Monday, July 2, 2007

Calamity Z


This here's the story of Calamity Z.

I'z tahrd one mornin' after a night in them steampunk sims. Plum tuckered out from all that dancin'. I recollecked readin' one o' them fancy Caledon blogs 'bout some Tombstone Arizona sim and reckon'd I'd drop by fer a spell.

So I mosied yonder and ended up gettin' all gussied up in a fancy new HUD gizmo fer muh 6 shooter. I crossed the border into the town and some nice lookin' feller offered to show me 'round. Took me dancin' a bit. Even tho ah's tahr'd from previous, ah's flattered as all git out. So we line danced and had ourselves a few swigs a Jack Daniels. We parted compny all sweet and friendly-like and I went back to muh Victorian and modern ways, talkin' all good 'n' ladylike.

I got back with muh horse Laggalot and muh new guns and such. Spent a few more hours gettin' tuh know the folk. Sure there's a few scoundrels lurkin' about, nothing a frontier Irish girl like me cain't hannle. One feller accused me of stealin' his horse, but the sheriff set 'em straight. Turns out he was innersted to yak at a lady. I told the sheriff, the feller's lucky I didn't put a bullet in 'is head, the damn lyin' fool...Cuz I pert near did it!

Met a few good folk too, and have a particular mind tuh stay fer a spell. A soldier even made me a lady scout in the US ARMY CAV protectin' the town from rebs, injuns and suchlike. Reckon I'm thar fer good now, switchin' from all that fancy britches Caledon/Babbage jawwin' to this unlady-like yakkin' I do in Arizona. (spits).

Not sure they unnerstand whut it means tuh have Calamity Z 'round thar town, tho.

Now y'all readin' this....don't go tellin 'em what trouble I am, cuz I'm fixin' to go back soon and I might even change muh ways if the good lord's willin'. I'll be okay long as I don't drink too much Whisky, y'hear? (hiccups and throws empty bottle away).
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