Monday, August 13, 2007

Quality Time and Societal Norms

My schedule is very busy with all the 19th Century sims I cover in my various blogs, and sometimes I don't have a chance to spend time with friends or have a romance. Tiana is both my good friend and....well....much more than that. I can say we've developed SL love and are exploring a relationship. Although we have plenty of friends and acquaintances, SL relationships are still quite new to both of us. And to be honest, I am a bit apprehensive seeing another woman while I spend my days in the 19th Century. I fear being an outcast at times. Perhaps I'm feeling a little of what 19th Century women must have felt in regard to their forbidden love - counter to societal norms.

All that said, I was pleased that we were able to have some quality time together throughout the weekend, and my time with Tiana was the most romantic experiences I've had yet in SL.

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