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The Interrogation of Kanomi Pikajuna

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The Secret Adventures of the Amazing TimeForce 10 from the Celestial Intervention Agency (CIA). CIA HQ: Extropia with offices in 1965 London and 19th Century Caledon. Front Group: Celestial Bodies Modeling Agency. Our mission: Keeping Earth safe from Super-Villains, Rogue Agents, Malevolent Extraterrestrials, Temporal Anomalies, and Bureaucratic Red-Tape.

[2009/02/01 12:13] Zoe Connolly: Miss Pikajuna....
[2009/02/01 12:13] Kanomi Pikajuna: Who are you people?
[2009/02/01 12:13] Zoe Connolly: How did you find the space station?
[2009/02/01 12:14] Kanomi Pikajuna: She brought me here
[2009/02/01 12:14] Avery Robbiani: Agent Cross and I brought her up here.
[2009/02/01 12:14] Kanomi Pikajuna: The mean one in the boots
[2009/02/01 12:14] Avery Robbiani: She came into the London office, looking for modeling work.
[2009/02/01 12:14] Zoe Connolly: I see
[2009/02/01 12:14] Avery Robbiani: She showed us her portfolio here. Take a look at this picture...
[2009/02/01 12:15] Cornelius Fanshaw: Hmm, consorting with Daleks
[2009/02/01 12:15] Avery Robbiani nods at C.
[2009/02/01 12:15] Zoe Connolly shakes her head
[2009/02/01 12:15] Kanomi Pikajuna frowns, "What's a dalek?"
[2009/02/01 12:15] Cornelius Fanshaw: Not looking at all good
[2009/02/01 12:15] Zoe Connolly: that's rather suspicious
[2009/02/01 12:16] Avery Robbiani: She didn't seem phased at all when we transported her from 1965 London to a space station in the future.
[2009/02/01 12:16] Zoe Connolly: Hmmm
[2009/02/01 12:16] Kanomi Pikajuna: She was shooting at me! I ran away from her!
[2009/02/01 12:16] Zoe Connolly: like an everyday occurrence
[2009/02/01 12:16] Aether Inglewood: Assumes the good cop role "I'm sure this is all a misunderstanding, right Miss Pikajuna
[2009/02/01 12:17] Kanomi Pikajuna nods at Aether hopefully. "It is! I didn't do anything wrong!"
[2009/02/01 12:17] Zoe Connolly: maybe....just what *did* you do is my concern...
[2009/02/01 12:17] Zoe Connolly: Did she see anything in London, Avery?
[2009/02/01 12:18] Kanomi Pikajuna sniffs tearfully. "I'm scared, I want to go home!"
[2009/02/01 12:18] Avery Robbiani: No, it was a standard interview for a model. Before we drugged her drink and brought her here.
[2009/02/01 12:18] Cornelius Fanshaw: I can't see any signs of Dalek implants, but it's unknown for Daleks to allow free movement for humans, except for Robo-slaves
[2009/02/01 12:19] Kanomi Pikajuna looks up at C confusedly. "Robo-what?"
[2009/02/01 12:19] Zoe Connolly: you're looking for modeling work, Kanomi?
[2009/02/01 12:19] Kanomi Pikajuna nods. "Yes, I have a portfolio, except that girl took. The one who shot at me."
[2009/02/01 12:20] Cornelius Fanshaw: I'm interested in how and where you met this Dalek Kanomi?
[2009/02/01 12:20] Avery Robbiani: And will shoot again if you try escaping.
[2009/02/01 12:21] Kanomi Pikajuna sniffs, "What is a dalek? That thing in the picture? The photographer said it was just an old movie prop."
[2009/02/01 12:21] Zoe Connolly: humans from the 1960s don't run into Daleks
[2009/02/01 12:21] Cornelius Fanshaw: Well they do in 1966
[2009/02/01 12:21] Zoe Connolly: what's the name of this photographer?
[2009/02/01 12:22] Kanomi Pikajuna: I don't remember, I think her name was Zabrina or something like that.
[2009/02/01 12:22] Avery Robbiani arches an eyebrow.
