Tuesday, May 24, 2016

TimeForce 10 roleplay group chat

[12:47:10] Zabrina Jaeger (zabrina.mcmahon): 
Group Notice Sent by: Zabrina McMahon

a message to TimeForce 10

Hello, my little TimeForce darlings... This little spat between us has been a long battle and is so very un-necessary. I do admire your work and so I extend my hand with an offer.

Wouldn't you rather live a life of luxury working for me?

Join me in my new world order and together we will control the Earth by owning its past.

Pledge your allegiance to me and become the new TimeRaiders!

I give you 48 hours to comply.

- Zabrina Jaeger

Later in TF10 Group Chat...

[15:57:35] Zabrina Jaeger (zabrina.mcmahon) cackles maniacally and timeports to another time and place
[15:59:02] Magenta (kohana.runningbear): Red alert! Intruder in the station!
[15:59:35]  三彡三ԲՕXկ  իεɊՐե 三彡三 (foxyheartamanda): Im on it!
[16:01:15] Magenta (kohana.runningbear): The station seems clear!
[16:01:31]  三彡三ԲՕXկ  իεɊՐե 三彡三 (foxyheartamanda): Tracing the particles the intruder left
[16:02:37] Zabrina Jaeger (zabrina.mcmahon) 's voice comes through every speaker on the station "Catch me if you can, TimeForce darlings"
[16:02:59]  三彡三ԲՕXկ  իεɊՐե 三彡三 (foxyheartamanda): Quick to the media room!
[16:03:12] Magenta (kohana.runningbear): responding
[16:05:09] Magenta (kohana.runningbear): running computer analysis
[16:12:58] Magenta (kohana.runningbear): The base appears to be clear
[16:13:35]  三彡三ԲՕXկ  իεɊՐե 三彡三 (foxyheartamanda): yes for now
[16:16:29] Zabrina Jaeger (zabrina.mcmahon) 's voice comes through all speakers "Appearances can be deceiving. Perhaps I'm still at the Station. Perhaps not. I suggest you all join me, or get out of my Station."
[16:17:17]  三彡三ԲՕXկ  իεɊՐե 三彡三 (foxyheartamanda): Lets meet and talk about that!
[16:18:26] Zabrina Jaeger (zabrina.mcmahon) wags a finger "Oh no. We'll meet on MY terms"
[16:19:04]  三彡三ԲՕXկ  իεɊՐե 三彡三 (foxyheartamanda): Ok now!
[16:21:56] Zabrina Jaeger (zabrina.mcmahon) smirks while she releases a nanobot into the station "Good Night TimeForce darlings!"
[16:23:05]  三彡三ԲՕXկ  իεɊՐե 三彡三 (foxyheartamanda): Good night  to next time!

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