Saturday, September 4, 2010

TimeForce 10 - "The Demise of Doctor Dreamscape"

TimeForce 10 - "The Demise of Doctor Dreamscape" from ZoeConnolly on Vimeo.

TimeForce 10 agent Samantha Calamity catches Doctor Zoetrope Dreamscape attempting to sabotage the TF10 Time Tunnel. Calamity chases her to the rooftop helicopter pads, and forces her to the edge where the Doctor hangs precariously.

Dreamscape tries to make a last minute deal to win Calamity to her side.

Is this really the end of Doctor Dreamscape?

Readers may visit the Time Tunnel by teleporting (or timeporting) to the following SLurl You'll land at my Steampunk home in Caledon Mayfair. Then take the elevator to the Time Tunnel level.

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