[2009/02/01 12:22] Zoe Connolly eyes widen
[2009/02/01 12:22] Aether Inglewood glances at Zoe
[2009/02/01 12:22] Zoe Connolly: I see

[2009/02/01 12:23] Aether Inglewood: Could you tell us what she looked like?
[2009/02/01 12:23] Zoe Connolly: what does she look like?
[2009/02/01 12:23] Kanomi Pikajuna looks up to Aether, "Miss, I'm hungry! She didn't feed me!"
[2009/02/01 12:23] Cornelius Fanshaw: I'm rather worried that a photographer in 1960's London should have a movie prop of an alien species that they should know nothing of
[2009/02/01 12:23] Aether Inglewood: We will get you something to eat, anything you want. Lets finish these questions first
[2009/02/01 12:23] Zoe Connolly: tell us a few more things and we'll get you a nice lunch
[2009/02/01 12:24] Cornelius Fanshaw: possibly...
[2009/02/01 12:24] Kanomi Pikajuna: Um, she had a pirate look. Really tall, busty you know.
[2009/02/01 12:24] Aether Inglewood: Red hair?
[2009/02/01 12:24] Kanomi Pikajuna: No really light blonde, almost white like.
[2009/02/01 12:25] Zoe Connolly: explain the pirate part if you would?
[2009/02/01 12:25] Kanomi Pikajuna: Like, an eyepatch. Not really a pirate I guess.
[2009/02/01 12:25] Aether Inglewood: Was anyone helping her?
[2009/02/01 12:25] Aether Inglewood: You know, setting up lights. Loading film?
[2009/02/01 12:25] Kanomi Pikajuna: When she was taking pictures of me? No it was just her and me.
[2009/02/01 12:26] Zoe Connolly whispers to Avery "place a 24 hour watch on Zabrina"
[2009/02/01 12:26] Avery Robbiani nods at Z.
[2009/02/01 12:26] Kanomi Pikajuna: I think that other girl was there for a while, before me.
[2009/02/01 12:26] Zoe Connolly: what other girl?
[2009/02/01 12:26] Cornelius Fanshaw: And this 'prop'? Did it move?
[2009/02/01 12:27] Zoe Connolly: do you remember her name?
[2009/02/01 12:27] Kanomi Pikajuna nods at Avery, "Her friend. The other one who likes to shoot at innocent models!"
[2009/02/01 12:27] Kanomi Pikajuna: I didn't get a name.
[2009/02/01 12:27] Kanomi Pikajuna looks up at C, "No, it didn't move or anything, just the lights were blinking."
[2009/02/01 12:28] Cornelius Fanshaw: I don't suppose you saw inside it?
[2009/02/01 12:28] Kanomi Pikajuna shakes her head. "No, it was just sitting there."
[2009/02/01 12:28] Cornelius Fanshaw: No idea if it was hollow then or particularly heavy?
[2009/02/01 12:29] Kanomi Pikajuna: It was pretty solid you know, metal. It had the little arms...
[2009/02/01 12:29] Zoe Connolly: What did Zabrina tell you?
[2009/02/01 12:30] Kanomi Pikajuna: Just what to wear, look sexy at the camera, that kind of know like a photographer
[2009/02/01 12:30] Cornelius Fanshaw: Z, may I talk to you outside?
[2009/02/01 12:30] Zoe Connolly: yes
[2009/02/01 12:30] Zoe Connolly: excuse us
[2009/02/01 12:30] Avery Robbiani: We'll keep an eye on her.
[2009/02/01 12:31] Cornelius Fanshaw: Let's go up to the office
[2009/02/01 12:31] Zoe Connolly nods
[2009/02/01 12:31] Kanomi Pikajuna squirms uncomfortably. "Is she going to kill me?" :o
[2009/02/01 12:31] Avery Robbiani: Of course not.
[2009/02/01 12:32] Avery Robbiani: Because you're not going to run, are you?
