Monday, June 4, 2007

CodeBastardRedgrave.Com » Thought Police debarks in SecondLife

It's frakking roleplay, people!

CodeBastardRedgrave.Com » Thought Police debarks in SecondLife:

"If you didn’t already hear about that shockwave hitting SecondLife in the last weeks, you must be living under a rock or didn’t login into SL for a long while. Since most of it has already been decried by others, I just wanted to add my voice to those of the vast majority of the mature SL community to denounce this new 1984 like climate on our wonderful metaverse that stays one of Role Playing between consensual adults..."

CodeBastardRedgrave.Com » Thought Police debarks in SecondLife

My own theory on this :: Linden Labs wants to portray a bland corporate-friendly atmosphere that will attract more presence inworld. More presence, more bucks for LL. To accommodate this, our wishes, the wishes of the *USERS* will get lost. You remember us don't you LL? We're the people who actually use this damn thing.

Let me put it this way...I see all kinds of things in SL. I love most of it. Would my friends freak to know what I've done inworld? Absolutely Yes! Is there stuff that offends even me? Sure there is. But I'm not preachy and won't lecture people. SL is a place to experiment and I understand that it's roleplay. I move on and find something else.

And another thing! Just because I have a huge cache of SL weapons does NOT make me "another violent American" as I've been called more than a few times. For the record, I would never own a gun in RL, and even if I wanted to, so what!

Hey Mr. Moralist! My guns are fake! They're pixels on your frakking screen! If that's what I want to do in SL then hey...that's my business. I'm the GIRL with GUNS, that's my thing... Just like you try to make it *your* business to use your fake Xcite bits on me!

And with that I'll end my coffee drinking for the day.

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