Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Zoe's SL Aviation News

THI (Tumansky Heavy Industries) builds and sells many fine aircraft and automobiles. When last I was there buying a 1923 Model T, I found a new WW1 era Sopwith biplane under development. It's not yet for sale, but after chatting with creator Karl Reisman, the project looks very promising....

Blancos Milestone sells some smashing aircraft at the following location...

I was drooling over this B-17 on display and just *had* to add it to my collection. This is a "wearable" aircraft that attaches to your avatar. Each of the four engines has a separate start-up. I'll have more on the B-17 in an upcoming WeGame video.

Mr. Milestone also offers detailed Sopwith Camels and Red Baron Fokker DR-1s, sold separately or both in one combat pack.

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