Thursday, January 15, 2009

TimeForce 10 - "The Alien Device"

TimeForce 10 Agents Aether Inglewood, Avery Robbiani, and Zoe Connolly explore the mysterious Isla du Montserrat.

TimeForce 10 is a multi-sim science-fiction espionage roleplay adventure within Second Life®

The Secret Adventures of the Amazing TimeForce 10 from the Celestial Intervention Agency (CIA). CIA HQ: Extropia with offices in 1967 London and 19th Century Caledon. Front Group: Celestial Bodies Modeling Agency. Our mission: Keeping Earth safe from Super-Villains, Rogue Agents, Malevolent Extraterrestrials, Temporal Anomalies, and Bureaucratic Red-Tape.

Music from United Future Organization, 3rd Perspective, The Planet Plan.
United Future Organization - 3rd Perspective - Verve Records

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