[2009/02/01 12:32] Cornelius Fanshaw: Now I'm worried about this Dalek. In 1966 the Daleks invade Earth
[2009/02/01 12:32] Kanomi Pikajuna appeals to Aether. "She's scaring me, can you make her wait outside?"
[2009/02/01 12:32] Zoe Connolly: I'm not sure I believe any of this
[2009/02/01 12:32] Cornelius Fanshaw: Is it possible that this one is part of a recon force?
[2009/02/01 12:33] Aether Inglewood: You'll be fine
[2009/02/01 12:33] Zoe Connolly: Zabrina was cured of her madness long ago
[2009/02/01 12:33] Kanomi Pikajuna: I'm scared and hungry...the drugs make me feel ill...
[2009/02/01 12:33] Cornelius Fanshaw: I can't believe a photographer would accidently have a likeness of an alien spieces
[2009/02/01 12:34] Zoe Connolly: I can't believe she would go back to her dreams of world domination
[2009/02/01 12:34] Avery Robbiani: You just tell us what we want to know and we'll send you on your way.
[2009/02/01 12:34] Zoe Connolly: well, I.....
[2009/02/01 12:34] Cornelius Fanshaw: And in the case of Daleks we can't take chances
[2009/02/01 12:34] Zoe Connolly looks down sadly
[2009/02/01 12:34] Zoe Connolly: yes
[2009/02/01 12:34] Zoe Connolly: we can't take any chances
[2009/02/01 12:34] Kanomi Pikajuna: But I don't know anything! I'm just an innocent girl, whom you kidnapped, drugged, shot at and locked in a box room!
[2009/02/01 12:34] Zoe Connolly sighs
[2009/02/01 12:35] Avery Robbiani: Have you ever seen anyplace like this, "Kanomi"?
[2009/02/01 12:35] Cornelius Fanshaw: Do you think we'll get any more out of this one?
[2009/02/01 12:35] Zoe Connolly: perhaps we could have Kanomi help us
[2009/02/01 12:35] Aether Inglewood nods 'I think we are about to get tis worked out. Decided what you wanted to eat?
[2009/02/01 12:35] Zoe Connolly: I have an idea
[2009/02/01 12:36] Cornelius Fanshaw: We can't let her go
[2009/02/01 12:36] Kanomi Pikajuna: A dirty jail cell? No not really...
[2009/02/01 12:36] Kanomi Pikajuna smiles at Aether, "Yes I would like a sandwich please."
[2009/02/01 12:36] Cornelius Fanshaw: We either use her or ... well you know..
[2009/02/01 12:36] Zoe Connolly: and if she helps us, she could get to Zabrina and then we'd know for sure
[2009/02/01 12:37] Avery Robbiani: Where you were first brought, "Kanomi". Ever seen any place like that before? Didn't happen to look out the window did you?
[2009/02/01 12:37] Zoe Connolly: let me talk to her
[2009/02/01 12:37] Kanomi Pikajuna: I don't know where we are. You said a space station but that's impossible.

[2009/02/01 12:38] Zoe Connolly: Kanomi....
[2009/02/01 12:38] Kanomi Pikajuna looks up.
[2009/02/01 12:38] Zoe Connolly: we've shown you some very top secret places
[2009/02/01 12:38] Zoe Connolly: do you understand?
[2009/02/01 12:39] Kanomi Pikajuna: I think so. You're in MI6 or something, right? Against the Russians?
[2009/02/01 12:39] Zoe Connolly: what we do here is very secret
[2009/02/01 12:39] Zoe Connolly: sometimes the Russians
[2009/02/01 12:39] Zoe Connolly: sometimes much more
[2009/02/01 12:39] Kanomi Pikajuna nods, looking a little confused.
[2009/02/01 12:39] Zoe Connolly: we need your help
[2009/02/01 12:40] Kanomi Pikajuna: OK, what can I do?
[2009/02/01 12:40] Zoe Connolly: if what you say happened....
[2009/02/01 12:40] Zoe Connolly: Zabrina has done something very bad
[2009/02/01 12:40] Kanomi Pikajuna: Taking pictures of me was bad?
