Friday, May 27, 2016

Zabrina's revenge against 366 Squadron and TimeForce 10

Coming Soon: After several commando raids against her weapons bunker, Zabrina is ready to make an offensive move against 366 and TimeForce 10.

These recent photographs show Zabrina's Die Glocke Time Machine and a present day Nuclear Weapon. Unfortunately, the operative who obtained these surveillance photos did not return. May God rest his soul!

Zabrina's plan: As 366 Squadron closes in on her location in 1944 Caen, France, she'll make her escape in Die Glocke, timeporting for Tesla Station, the home and headquarters of TimeForce 10.

With her Nuke and the assistance of a station 'droid activated by her password, Zabrina will take control of Tesla, brainwash TF10 members, and rebuild her group, TimeRaiders.

Will her plan work? Will 366 Squadron and TimeForce 10 stop her in time?

If Zabrina wins... Prepare for the new world order!
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