Monday, April 14, 2008

Strafe Thunderbird

You can have alts within EVE Online. In addition to Dale Starfield, I have...

Name Strafe Thunderbird
Race Caldari
Gender Female
Bloodline Civire
Corporation State War Academy
School State War Academy
Career Military
Ancestry Dissenters
Specialization Special Forces

"....Civire are the backbone of the Caldari State. Their diligence and unselfish efforts have built it from the grounds up. The Civire are cool, level-headed and relentless in their approach to both trading and fighting. They are more comfortable acting than talking and are never happier than when embroiled in the midst of frenetic activity. They can handle pressure extremely well, an invaluable aid in combat and other stressful situations. Many of the best bounty hunters around are Civire..."
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