Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pirates of the Caledonian - Part 1

Sunday evening May 27th was the night of the Pirates of the Caledonian SLRFL Benefit Rave. I decided to bring out my inner pirate wench and attend.

Granted permission to come aboard I immediately set to task of determining my surroundings. Pirate Ship, Pirates, RUM, yeah this was the right place. Is there another group of avatars besides the SL Bloggers who can incorporate both bawdy and erudite conversational styles so flawlessly? Yes there is, and I was among them. Almost all attending have their own blogs. I was a bit starstruck with so many Caledonian bloggers surrounding me. I've read and have links to almost all of them.

I'm not sure it was ghost pirates or the rum, but I thought I saw many a gray pirate on the ship.

Safety tip: Pirate Raves mean dancing with sharp pointy things. What else explains the great market for eyepatches?
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