Monday, November 17, 2008

RCAF is here to stay!

Some clarification is in order as rumors seem to spin out of control like a Biplane in a stall ....

The Royal Caledon Air Force is NOT...I repeat....RCAF is NOT leaving Second Life or our beloved Caledon.

We will continue our role among the leaders within SL Aviation and related Caledon roleplay.

RCAF is changing only a few things we do within SL.

1) We will no longer schedule multi-aircraft air combat (known as dogfight furballs) in SL after the New Year. This is the biggest change in what RCAF does, but please note that the change is only in SCHEDULING MORE THAN TWO AIRCRAFT to dogfight. Let me repeat a keyword in this....Scheduling Scheduling Scheduling...whew!

2) Pilots are always welcome to use group chat to find one another for a dogfight anywhere they wish, so long as it's allowed by the sim owner(s)/manager(s).

3) Air Combat will still be a viable option for the foreseeable future in Aeronautica owned by Mifune Thibaud.

4) Hard-Core flight simulator pilots interested in a different air combat experience may join us using IL-2 Sturmovik 1946, but this is NOT a requirement.

5) Many of our pilots are content to roleplay or do scouting missions in balloons or airships, never participating in our weekend dogfights anyway. This is all part of a dynamic and inclusive group as I've always intended. We're not ALL about dogfighting ONLY. We love to do many things within Caledon and SL.

6) When I began RCAF in conjunction with starting Connolly Aerodrome in Caledon Penzance, I could only dream of flying the planes I fly now. My previous computer would not allow me the luxury of the flying experience I enjoy today. I made adjustments then.... and I'll make adjustments in the future as my flight experiences decline thanks to the loss of Openspace (VOID) sims. Do I like it? Hell no! But whining and complaining won't do a frakking thing.

7) We will get through this together. We are a creative bunch of pilots and SL residents. I'm sure we'll all take stock in what we have here in SL and what we can do in the future (both within SL and using other platforms). Most things will remain in SL. Only a handful of things will move to other virtual worlds or gaming platforms.

8) As angry and sad as many of us are, Linden Labs will do whatever it does regardless of any of our noisy selves. I agree with Eladrienne. Caledon may change but we WILL survive as a nation. And Caledon WILL have the Royal Caledon Air Force as part of her protection and defense.

9) Whether this Openspace fiasco was a conspiracy or some messy accident, I have little trust in Linden Labs. Perhaps this will change over time.

10) As I've stated before.... my activities in SL are a hobby.... and I can take my money elsewhere if and when the time comes. For now, I remain.... And if I choose to leave SL forever, there are people I trust who will carry on RCAF and my vision for as long as SL remains a viable virtual world.

~ Zoe Connolly, RCAF

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