Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The End of RCAF (major rant)

There are some things one cannot fight. And one thing is clear...fighting a friend - or someone I thought was a friend - is just not my idea of having fun in Second Life. And I'm here to have fun more than anything else!

I'm just so very tired of being upset over something as silly as this! Do I not have the right to my own interpretation of what is steampunk? Apparently I do not! Every frakking Science Fiction device known to mankind is accepted to exist except WW1 era design aeroplanes? Give me a frakking break!

I'm tired of fights over theme, tired of the sniping and the taunts in Caledon Group Chat. Tired of the debate over what is Victorian Steampunk and what isn't. Tired of losing someone I thought was my friend. Someone who once welcomed me into Caledon Society and now stabs me in the back at every turn. I'm tired of feeling hurt all the time!

He will not stop. He will not ever stop. And right now I just don't frakking care.

So here's to the Royal Caledon Air Force! She was great for a few months until the fun was drained out of her.

My airfield in Caledon Penzance will be turned into private land on March 16th and the RCAF will be disbanded at that time. My airfield will be available for use by my close friends and we'll fly whatever the hell we feel like flying.

That is all.

RCAF personnel are now dismissed.
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