Thursday, June 2, 2016

Station Routines

Our main time portal is smaller than the tunnel we've used in the past. It's still very advanced and has the same memory core we've used since the very beginning of TimeForce 10. Some things never change.

We have three droids... Wendy is a medical droid and regular away team member... two others, Magenta and Samantha 7, work on various systems throughout Tesla Station.

All 3  droids have been a welcome addition and they are an integral part of our team. They take great care with various duties around Tesla. 

Magenta and Sam7 maintain and initiate repairs to the portal system regularly, but I like to take a little time to do it myself. Especially before a mission. It's like packing your own parachute before a sky jump. Some things still need a human touch, y'know?

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