Friday, September 5, 2008

Veyron Supercharge hosts the next Second Life Bloggers Party

Veyron Supercharge contacted me recently and volunteered to host the next SL Bloggers Party.

Here's her Master Plan (or I should say Mistress Plan)....

Blogger Party - September 7, 2008

When: 1pm SLT until we pass out
Where: Sierra Nevada Sim - SLurl announced soon

Tired of the same old usual party? People showing in some unusual costume or outfit, everyone commenting on how lovely they look. How about something different? :D

Theme: Mistress/Master Ball - submissive's can come too... :D
If you're not "into" D/s, come in your favorite kinky wear for fun.

Rules: Things have to stay like movie R rated at most. If you've seen an R rated movie lately, that covers a lot of ground....
Some area will be provided for extra curricular activities.

Now for the fun part, a submissive auction. Not one, but two of them. First auction will start at 2pm SLT. Second auction will start at 7pm SLT. You can be in both auctions should you choose to be. The winner gets the slave for 24 hours (if that's 1 RL or SL day that's between the two avies). Any limits the sub has must be stated before the auction starts. No SL TOS violations (you know what that means) are allowed. As part of terms the sub can agree for the time to start after the party or during it. Starting price for all auctions is L$500. The auctioneer will take a 25% commission from the winner, and the sub will get the rest. While the auction is going on, the auctioneer is the the sub's dom/domme and must be obeyed.

Subs who will be auctioned should report to the auctioneer 30 minutes prior to their auction and be prepared to be available for viewing. Comments from the peanut gallery are welcome during the auction.

Doms/Dommes who wish to volunteer to be auctioned off - for a good cause - will be given preferential treatment, but once you start, you have to finish, and you are bound in good faith to follow through.

Anyone who is not a dom/domme or sub and wishes to be auctioned off may do so, but should understand - uh - what they're getting into... :D

If you want to be auctioned off, you need to IM Veyron Supercharge or email her at veyron.supercharge at gmail dot com before the party. Note which slot or slots you want to be in. If you plan to attend as a bidder also email or IM as a courtesy so we can gauge how much interest there is.

Try to wear a group tag that lets people know if your a dom/domme, sub or undecided... :)

P.S. Rumor has if there is a good response, several well known bloggers might be up for auction....
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