Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mourning a Death, Celebrating a Life

Please indulge me this lengthy post for Sumie....

On Saturday 20 December 2008 at 09:00 SL time, pilots of the Royal Caledon Air Force mourned the RealLife loss of our fellow pilot Sumie Kawashima.

(Group photographs were not available due to the "Snapshot-Crashes" I encountered during the ceremony. Thanks to SimplyAmy Iwish for providing part of this chatlog)

[2008/12/20 9:06] Zoe Connolly: welcome everyone....
[2008/12/20 9:06] Zoe Connolly: we gather today to honor the life and second life of a dear young woman....
[2008/12/20 9:07] Zoe Connolly: who was taken from us at the RL age of 26
[2008/12/20 9:07] Zoe Connolly: in many ways.....she was like the spunky little daughter I never had
[2008/12/20 9:08] Zoe Connolly: She would show me her creations and we'd chat about our dreams
[2008/12/20 9:08] Zoe Connolly: and we shared those dreams together here in the RCAF
[2008/12/20 9:09] Zoe Connolly: in her short life, I hope that our time with her was a positive thing
[2008/12/20 9:10] Zoe Connolly: I know it was positive for me
[2008/12/20 9:11] Zoe Connolly: She would often tell me how I was an inspiration for her
[2008/12/20 9:11] Zoe Connolly: but she was an inspiration to me....
[2008/12/20 9:11] Zoe Connolly: because at various times when I wanted to give up...
[2008/12/20 9:12] Zoe Connolly: she was one of my group who urged me on
[2008/12/20 9:12] Zoe Connolly wipes a few tears
[2008/12/20 9:12] Zoe Connolly: if someone would like to say something please do....
[2008/12/20 9:13] Zoe Connolly: my hands are shaking ;)
[2008/12/20 9:13] Sin Trenton: Well, if I may? :)
[2008/12/20 9:13] Zoe Connolly: please do
[2008/12/20 9:13] Sin Trenton: You know. Sumie.. was red.
[2008/12/20 9:13] SimplyAmy Iwish: /bows her head in remembrance
[2008/12/20 9:14] Sin Trenton: Red is the colour of passion and life, it is the colour of blood and hearts
[2008/12/20 9:14] Sin Trenton: it is also the colour she favoured for her planes.
[2008/12/20 9:14] Zoe Connolly nods and smiles
[2008/12/20 9:14] Sin Trenton: Sumie was truly alive, active, tasting life and building was a joy to her. It was a picture of what life can be and should be, a journey full of discovery.
[9:15] Sin Trenton: We are all still shocked I think, that her journey was cut so short.
[9:15] Sin Trenton: But there is an old saying in the country where I come from
[9:16] Sin Trenton: From the Havamal, the sayings of the Vikings. "Friends pass, world passes, but one thing never passes. Word over your deeds."
[9:17] Sin Trenton: And that is how Sumie still is with us, because we remember what she was, what she did and she is still up there with us.
[9:17] Sin Trenton: I don't know about you, but next time I am flying, laggy, sim border crossings, kicking and cursing, as is our lives in SL.. But where we still hang on, because here IS Life
[9:18] Sin Trenton: I will wear something red.
[9:18] Sin Trenton smiles: Because that is the colour of Life and the colour of Sumie
[9:18] Sin Trenton: Sumie, thanks for having met you
[9:18] Sin Trenton steps back
[9:19] Zoe Connolly: anyone else have a few words?
[2008/12/20 9:19] Denver Hax: if i may?
[2008/12/20 9:19] Zoe Connolly: please go ahead Denver
[2008/12/20 9:19] Denver Hax: I will always smile when I think of Sumie, she always made me smile - Blue Skies Sumie
[2008/12/20 9:19] Vickster Kuhn smiles
[2008/12/20 9:19] Denver Hax steps back
[2008/12/20 9:19] Zoe Connolly: yes indeed ;)
[2008/12/20 9:20] SimplyAmy Iwish smiles
[2008/12/20 9:20] Vickster Kuhn: if i may?
[2008/12/20 9:20] Zoe Connolly: please go ahead Vicks
[2008/12/20 9:21] Vickster Kuhn: just a quote, from her profile..... "The inability to open up to hope is what blocks trust, and blocked trust is the reason for blighted dreams." - Elizabeth Gilbert
[2008/12/20 9:21] Sin Trenton smiles and nods
[2008/12/20 9:21] Crosshaven Barbosa: well said
[2008/12/20 9:21] Zoe Connolly: that does sum up her attitude very well
[2008/12/20 9:22] Zoe Connolly: I remember when we chased some Air Pirates across the Firth
[2008/12/20 9:22] SimplyAmy Iwish: Sumie will live on in our hearts and always be our co pilot in the skies
[2008/12/20 9:23] SimplyAmy Iwish nods to Zoe remembering the event
[2008/12/20 9:23] Zoe Connolly: and this little gal with a rifle covered for me when I interrogated a villain
[2008/12/20 9:23] Zoe Connolly smiles
[2008/12/20 9:23] Aether Inglewood smiles
[2008/12/20 9:23] Aether Inglewood: Ever the pirate hunter
[2008/12/20 9:23] Zoe Connolly: yes!
[2008/12/20 9:23] SimplyAmy Iwish: one of my fondest memories as well
[2008/12/20 9:24] Zoe Connolly: or I'd come inworld during lunch hour and see her here tinkering
[2008/12/20 9:24] Zoe Connolly: anyone else with a few words to share?
[2008/12/20 9:25] Zoe Connolly: we're here to celebrate her life as well as mourn....
[2008/12/20 9:26] Zoe Connolly: I've planted a Weeping Cherry Tree in remembrance of her
[2008/12/20 9:26] SimplyAmy Iwish: Just a note that I'm not well with words and still not sure quite what to say as you all have but i offer up my Tribute not in words but in actions and a plane in her honor
[2008/12/20 9:26] Zoe Connolly: courtesy of Annabelle Fanshaw
[2008/12/20 9:26] Annabelle Fanshaw: least I could do
[2008/12/20 9:26] Zoe Connolly: that's wonderful Amy
[2008/12/20 9:27] SimplyAmy Iwish: i like to think she would like to be remembered in that way
[2008/12/20 9:27] Zoe Connolly: As long as this aerodrome is here, Sumie's Tree will remain
[2008/12/20 9:28] SimplyAmy Iwish: pardon me a moment
[2008/12/20 9:28] Zoe Connolly: her Bell Of Hope is attached under a tree branch
[2008/12/20 9:30] Zoe Connolly: Sumie represents what RCAF is all about
[2008/12/20 9:30] Zoe Connolly: an open-source group where we can all contribute and build a real community
[2008/12/20 9:31] Vickster Kuhn: this is really nice... i'm sure she's pleased with it....
[2008/12/20 9:31] Vickster Kuhn wipes away a tear
[2008/12/20 9:31] Zoe Connolly: I'm just here to say, "Yes that's cool! GO with that!...which is what I always told Sumie ;)
[2008/12/20 9:32] Aether Inglewood smiles
[2008/12/20 9:32] SimplyAmy Iwish: so true Zoe
[2008/12/20 9:33] Zoe Connolly: A moment of silence while we all reflect ( 2 Minutes )