[2009/02/01 12:41] Zoe Connolly: she could be with the KGB or worse
[2009/02/01 12:41] Avery Robbiani: Maybe Zabrina was trying to send us a message...
[2009/02/01 12:41] Zoe Connolly: no, not taking pictures
[2009/02/01 12:41] Avery Robbiani rubs her chin, furrowing her brow.
[2009/02/01 12:42] Avery Robbiani shrugs helplessly.
[2009/02/01 12:42] Kanomi Pikajuna: You think this woman might be a spy then? But how can I help?
[2009/02/01 12:42] Zoe Connolly whispers: "either Zab is in trouble...or she's working for someone....or a rogue"
[2009/02/01 12:43] Avery Robbiani whispers, "Maybe we can send her back with a message of our own...?"
[2009/02/01 12:43] Zoe Connolly: I need you to see her again
[2009/02/01 12:43] Zoe Connolly: can you do that for us?
[2009/02/01 12:43] Zoe Connolly: this is vital to national security
[2009/02/01 12:43] Kanomi Pikajuna: Yes I will try and find her again. If it's important like you say.
[2009/02/01 12:43] Zoe Connolly: in fact our very existence on Earth is at stake
[2009/02/01 12:44] Avery Robbiani whispers, "Maybe show her what Earth looks like from this distance. That may convince her of our abilities."
[2009/02/01 12:44] Zoe Connolly: a few of us will back you up
[2009/02/01 12:44] Kanomi Pikajuna: I will do my best to help you
[2009/02/01 12:45] Zoe Connolly: come Kanomi, we'd like to show you something
[2009/02/01 12:45] Zoe Connolly: we can show you where we are
[2009/02/01 12:45] Kanomi Pikajuna: All right
[2009/02/01 12:45] Cornelius Fanshaw: *say energize to leave here*
[2009/02/01 12:46] Zoe Connolly: energize
[2009/02/01 12:46] Cornelius Fanshaw: energize
[2009/02/01 12:46] Kanomi Pikajuna: energize
[2009/02/01 12:46] Aether Inglewood: energize
[2009/02/01 12:46] Avery Robbiani: energize
[2009/02/01 12:46] Kanomi Pikajuna: What happened? Where are we?
[2009/02/01 12:46] Zoe Connolly: this may seem fantastic, but these are devices we use every day
[2009/02/01 12:47] Kanomi Pikajuna blinks in surprise as the agent materializes.
[2009/02/01 12:47] Zoe Connolly: follow me please
[2009/02/01 12:47] Kanomi Pikajuna looks around in surprise and confusion. "Ok"
[2009/02/01 12:48] Zoe Connolly: careful dear
[2009/02/01 12:48] Zoe Connolly: that's our dear planet Earth
[2009/02/01 12:48] Kanomi Pikajuna gasps in surprise, and looks weak. "I think I'm going to faint!"
[2009/02/01 12:49] Zoe Connolly grins "most people have that reaction"
[2009/02/01 12:49] Zoe Connolly: We're here to protect Earth
[2009/02/01 12:50] Kanomi Pikajuna: I-I believe you!
[2009/02/01 12:50] Zoe Connolly: Avery and Cross are agents just like me
[2009/02/01 12:50] Zoe Connolly: sworn to protect Earth
[2009/02/01 12:51] Zoe Connolly: Aether and Cornelius have also taken that oath
[2009/02/01 12:51] Zoe Connolly: if Zabrina has broken that oath, I want to know
[2009/02/01 12:52] Kanomi Pikajuna: I see, so you think she might be a traitor to your group.
[2009/02/01 12:52] Zoe Connolly: you'll be fine Kanomi. And I'll have a team to back you up
[2009/02/01 12:52] Zoe Connolly: I don;t know
[2009/02/01 12:52] Zoe Connolly: I need to make sure
[2009/02/01 12:53] Zoe Connolly: you see....
[2009/02/01 12:53] Zoe Connolly: Zabrina is my half-sister
[2009/02/01 12:53] Zoe Connolly: and was once considered criminally insane
[2009/02/01 12:53] Kanomi Pikajuna looks nervous. "She did seem a little strange..."
