Thursday, August 9, 2007

2 ideas for SL sims...

1) I'm thinking of a whole themed-sim based on an alternate history steampunk World War 1 - full of allied and enemy soldiers, sailors, spies, and revolutionaries. In this sim - or perhaps several sims, I would roleplay a MataHari-type world war one spy and club owner. The club would be near the central hub where many character paths and stories would cross and interact. There would be cites, battlefields, treaties made and broken, alliances and enemies, as well as plans for the Russian Revolution.

2) My second idea came to me while I wandered Barnes & Noble. I found several books on the American Civil War and thought this may be a fascinating project for a sim as it overlapped with many elements within the SL 19th Century life. I could see this developing into several sims as well. Perhaps having 2 sims for Washington and Richmond as well as a sim or two for various battlefields.

Any thoughts on these ideas?
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