Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Royal Caledon Air Force News for November 13th

Recently, I gave RCAF Wing Commander Phineas Messmer authority to build a fleet of rockets for the Air Force. I've also given him permission to create a new organisation dedicated to the exploration of aether-space.

Our first mission will be a Journey to the Moon with a safe return to Caledon.

We intend to open diplomatic and trade relations with the Lunarians of the Moon before Antiquity and New Babbage make their first contact.

Professor Messmer will create a unique program replete with rocket pilot training that will give these special flyers the skills they need for a challenging and
adventurous Moon-Flight.

Below are photographs of my tour and inspection of Professor Messmer's Rocket Production Facility in Caledon Penzance.

No these are not giant pencils!


Mister Crap said...

You know, the gang back at imao.us was always trying to nuke the moon.

Hrm... perhaps I can somehow subvert this glorious mission for their nefarious purposes...


GoSpeed Racer said...

After looking at those photos I'd ask Phineas a few questions like: :"Who designed your rockets, a Mr. Estes or Mr. Centuri?" . Gauging the size of said rockets I'd estimate you would need several thousand B14-0 boosters and a whole mess of C6-7s.


Phineas Messmer said...

Thank you, Miss Connolly!

Indeed they are NOT giant pencils....or pens for that matter.

Mr Crap, we should only use atomics on The Moon if they pose a true threat to Caledon. So far they have shown no such inclination. If you join the expedition to meet them I suggest you might stay in the capsule.

GoSpeed Racer, the rockets are my own design and have little to do with the gentlemen you mentioned. Are they residents of Antiquity or New Babbage perhaps? *grins* ((perhaps they do just a little with a generous portion of NASA photographs for further reference))

Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

I think it should be obvious to observers that some of Caledon's rich Cavorite deposits will make the rockets' propulsion most efficient and expeditious.

I confess... I'm tempted to ask for crew space on-board.


Klaus Wulfenbach
Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach

Skusting Dagger said...

I am quite familiar with Mr. Estes myself, from my own experiments and indabblements of a mispent scientific youth! (Those test all all conducted after extensive work with Mr. Cox and his famous Oh Four Nine. I only vaguely recall Mr. Centuri.)
Best speed on the Caledonean aethereal exploration efforts! I don not think New Babbage will joining the space race anytime soon (but of that I cannot really be certain) as currently the city is expending its efforts upon the exploration if inner space, what with the coming in on the tide of the Vernian Sea and the the possible mysteries it has presented.

Anonymous said...

Well as I already have a small steampunk rocketship available, I shall supply you with some, they may come in useful for training purposes. I shall drop you some when I am next in world.

Denver Hax.

Shockwave Plasma said...

Dear Baron Wulfenbach,
I suspect the Caledon dilithium coal will do as well