Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Last Scheduled Dogfights....

Here we are at our last scheduled Air Combat in Second Life...

This doesn't mean that we will not be dogfighting again, this only means we will no longer schedule our dogfights during the week. Pilots are free to use Extropia Defense Force (EDF) or Royal Caledon Air Force (RCAF) group chat to arrange 1-on-1 dogfights or even up to 4 fighter pilots depending on sim-load. All of that is up to you now. Experiment, Have Fun, and Chalk Up The Kills ;)

Now on to the weekend schedule....

Saturday 27 December 2008
World War 2 aircraft only per sim rules....
9:00 AM SL Time
Location: Aeronautica

Sunday 28 December 2008
Any aircraft you wish to fly....
9:00 AM SL time
Location: Lovelace Liberty

It's been a great pleasure arranging all this. Some of my best friends in SL are here in these aviation groups. There's something special about pilots ;)

Now we'll begin a new era of EDF and RCAF with more emphasis on roleplay and your own individual dogfights.

I love you guys and gals!

Clear Skies with love,

~ Zoe Connolly ~
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