Sunday, March 8, 2009

more Connolly Aerodrome news....

First of all.... my sincere thanks to those of you who have offered assistance since my announcement yesterday. Your support is extremely helpful as the specter of a General Motors bankruptcy looms ever larger for our family.

Offers of donations are coming in and so far, we're on safer financial ground for both aerodrome parcels. What happens in a few weeks I can't say, but we're still in business for at least 44 52 days.

About the Aerodrome parcels:

The larger parcel is a 2048. Weekly Tier Fee is $1900 and as of today the meter is good for 44 57 days.

The smaller parcel is a 1024. Weekly Tier Fee is $950 and as of today the meter is good for 52 days.

Thanks to Josh Noonan for so generously offering 100% of his onsite aviation vendor revenue to keeping Connolly Aerodrome open.

Thanks to Excalibur Longstaff for his generous donation and also for creating a new tipjar. My old tipjars are gone. So if you're inclined to donate, please use the new balloon tipjar in the welcome-gazebo. The new tipjar is deeded to the RCAF group. Funds will be received from the tipjar, transfered to the RCAF group fund and then distributed to the RCAF Marshal (For financial convenience sake, since I manage the aerodrome parcels, the Marshal position is back in my hands from Phineas Messmer).

I cannot thank you enough. Pilots, Caledonians (and Pilot Caledonians) are a special group of people who come together in a crisis.

Our avatars may be prim and pixels but we're RL people on the other side of the screen. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your friendship and support.

Clear Skies....with love and friendship,

Zoe Connolly
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