Tuesday, September 23, 2008

SL Aircraft updates

Bancos Milestone's de Havilland Mosquito....

For those of you that have already purchased Bancos Milestone's DH98 Mosquito, Rezz your original box to receive your updated Mosquito. It's now equipped with all three combat systems: VICE, TCS, and CCC. Bancos' other aircraft will be upgraded as soon as time allows.

Josh Noonan's P-47 Super Thunderbolt....

Josh's Super Thunderbolt P-47 is now updated with new textures, less prims including improved appearance, new faster roll rate and the addition of VICE LMG (Light Machine Gun) functionality! TCS is still available and as always this aircraft is available in your choice of custom textures and now Josh will give a 1/2 off price on fleet deals. Example: You purchase 10 aircraft and get them for 450L each instead of the 900L single price! Coming soon, Group functionality, More VICE functions, and continuing scripting upgrades ALL FREE! IM Josh Noonan if you need an upgrade, from this version on the auto upgrades work.
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