoyable pastime... sharing fun, exciting, and at times sexy activities with good friends. But what do you do when your alt has more fun than your main account?

The avatar Zoe Connolly has become an administrator for groups, offgrid social media accounts, and a manager of land and Linden Dollars. Zoe has become The Banker. Ugh!

This was not supposed to happen. This is what alts are for, yes? Zoe should be the exciting girl, the adventurous girl. The hawt Girl with Guns who does amazing things. She flies across sims to defeat evil, and is soon back home to kiss her favorite avatar of the month.

I created an alt to do the heavy lifting. Immediately, I ran into the irresistible urge to make her...well...fabulous! In a short time, I logged into my alt more often. I savored the anonymity that an alt allows, but then a funny thing happens... Your alt becomes popular too, with her own experiences, friends, and loves. You find logging into your main account an absolute chore, and you LOVE being your alt. You want to be your alt like the early days when you wanted to be your first avatar morning, noon, and night. Savoring those same feelings you had when you were happy in your main account. It's almost like falling in love. In a way, you ARE in love.

Yes, it's true. In this strange world of Virtual Identity, I've found myself in love with my avatar creations.

But what of Zoe? I still love her. She's a part of me. She IS me! I want to be happy being Zoe, again.

RL lives evolve in ways never expected. SL lives are more planned but on occasion go in unexpected directions. Zoe will continue her journey in the metaverse and prosper. She will love and be loved. But the direction she takes will change soon. It's a normal part of life in both Universes.

I'll soon decide what to do with my land in Caledon Penzance (Connolly Aerodrome) and my Royal Caledon Air Force group, with more changes to follow.


What about you? How do you feel about your main avatar vs your alt(s)?

Do alts have more fun?

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