[2009/02/01 12:54] Zoe Connolly wonders if somehow she stopped her treatments
[2009/02/01 12:55] Zoe Connolly wipes a tear
[2009/02/01 12:55] Zoe Connolly: Avery and Aether can back you up, Kanomi
[2009/02/01 12:55] Kanomi Pikajuna nods, "Ok. So I'll go and meet with her and see what I can find out."
[2009/02/01 12:56] Zoe Connolly: yes
[2009/02/01 12:56] Avery Robbiani: We'll be watching closely during the meeting.
[2009/02/01 12:56] Cornelius Fanshaw: We need to get her back to the lab for me to run some checks
[2009/02/01 12:56] Zoe Connolly: ask her some leading questions
[2009/02/01 12:56] Cornelius Fanshaw: She's due for a medical anyway
[2009/02/01 12:56] Zoe Connolly: yes she is
[2009/02/01 12:56] Kanomi Pikajuna: Like about the robot? And her drugs?
[2009/02/01 12:56] Zoe Connolly: was she exposed to the toxins in London?
[2009/02/01 12:57] Zoe Connolly: before the cleanup occurred?
[2009/02/01 12:57] Cornelius Fanshaw: Well I can check for that in the lab
[2009/02/01 12:57] Kanomi Pikajuna shakes her head in confusion, "I don't know about any toxins."
[2009/02/01 12:58] Zoe Connolly nods
[2009/02/01 12:58] Zoe Connolly: don;t worry Kanomi
[2009/02/01 12:58] Zoe Connolly: just focus on Zabrina
[2009/02/01 12:58] Zoe Connolly: okay?
[2009/02/01 12:58] Kanomi Pikajuna nods. "I will! I'll do my best!"
[2009/02/01 12:59] Zoe Connolly: I know you will ;)
[2009/02/01 12:59] Avery Robbiani smiles at Kanomi.
[2009/02/01 12:59] Kanomi Pikajuna smiles nervously.
[2009/02/01 12:59] Zoe Connolly: by the way, do you have any weapons training?
[2009/02/01 13:00] Avery Robbiani looks Kanomi up and down.
[2009/02/01 13:00] Kanomi Pikajuna shakes her head. "No, I don't know anything like that."
[2009/02/01 13:00] Zoe Connolly: we'll need to get you up to speed
[2009/02/01 13:00] Zoe Connolly: Zabrina is....formidable
[2009/02/01 13:01] Kanomi Pikajuna frowns worriedly. "Do you think she'll try and shoot me?"
[2009/02/01 13:01] Zoe Connolly: just distract her
[2009/02/01 13:02] Kanomi Pikajuna nods, "Ok I will!"
[2009/02/01 13:02] Avery Robbiani: You know I'm not afraid to pull a trigger, Kanomi. I'll be within range.
[2009/02/01 13:02] Zoe Connolly: Avery and Aether are good shots
[2009/02/01 13:02] Cornelius Fanshaw: We don't actually want any shooting if it can be avoided!
[2009/02/01 13:03] Zoe Connolly: just distract Zabrina so she doesn't notice anyone else around
[2009/02/01 13:03] Kanomi Pikajuna frowns. "Maybe you could just send Agent Aether with me, she's nice, not like this one..."
[2009/02/01 13:03] Zoe Connolly: she needs to be taken alive
[2009/02/01 13:03] Aether Inglewood smiles "Always best to have a bit of backup
[2009/02/01 13:04] Avery Robbiani: Just doing my job. No hard feelings?
[2009/02/01 13:04] Avery Robbiani offers her hand to Kanomi.
[2009/02/01 13:04] Kanomi Pikajuna nods reluctantly and shakes her hand.
[2009/02/01 13:04] Avery Robbiani smiles warmly.
[2009/02/01 13:05] Kanomi Pikajuna: How long does it take this rocket ship to go back to London?
[2009/02/01 13:05] Zoe Connolly: you may need Avery someday, to have her on your side in a fight
[2009/02/01 13:05] Kanomi Pikajuna nods at "Z"

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