Sunday, May 29, 2016

366 Squadron RAF group notices

Two notices from Cornelius Fanshaw today:

Group Notice From: 366 Squadron RAF, Cornelius Fanshaw

I just want to say thank you to all that turned up, it was a particularly good turnout considering it was a 366 only event. We even had tank and air support!
As for the objective... well we had Major Jaeger cornered in the bunker, but once again somehow she escaped (details of how she did this are vague and contradictory!) We did however capture some kind of advanced NAZI machine that our scientists are now examining, so we are calling this mission a partial success.

Group Notice From: 366 Squadron RAF, Cornelius Fanshaw

For those of you interested in participating in the next stage of this particular story arc, please visit Zoe's blog  and or sign up to the Timeforce 10 group where we hunt Zabrina through time and space.... (don't worry, 366 Sqn missions will continue as before as normal WWII missions in Bastogne)

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