Thursday, December 25, 2008

TimeForce 10 - The Christmas Eve Raid (part 1)

It happened so fast, there was little I could think about. I could only react...and react I did, thanks to training and experience.

At first the Sopwith looked like a friendly biplane coming in for a landing. The very unfriendly burst of machine-gun fire indicated otherwise....

"Who was this fiend who would attack my aerodrome on Christmas Eve?" I thought in disgust as I watched the Sopwith Camel make another turn for... no doubt... another strafing run.

He came at me again. I raised my guns and squeezed each trigger, firing my own bursts at this madman. He was now on a suicide run. The only question now was ... would I survive.

I was fixated on my target far too long. Finally I heard myself shout "Get out of the way, Zoe! Run! Jump!"

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