Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend - Part 1

Zoe becomes a Biker Chick...

I decided to buy another toy.

I've been collecting guns, aircraft, steampunk items, clothing, hair, furniture, xcite bits, dance pose balls, sine wave dance animations, cars, pianos (even though I can barely hear them) and now it was time....

I had to get a motorcycle. What better place to find one than the sim known as Lil Slurgis. For those not familiar, Slurgis is the SL version of Sturgis, site of the biggest biker rally in America.

I bought 3.

Before I test drove one of my new bikes, I changed into my "Fight The Lag" T-shirt. Thanks to
Alex for sending me a copy, and thanks to Codie for creating this great shirt. I think I look okay wearing it.

Oh by the way, for my Bloggers with Blades friends, I bought the Bitter Thorns mask!

Coming up:

More posts about my weekend, including my day in New Babbage and my big decision about a land purchase in the Babbage Canal District. I have another in mind regards my evening at the "Pirates of the Caledonian" Second Life Relay for Life Charity Rave, where I made some connections with a few Steampunk bloggers, and also took a few snapshots of some scantily clad Victorian Ladies. Scandalous!
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