[2008/12/20 9:35] Zoe Connolly: Clear Skies, Sumie....Always and forever
[2008/12/20 9:35] Vickster Kuhn: yes.... clear skies.....
[2008/12/20 9:35] Annabelle Fanshaw: yes
[2008/12/20 9:36] Sin Trenton: Always and in all ways, Sumie
[2008/12/20 9:37] SimplyAmy Iwish: /wipes the tears from her eyes
[2008/12/20 9:38] Thadicus Caligari: a fitting personal remembrance for all of us.
[2008/12/20 9:38] Zoe Connolly: thank you all so much for attending.....you're all welcome to stay and chat if you wish
[2008/12/20 9:38] Zoe Connolly: Amy did you rez your airship?
[2008/12/20 9:38] Annabelle Fanshaw: thanks for arranging this Zoe
[2008/12/20 9:39] Zoe Connolly: you're most welcome
[2008/12/20 9:39] Sin Trenton nods: Thank you, Zoe
[2008/12/20 9:39] SimplyAmy Iwish: yes thank you zoe
[2008/12/20 9:39] Zoe Connolly: RCAF needed this for some sense of closure
[2008/12/20 9:39] SimplyAmy Iwish gave you Sumie Tribute.
[2008/12/20 9:40] Thadicus Caligari: it will take awhile for that but this helps. Thank you
[2008/12/20 9:40] Zoe Connolly: yes indeed
[2008/12/20 9:40] Sin Trenton: Indeed it does.
[2008/12/20 9:41] Zoe Connolly: tomorrow we'll dogfight in honor of Sumie
[2008/12/20 9:41] Sin Trenton: I'm afraid I am completely lagged out, and RL duties are waiting, but thank you everyone. Fair skies, and see you upstairs.
[2008/12/20 9:41] Zoe Connolly: see you soon, Sin
[2008/12/20 9:41] Zoe Connolly: tc
[2008/12/20 9:41] Cornelius Fanshaw: Goodbye Sin
[2008/12/20 9:41] Denver Hax: bye Cap'n
[2008/12/20 9:41] SimplyAmy Iwish salutes
[2008/12/20 9:42] Thadicus Caligari: Good Day Sir
[2008/12/20 9:42] SimplyAmy Iwish: fair skies Sin
[2008/12/20 9:42] Avery Robbiani: Take care, Sin.
[2008/12/20 9:42] Sin Trenton: You too, my friends
[2008/12/20 9:42] Aether Inglewood sniffs "I was fine until Taps"
[2008/12/20 9:43] Zoe Connolly sighs sadly
[2008/12/20 9:43] Aether Inglewood: I'm thinking of heading to Prop Spinners and raising a glass or two in her honor
[2008/12/20 9:43] Zoe Connolly: that's a great idea Aether!
[2008/12/20 9:43] GoSpeed Racer: I second that Aether
[2008/12/20 9:43] Crosshaven Barbosa: yeah
[2008/12/20 9:43] SimplyAmy Iwish: i must attend to rl errand
[2008/12/20 9:43] Zoe Connolly: she'd love that
[2008/12/20 9:44] SimplyAmy Iwish: i will drop by if still there when i return in a few
[2008/12/20 9:44] Vickster Kuhn: yes... i'm sure she'd kick our butts for moping around anyway
[2008/12/20 9:44] SimplyAmy Iwish: i shall fly off in her honor though
[2008/12/20 9:44] Zoe Connolly: you're right Vicks
[2008/12/20 9:44] Zoe Connolly: it's time to celebrate her life with dance and drink ;)

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