Thursday, July 1, 2010

The List

It was a bright new day with a new purpose.

Following a long absence, Zoe Connolly returned to Professor Fanshaw's secret laboratory and consulted with the residing computational device. A very chatty machine, indeed.

Computer: "Miss Connolly, so good to see you! You look quite fetching today."

Zoe smirked "You always were a charming sort."

Computer: "Have you returned to us, Miss?"

Zoe smiled brightly "Indeed I have, and without further distractions."

Computer: "Oh that's ripping news, Miss Connolly! The others will be so pleased, I'm sure of it. Shall I give you the latest status report?"

Zoe: "Yes, please proceed."

Computer: "My report is not at all good, Miss. Your return is most fortunate for us all"

Zoe tilted her head and frowned. She listened to a long list of unusual and distressing natural and man-made phenomena not known to the general population. Zoe sighed and made a list of agents, their skills and outlined mission goals. She whispered to herself "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more."

After completing the list, the computer paused for a moment.

Then it said: "It is time to save the world again, Miss Connolly."

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